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Yes. I want a big red button that I can edit and assign it to, for instance put my computer to sleep or bind it to a key I never use such as the Numpad Asterisk, and then use that key to, again for instance, jump out from a burning jet in Battlefield, or abort the mission in Kerbal Space Program.

[Image: ULIFE035700_01_L.jpg]
Big Red Button

It's kind of hard to find anyone who knows. None of my friends nor family know more than I do.

Do any of you guys know how to it?
If you do, please teach me.

... I need this.

If I manage to reprogram that big red button, my next project involves a throttle lever.
[Image: aADpK.gif]
I want there to be only the picture here, but sadly it is too large so I have to spoiler it and the spoiler doesn't appear if I don't write anything else here so now that's done, it's time for you to press it.
You'd have to find one that has like, a disk to install the drivers or a program with it that allows you to change what the button does. Normally something like that comes with the disk/drivers, sort of like having an x-box controller for your computer.
[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△



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