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Bartholomew Hanlon [Forsaken Hunter]
Player: kindle135

Character Full Name: Bartholomew Hanlon

Character In-Game Name: Hanlon

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): Undercity, The Horde

Race: Undead

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities: Nothing exceptional to note.

Age: 34 at death, 44 now.

Sex: Male

Hair: Green mohawk

Eyes: Yellow ghostlights

Weight: 220 lbs

Height: 5'11

Usual Garments/Armor: Black leather armor or deathguard mail armor.

Other: Has three pets, a spider, a bat, and a plaguehound. His odor is typically a merging of their three scents mingling with his own smell of rot and death.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Personality: Bartholomew Hanlon, being a handler of beasts, is very beastly himself. He is unmannered and boorish and almost capable of seeming at his natural state as a disheveled corpse rather than a living human. Due to his simple nature he's not prone to making enemies but equally unlikely to make friends, thus he tends to keep others, save his Forsaken brethren, at arms length.

History: Bartholomew was born into a poor family of Alterac in an impoverished slum of Alterac City. The family didn't have much in the way of money thus their trade was trapping by way of necessity, they had no land for farming and were lousy beggars. Bartholomew first learned to hunt with his brother and sister, Julian and Atley, who were both older than him. He was of course lousy at the practice at first, fumbling with his cheap bow and stepping on twigs and scaring off his prey frequently. As Bartholomew entered his adolescence he had a solid grasp on his profession and was bringing in his fair portion of the family's bounty.

When Bartholomew was a boy he had heard rumor from other children of the First War but he was both apathetic to the news and incredulous. Later in his life when the Second War was waging and engulfed the entire Alliance Bartholomew took a bit more notice. His father, Eugene, was conscripted into fighting being both a man and skilled with a bow. Eugene perished in the Second War. Though the family would survive, Cherise, Batholomew's mother, entered a depression she would never fully exit with the bereaving of her husband. As the courses of the Second War transpired the family moved away from the city following Alterac's betrayal to Tarren Mill, where Julian, the eldest son, found work as a lumberjack. The family lived in relative peace as they carried on without their patriarch until the Third War.

During the Third War, as the nations laying claim to their home collapsed, the family lived in prescient fear of what was coming. The three Hanlon children were conscripted to help defend Lordaeron, which was ruling over Tarren Mill following Alterac's collapse years prior. The three children all found themselves fighting a futile battle in the Tirisfal Glades and eventually were all overtaken by the undead masses. Bartholomew was the only one of the three left intact enough to raise by a straggling necromancer.

When Bartholomew gained consciousness after his death once more as the Lich King's grasp waned he was of course enraged. Using his skills as a bowman he followed Sylvanas's forces from Lordaeron to Northrend in his personal hunt for vengeance. After the Lich King's death he paused his military career, feeling a need to reconnect with his past life as much as he could. He had no need to hunt now but he took to the practice once more, even learning he could tame some of the fauna of the new Lordaeron. Thus he tamed a plaguehound, a bat, and a spider, naming them Cherise, Julian, and Atley respectively. With his new comrades he then assisted the forces of the Undercity in the siege of the Greymane Wall, the purging of Hillsbrad, the purging of Dun Garok, and the purging of the Dalarani remnants from Silverpine. Due to an altercation with a Kor'kron officer, who had arachnophobia, over the treatment of his spider Bartholomew was discharged from the military for political reasons. Hanlon now spends most of his time hunting and trying to sate his nationalistic zeal somehow.
Awright. This is a grim one.

" left in tact " should be "left intact", and you need a space between Player and Character Full Name.
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Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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