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BElfs kicking the habit?
While playing today I asked if a Blood Elf could not be afflicted with the addiction to magic and everyone told me no, one person finding it in the lore why they cannot, however only stating, "...Due to their addiction, a blood elf must spend one hour each morning in meditation, resisting any distractions from their withdrawal..." However this does not say anything about being able to kick the addiction. If a Blood elf dedicated himself for a long period of time away from magic, trying willfully to kick the addiction wouldn't it be possible to forever throw the addiction? Such as a Blood Elf who has sought peace within the forest to get away from the magic and spend his time there meditating trying to kick off his need?

Also I was snooping around a bit and found this as well, "With the recent developments of the banishment of Kil'jaeden and the restoration of the Sunwell...The elves no longer have to turn to fel magic to feed their addiction, and it has been speculated that the Sunwell's energies can reverse the physical changes that come with fel consumption..."

Now the lore starts to get a bit weird here, because at the start of Blood Elf lore it states arcane magic, but then it talks about Fel magic and nothing about the arcane. So this confuses me a bit; and it makes me wonder still, would it be possible, for a Blood Elf, given enough time, to throw off the addiction? If this would be possible, perhaps the lure of magic is still a threat and they could still fall into bad habits, but can still shrug it off as long as they are not exposed to it as much?

As a side note, people have commented about the wretched and Ive told them as well. The wretched are people who have fallen prey to their addictions, not people who have stopped using magic.

EDIT: Also please don't be all mean and say no....be reasonable...any addiction could be kicked in theory if given the strength and time to do so.

EDIT[EDIT] : This belongs in discussion rather than Off-topic....if someone could be so kind as to move it please thanks.....[EDIT] Thank you for moving the post to the right place!
Well, like I said,what the sourcebook says and as you restated;

"Magic Addiction: High elves are addicted to the
use of arcane magic. A high elf must spend 1 hour each
morning in meditation, resisting the distractions of
addiction, or take a –1 penalty to effective caster level
for all arcane spells and a –2 penalty on all saving throws
against spells for that day.

Devoting time to resisting the addiction is unnecessary
if the high elf is within 50 feet of a moonwell. If the
high elf is able to drink directly from a moonwell, the
addiction abates for a number of days equal to the high
elf's Spirit modifi er (minimum of 1 day)."

The Sunwell gone, they had to turn to other sources of magic. The most readily available was fel. Sure, they turned to fel because the Sunwell was temporarily gone. By this virtue we can probably compare them to orcs in ways. The thing that's different about orcs and elves is that orcs go in a state of lethargy, while elves literally turn wretched when not in contact with magic because their body needs it. Now, Fel is just the next step to addiction for the elves.

"Spells with the fel discriptor are very difficult to resist. Casting a fel spell is described by many spellcasters as a euphoric experience. If arcane magic is an addiction, fel magic is the embodiment of the drug in its purest form." -Link

Really, in the case of blood elves, this addiction to magic is anecessary one because they would die without it. You've seen the orcs. They were heavily addicted to fel, yet they did not die, just became lethargic. So addiction won't be the case here. It's the elves' physiology.

As to your question...he'll probably die if not in contact with a source of magic for some time. My theory is that orcs can probably teach the Blood Elf in shamanism and be nourished the same way the orcs beat their lethargy. Or even more preposterous, an elemental spirit comes to you and nourishes you the same way it nourished the broken and the orcs, but I'm not sure that's allowed nor are you special enough to do that.

Besides, you're in the Ghostlands. The new Sunwell reaches you and nourishes you. Elves need their magic to live whether it is fel or arcane, and it isn't just an addiction.
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It doesn't mention anything about death though, it never states that they will die without it. It just says the withdraw is strong.
As for the wretched, as I have said, they are ones who have fallen victim of their addiction, not someone who has been away from magic for too long. They're like magic junkies who cannot overcome their addiction at all and fall totally within its grasp. Most Blood elves now overcome it though, they may have soothed it a little with fel magic, but if you really think about it; it sort of helped them get away from being wretched. What Im saying is in a way the fel magic weened them a bit off of it, allowing them to cope with the withdraw. However this only soothed the pain, its sort of like....those electric cigarettes you see now these days. Yea they help you kick the bad stuff,; but in itself its still bad and its still the same addiction.

Im not saying they can be born without their racial abilities and flaws. However to be a bit realistic not all of a race will be the same; and addictions are still not impossible to throw off, just hard. I'm saying, maybe a few elves are able to, if secluded enough for a long period of time, they could lose the addiction, or at least be stronger willed towards its pull.

[EDIT] With further reading I have found that some of the blood elves still practice ancestral jobs being hunters or warriors and such. Now I know you cannot be warriors as a chosen class as a blood elf but lore does show that some still become warriors.

[EDIT:EDIT] Also a side note. Maybe if they cannot kick the habit completely it is known that the farstriders have a good control over it, more so then others of the blood elf people....so perhaps it is possible to overcome the addiction to a point.
There are various references on WoWwiki that seem to indicate that their addiction to Magic is heavily involved with their evolutionary path. It is also speculated that their entire race will eventually evolve to be different from the High Elves due to their intake of Fel energy which is also responsible for the colour of their eyes.

Kael'thas also mentions that they would die soon without a source of arcane energy, granted we have no idea how reliable Keal'thas is as a source.

Quote:Since the destruction of the Sunwell at the hands of Arthas and the Scourge, the blood elves have been forced to deal with the sudden relapse of their addiction to arcane energy. A constant curse since the original Well of Eternity was destroyed, the addiction has become more powerful than ever. Blood elves spend their waking days struggling with their weakness, seeking either to sate it by siphoning magical energy from their surroundings or to resist the urge to feed.

Due to their addiction, a blood elf must spend one hour each morning in meditation, resisting any distractions from their withdrawal. Blood elves have learned to slake their thirst through the absorption of fel energies. If the blood elf partakes of demon's blood, the magic addiction abates for a number of days.MG 65

While the blood elves do not abstain from draining arcane power directly, they are careful to keep their addictions under control, keeping the power their new abilities offer while maintaining self-discipline. Those who lose control over their addiction change into "The Wretched," and invariably fall into insanity and corruption.

As Arcanist Helion (a starting zone quest NPC) says, "Control your thirst for magic...It is a thirst unending."

This seems to indicate that the addiction is unending, and at the very least incredibly intertwined with Blood Elf culture and thought.

Now, if the addiction is kickable, I personally believe it would have been mentioned in some place as it is a very contrary exception to their Culture, which is so heavily based on the Sunwell as a source of energy. In fact they would not be in the form they are now without it.

So, from my perspective, the answer would be no, you cannot shake the addiction, and moreover, why would you want too? The addiction is part of who you are as a Blood Elf, and provides excellent RP opportunities when you can't come up with something better. Kicking the addiction would be almost akin to no longer being a Blood Elf.
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What I want to know is why you want your blood elf to not be addicted. It's not really that important in most RPs I've seen blood elves do, and sounds like more trouble than it's worth.
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See, every since I could remember, I've been told a belf would -die- if they didn't feed their addiction.
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△Move along.△


No, no one actually dies from it... But don't those Wretched really look like Elves if you squint? Yeah, basically the Wretched are High Elves who refused to sate their addiction and didn't know how to mitigate it. Blood Elves who ditch taking magic become these, as do High Elves who stop meditating and can't find a source of magic in time.
According to lore, the farstriders have a far better ability to cope with the addiction. It never says why or how they do it. I speculate it may be their contact more with nature than the spell casters that most Blood Elves take part in. Which in case if this is true, broadens into a scope that may reverse the addiction. That of course being giving up their way of living and going back into the wild like the night elves. Basically it seems the more a Blood elf is in tune with nature rather than the arcane, the stronger they are in controlling the addiction.

Also I never said I wanted to kick the addiction completely, I mean that would take several more years than the Blood Elves life span. I was suggesting maybe being away from the stronger lure of magic(which of course I mean actually seeing people using it and learning how to use it) for an extended period of time allowed my character to control the addiction, perhaps slowly weening off of it by at first drawing from the magic from the wilderness, then slowly forgetting about it as he grew stronger at controlling it, to a point where he didnt feel the withdraw at all, but is still victim to its lure. A primal fascination towards it if you will. However all this is up to GMs and perhaps they could contact me either in-game( Shindelor ) or pm me on the forums....or even post in here to discuss this.

I honestly don't think, even through evolutionary stages, can an addiction not be beaten. Sure it will take take, energy, and strength. Perhaps maybe even generation to reverse its affects. However controlling is another story, as I have said in above paragraph; Farstriders, as you will read in the lore, have the ability to control it better than others.

P.S. Like I said before.....Wretches are the exact OPPOSITE of people weening off of magic. The Wretched are elves who have succumb to the addiction and basically, OD on magic.

P.S.S. Please keep this thread clean as well. As in, unless you have something constructable to add please do not post; I do not mean to be rude, I just like a clean thread that is all.

P.S.S.S. Remember Lore is just that lore. Not everything in history is going to be in it, perhaps a few significant factors have been left out because whoever wrote the lore didnt think it should be put in because it didn't have any real significance to the storyline as a whole.
Perhaps so, but then assuming the addiction is beatable, why would your character of all people be the first to break such addiction? I think if this were the case we would have some lore figures that have beaten it at the very least.
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Like I will say again, Im not trying to find a way to beat it all the way. That wouldn't even be much fun to RP unless I was RPing how I was beating it, but that me. I just want to control it similarly as the Farstriders do, as he is a hunter and has spent a good majority of his life in the wilderness away from civilized settlements....Im not beating the addiction to where its no longer there....but suppressing enough that it is almost like its not there. Like perhaps taught myself only to draw enough mana from the area to stave off the hunger, but have done it for so long that I just dont even feel that I draw it anymore because I have grown used to it. The lure of magic is still there, which is always a threat to his sanity..

[EDIT] Now when I say control it like the Farstriders, I mean in a more primitive way that only supresses it when not around magic((such as those using it)) and it is still hard for him to overcome these stronger urges....which is why he stays in the wild most of the time.
If you're trying to stave off the cravings then you're being told repeatedly exactly how the blood elves and high elves manage that. They meditate for a certain period of time each day to suppress the urge. Blood elves especially need to take some amount of energy or they suffer withdrawals that could be lethal (According supposedly to Kael'thas). So, meditate? Being near a sunwell or moonwell doesn't exactly remove the addiction either, it suppresses the cravings by giving a constant flow of the energy desired. Just like a heroin addict with an IV drip that gives them a minimal amount of the drug over a period of time. The addiction is still there and being fed but in a controlled way.

There are two other aspects that are being overlooked. One is the nature of addiction itself, which is a physical and psychological change in a person through the development of a dependence on a substance or activity. Addiction can take many different forms but all share certain similarities in nature such as the drive to continue the activity or substance despite the harmful nature of it once addicted to it.

We are human, most of us aren't born with an addiction, it isn't a part of us therefore whatever addiction we become subject to can theoretically be overcome to one degree or another. Blood elves aren't human, this addiction comes with their blood from their high elven ancestors. They can't completely overcome this through force of will any more than a fish can decide to breath air through force of will. It's in their physiology.

That being established, there are many ways in which to suppress the urges for indulgence. Wretched are the ones who have given in completely, they not only indulge but saturate themselves completely with it forcing a change in their physiology beyond the changes already in the high elves and further increased in the blood elves.

Ask any addict in the real world who is in recovery or any person that claims to have gotten over it and they will tell you they still think about it from time to time and the urge is always there. Addiction never fully goes away, those once addicted fight to suppress that addiction, others give in to it.

It sounds like you want to fight the addiction, congratulations, you are a blood elf just like the rest of us who are terrified of becoming Wretched. (Those crystals would so ruin my dress!)

Don't give in, suppress the urge, fight to be free! Maintain hope IC but realize OOC that your character can never be completely free.

Also realize that if you make this drive to "get over it" a major theme of your character's RP that some blood elves may look distastefully on you either through jealousy of your motivation or simply considering you idiotic for such childishness, some may consider you insane and others may consider you treasonous.

Blood elves aren't exactly known for their tolerant cuddly nature.
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