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Final warning? I never got a first warning. And do you mind not locking my thread? (please) This really is kinda lame... I haven't got a single warning... not one...
You get one official warning in the form of a suspension. For most people, that is all the warning they need.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
Account Action: 72 Hour suspension

Offense: Ignoring guards, godmoding, poor OOC conduct

Details: Player deemed to be overly rude and has been observed
godmoding on a regular basis, usually to avoid guards.

What is this? Who have I been rude to? I am never rude... screen shot it... I bet you cant. My words are always without emotion when I am discussing something. Godmoding? Godmodding how? Ignoring gaurds? Name a place... I am always hidden from them. And if your following me around invisable and expecting me to roleplay when no one around thats just not fair. And its hard to rp and do a decent hide because while you are typing they may very well walk up to your spot... and even though they still cant see you it would be impossible to try and argue that they didnt IC unless you actually do consider the fact that rogues have unnatural abilities. They arent just normal people with silly tricks.
Just saw where it said to put my complaints. My apologies.

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