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Battle for Tol Barad
[Image: 8W8UB7f.jpg?1]

Join now, the Battle for Tol Barad

There will be 4 choices, the majority winning over. This will be done so that the battle can be designed to be more player-friendly.

Anyone can vote for these Events!

Option 1: The Slagworks- The great factory in the South-East region of Tol Barad remains in the hands of the Occultists who plague the islands with their presence. They are able to churn a great amount of arms and armors from this pinnacle of Industry with ease. We must stop them and claim the Slagworks for our own!

Option 2: The Hole- It's been a good long while since the Prisoners fled from the many cell blocks of Tol Barad, but now with the capture of the nearby Warden's Vigil, reclamation can begin again. There are many foul things in the dark places of Tol Barad.

Option 3: Problim's Rock- The Ettin that calls Tol Barad home, Problim, has control of another tower. The North-East Tower is in control of ogre and ettin hands, and since the loss of the Western Tower, it has been fortified. The Towers are essential to the control of the Island. Scouts report that Problim may be at this tower! We must end his reign of terror!

("DM Discretion, what's that?" That is an event that I get to choose that will not be accessible through the normal voting.)

Hopefully you guys get me a good one, as the event will be held next Friday, (May 9th), at 3:00 pm Server Time. I hope to see you then!

Argent Crusaders, Knights of the Ebon Blade, and members of the Kirin Tor are free to join in these events as their respective leaders are lending aid to the Horde and Alliance on Tol Barad!

Other Information!

Map of the Peninsula!

The Battle so far:
[Image: TolBaradBattle.jpg]

Credit to @DuskWolf !!!

Map of the Southern Island!
[Image: 46hp9Rn.jpg]

Event Recaps!

Event 1 - The Storming of Rustberg

The Alliance successfully twisted control of the village (and the minds of it's inhabitants) from the Lich that haunts the Island. In a daring move, a Necromancer summoned a massive skeletal being that nearly tore the group apart. Thankfully all is quiet in Rustberg, save for the day to day commotions.

Event 2 - Don't Forget the Hill

In an effort to assume control of the Island of Tol Barad, the Horde wrested control of the nearby cemetery from the Lich. The Cemetery, filled with the restful souls of warriors long dead from the Second War, was raised in anger and fury, manifesting in the former First Lieutenant Connor. Thankfully the Horde managed to put the eternal soldiers of Stromgarde down, allowing the souls of the dead to rest once more.

Event 3- Haunting the Restless Front

After a battle through time and space, the Horde assault was added, briefly, to the Stromgarde Defense Force on Tol Barad! They fought Black Tooth Grin and Amani alike as they made their way across the battlefield. Even going so far as slaying the infamous dire troll, Mu'Dango. They found their way to an old artifact, winning it through battle with the dreaded Lich. Upon shattering it... the souls of a thousand dead warriors, orc and human alike, were released into the hereafter.

Event 4- Wellson and the Shipyard Five

The Horde party arrived at the Drydock to a truly gruesome scene. The bodies of the group sent days in advance strewn all around the yard. A true mystery as battles were fought all over the Shipyard. However, upon encountering a particular group of corpses... something awful happened. A Faceless One emerged from the depths, nearly annihilating the party. Thankfully, after many close calls, the group managed to slay the beast and take the location... For the Horde.

Event 5- Lovin' Largo's Lookout

The Alliance soldiers and mercenaries made their way to the Overlook Cliffs. Upon their arrival they found themselves to be transported into the realm of the dead. Soldiers re-enacting their last moments of life during the Second War, forever and ever. The group was halted and attacked by a band of malevolent souls, eager to escape their prison. After dealing with evil spirits they found the remains of a Baradin Warden squad sent before them, the survivors being twisted into a pair of bone golems. They eventually found Largo, in the tallest tower on the peak of the cliff. After Largo had dealt with himself, the group claimed the Lookout for the Alliance.

Event 6- It's Dark in here

The Alliance group went into the Darkwood with the intent on rescuing a missing diplomat and his envoy. Unfortunately all those found at the caravan were dead, result of giant spiders draining their insides. The group pressed onwards, into the pitch blackness of the Darkwood where they found a group of demon cultists. These cultists died summoning a Voidwraith who harassed the group before moving onward, deeper into the woods. Eventually the group found the Diplomat cocooned at a spawning pit, but fled after he was killed by a massive spider assumed to be the Broodmother. The mage present set the webbed pit alight, causing a chain reaction, flooding the underground tunnels with fire, killing the remaining spiders.

Event 7- That's as Far as it gets

The Horde managed to wrest the walls from the crazed soldiers in the Keep. Most of the former soldiers at Farson Hold lost their minds and resorted to cannibalism to survive. There was also a minor infestation of Fleshbeasts that had arrived with all of the carrion. The Horde group managed to take control of the walls after a failed attempt from a previous assault. The Keep Lord himself came out and, through good luck was freed of his control by the mage present. However he was slain on the spot by a more... overzealous warrior. Hellscream's proud warriors now move to enforce a siege on the Keep proper.

Event 8- Surprise!

The Alliance launched a surprise attack on Farson Hold, catching the Horde off guard. The Fighting raged, grabbing the attention of the crazed inhabitants of the Upper Keep, many of whom taking potshots into the mass of combat. However, thanks to random chance, the Horde Commander was targeted by a magic user and, later, a sniper from the Keep. His death broke the morale of the Horde present, with many fleeing back to the Horde controlled land. The Alliance have taken a good deal of prisoners, giving the wounded what medical aid that was required.

Event 9- You and Me and the Lich makes Three

The Alliance party, using orc prisoners as scouts, managed to claim the Keep at Farson Hold. Inside was a cavalcade of horrible acts, atrocities, and all around evil lurking in the halls. A veritable House of Horrors, the Keep acting with a will all its own. Thankfully the valiant Sons and Daughters of the Alliance vanquished the evil present, claiming the Keep in the name of the King.

Event 10 - Wellson Breakdown

In a daring move the Alliance attacked from both Land and Sea. The Arathi Company of the Elwynn Brigade moved in, tying up the Hordes foot soldiers at the gates and throughout the Shipyard. At the same time the Icebreaker King's Fury moved in off the coast to engage the reported horde vessel there. Unfortunately the King's Fury was destroyed and sank off the coast of Tol Barad, much of the crew being dragged down to the depths. The Fighting on land was just as tough, cannon fire from the Horde vessel Thunder Lord ended up causing an equal amount of damage to both armies. It was a close engagement all around, but the Horde was forced to retreat, leaving their dead and a wounded Alliance army.

Event 11 - Unrest at the Restless Front

The Elwynn Brigade marched on the Front, aiming to claim the stretch of land between the Hill and Alliance controlled land. The fighting last several hours, many casualties on both sides thanks to an Ogre Magi. The Horde, closely, managed to win a Pyrrhic Victory, forcing the Alliance Offensive back. For now, the Horde stands beaten, but Triumphant, daring the Alliance to come back at them.

Event 12- I Hate Spiders

The Horde, in all their guile and cunning, launched multiple attacks on the many Alliance camps that hold the Darkwood. Unfortunately, the native Bone Spiders in the region took great interest and begin to harass soldiers on all sides. Even the Voidwraith, summoned months ago by demon worshipers, seemed to be having his fun tormenting the poor souls. The fighting was close, but the Alliance remained stalwart as the Horde soldiers were forced into a region-wide retreat.

Event 13- We didn't forget the Hill!
The Alliance attempted a daring sea-to-land offensive, aiming to claim Forgotten Hill from the Horde. The Horde led a stalwart defense, managing to behead the Alliance Commander and slaying the Archmage present. Though there was loss of life on both sides, the Alliance was eventually forced to pull back with the loss of their commanding officer.

Event 14- Three's a Crowd

The Horde attempted a bold attack on the Alliance fort of the Wellson Shipyard. Early into the fighting, however, the Lich summoned forth his own army to join the fray. Soon enough, Fleshbeasts, Demons, and Spectral Riders joined in to dampen the fun. The Horde and Alliance came together to destroy their mutual enemy, agreeing to a truce in order to deal with the threats on the Southern Island.

Event 15- Clad in Iron

The initial assault onto the Southern went off without a hitch as members of the Horde, Alliance, Argent Crusade, and Ebon Blade fought side by side. The group saved the majority of a mixed squad of mind controlled soldiers, some of whom who have been missing for months. An Alliance Captain also showed his true colors, attacking the Strike Force with Twilight's Hammer reinforcements. The Strike Force laid claim to the Garrison after ending a Wrathguard, Shakaas, sending the bastard back to the Nether. A mystical sword was recovered by the Argent Crusade, it is being kept hidden as it's true nature is being studied.

Event 16- Into the Deep

D-Block has been held as one of the more sinister cell blocks on Tol Barad, as it housed many demons and criminals who were cohorts with demons. It turns out that the majority of the guards and prisoners in D-Block were trapped in their cells and died to the fumes or starvation. An Observer, by the name of Xhi'Zagran, gave the whereabouts of an artifact in exchange for his freedom, leaving with a reported two to three dozen imps that were hiding in the Cell Block. The Group found this artifact, which is now held secure in the labyrinth below Ironclad Garrison, and used it to help defeat the great Felbeast, Svarnos, who was imprisoned after consuming the inhabitants of four villages.

Event 17- Out of the Jailhouse Now

As the Joint Forces took a brief respite, focusing on the Defense rather than the offense, we look back to what happened in The Hole so many months ago. When the Shattering happened, Tol Barad suffered incredible damage. Many of the prison systems had failed, unleashing countless horrors upon the prisoners and their wardens. Almost immediately, the Baradin Wardens were pulled back, a full retreat to the North Island. They effectively abandoned the prisoners to one hell or another, even as many attempted to escape or plea.

Event 18- Sweet Dreams

Suspicion of cultist activity drew the Joint Forces out to the Tol Barad Marsh, eager to lay the rumor to rest. In the heart of the swamp the group found nearly a dozen corpses, drained of life and flesh, leaving skin and bones aside. Before long, a quartet of deformed swamp monsters rose up, using a magical spore attack to put the brave force asleep. They encountered many horrors and trials that tested their wills, overpowering a figure known only as The Father. Slaying this imagination, the force was freed from their forced slumber, finding the swamp monsters to be dead and that the whole encounter took no more than ten minutes.

Event 19- It's Not Ogre Yet

With the Joint Forces ready to move again, and the rambunctiousness of the nearby Ogres growing, it was decided to claim the Western Tower. The Strike Force moved in, quickly decimating the local ogres, with few casualties on their end. Several ogres, however, went turncoat and joined the forces under one warrior named 'Ruk'. The Strike Force soon found who was commanding this bunch of ogres, in the form of an Ettin named 'Consern', who claimed to be the son of Problim. He was quickly brought down by the superior tactics of the Strike Force.

Event 20- Resurrection

In a daring move, the forces of Evil assaulted the Ironclad Garrison! While the bulk of the attackers were above ground, several groups split off to assault the Ironclad Cellblock, deep underground. Thankfully a force of our own soldiers were underground, seeing to the destruction of a dark, vampiric runeblade. The bulk of the cultist forces were destroyed, but one group opened a portal into the sword room. Unfortunately, one cultist killed himself, allowing his body to become the host of the trapped Death Knight in the runeblade. He escaped, making claims of his own conquest of Tol Barad.

Event 21- Blast from the Past

The Joint Force had finally agreed that it was time to claim the Warden's Vigil, with or without the help of the local prisoners. However, upon meeting the prisoners, a battle erupted. A lone warrior fought against a single dreadlord, the two apparently sparring for some time now. In an act of desperation, the Dreadlord, Uka, sent the group into the past (or maybe just an illusion of it?). His reason is unknown, but the Joint Force discovered themselves in a Second War battle. They had to help the Horde win, ensuring the Alliance lose of Tol Barad. Once the 'trip' was over, a convoy of soldiers arrived at the Vigil to recruit the prisoners and fortify the Vigil.

Event 22- To the Point of Madness

The Joint Force moved to the South Spire in order to ascertain if a force of Warden's remained. After finding, and surviving, many traps, the Force became entangled with a lone wizard. The old man was using an invisibility spell and was clearly demented. However, the group was able to figure out a code phrase from some scattered notes and convinced the old man they were friendly.

Event 23- A Game of Riddles

The Joint Force moved to take control of C-Block, better known as the Cursed Depths. Within the frigid and dark halls, the brave soldiers met with specters, shades, spooks, and scares a-plenty. Most of these spirits held questions and riddles to answer, before allowing the group to continue. In the furthest room was Ortex, the Death Knight that escaped justice several weeks past, had been gathering souls to his cause as a contender for Tol Barad. In his arrogance, the worthy soldiers of Life took him down, shattering his blade and freeing the captured souls within, claiming C-Block.

Also, please note that the Events of Tol Barad will have a -CONSTANT- Character Warning. I will say it again before each event. You wont die unless you put yourself into a spot where it is almost called for. However you will have the constant threat of maiming and loss of limb.

DM Rolls/Rules

This is mostly for me, but I will put this here so that anyone who is curious as to how I do TB will be able to see just how I do it.


Rolls use thresholds (25+, 50+, etc...) and players must /roll 100.

Calamities use thresholds:

Calamities use a /roll 6 in order to randomly pick those hit the worst.

1-Alliance Forces
2-Horde Forces
3-Alliance Commander
4-Horde Commander
5- All Players
6- All Soldiers

Players must, generally, roll up to 4x to avoid serious injury or death in the event of grapples/mind control.

Death will only occur during events specified or if a player puts themselves into a stupid situation (I.E. Horde Soldier charges Alliance Commander, gets hacked to pieces because of the Alliance Army around him.)

Injury Rolls are when a player rolls 10 or under for defense (Unless they have a roll buff). Rolls 1-3 are considered Major Injuries, with 1 being maiming or /Death if specified in event/ (These will almost always be permanent damage in one form or another). Rolls 4-6 Are considered Moderate Injuries, these could be permanent injuries, but not always. Rolls 7-10 are mostly minor wounds, very few every being permanent.

Battle Statistics (PvP)-

Commanders have flat 10HP (Unless [DEFENDERS] win the vote).

NPC/PLAYER Forces have flat 15/20/30HP depending on player count (Unless [DEFENDERS] win the vote, in which case they start with +5HP).

Soldier NPCs have flat 1HP (Unless specified).

Heals can always be done, you /roll 5. Note: You can only roll 3 Heals, but each time you reduce the number you can roll out of (/roll 4, /roll 3, etc..). However, should you roll 5 on the first roll, you can only roll once more, reducing the number by two (/roll 3). The explanation is lack of energy/mana or medical supplies.

AoE/Chain Spells act like any attack, only you must, as any emote, clearly specify the attack and any players, as AoE's can cause teamwounds.

All attacks or item usages use your 'movement' in a combat rotation. You can only do one attack or use an item (Radio, Flare Gun, etc).

Buffs/Auras must pass a threshold of 50+. Buffs grant 5+ to rolls. Buffs have schools of magic, the same schools can not stack, but mix and match to stack. (Fortitude is Divine and cannot be used with any other Buffs/Auras that are Divine, for instance.)

This list may be updated in the future.

Some OOC Rules Regarding Tol Barad

1. Absolutely -NO- dual boxing. Dual Boxers will be removed from the event.
2. Please be courteous to the others in the event, and myself.
3. I will not tolerate people leaving in a fury during the event. I will not retcon you out, but I will remember the character. They will be branded as traitor by their respective faction, at least on Tol Barad.
3a. If you truly must leave in an event, I will consider your character to still be there ICly, helping the fight. Note: This is if you do not leave in a storm of hellfire and fury.

[Image: OdFu5hk.jpg?1]
Do you have what it takes to join the Fighting Blues?
Do you have what it takes to defend your homeland?
Will you stand up in defense of the innocent? The weak?
Will you stand up in defense of Justice and the Law?

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRVE3uy8TjirssygDEKMi2...Ia13_WYQpw]

[-] The following 7 users Like Thoradin's post:
  • Altaine, Brutalskars, Ural, Kull, Rini, CappnRob, Cerb57
The Blood Knights could be used to take out those undead. But I can't make any Friday events... So it's up to them!
Forgotten Hill sounds like an important objective for the Horde. Can't bring in boats if they're just gonna get destroyed by undead. For the Horde!!
Fer de Alliance!
[Image: 3Ka91.jpg]
Oh, and I guess Largo's Lookout.
Characters: To be added.
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  • Thoradin

Looks like Forgotten Hill got bumped up over the Alliance assaults there.

Also, if there is anyone (or more) who would like to ICly lead the Horde Players on Tol Barad, please let me know. I have the Alliance covered, but I would like to see if there is someone who might want to step up to the plate for the Horde!

However, if not, I can step up to the plate with my own old orcish veteran.
Do you have what it takes to join the Fighting Blues?
Do you have what it takes to defend your homeland?
Will you stand up in defense of the innocent? The weak?
Will you stand up in defense of Justice and the Law?

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRVE3uy8TjirssygDEKMi2...Ia13_WYQpw]

I have an Orc gal who I could use to run the Horde side, if you need a helping hand.
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-Update 2-

Voting will cease Thursday, August 1st.

Brutalskars will lead the Horde player group ICly, as a counter part to my own Colonel Wayland.

As it stands so far, The Alliance will attack Rustberg Village... that is unless the Horde to something first!

Also, the Stormwind Army will be launching a recruitment drive for the impending invasion here.

Spread the word! Warcraft is getting some War!
Do you have what it takes to join the Fighting Blues?
Do you have what it takes to defend your homeland?
Will you stand up in defense of the innocent? The weak?
Will you stand up in defense of Justice and the Law?

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRVE3uy8TjirssygDEKMi2...Ia13_WYQpw]

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Update 3!

I added in some maps, containing the different zones! These will be updated with each event.

Also, don't forget to vote!
Do you have what it takes to join the Fighting Blues?
Do you have what it takes to defend your homeland?
Will you stand up in defense of the innocent? The weak?
Will you stand up in defense of Justice and the Law?

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRVE3uy8TjirssygDEKMi2...Ia13_WYQpw]

[-] The following 1 user Likes Thoradin's post:
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Do you have to sign up for this, or can you just show up and fight for your faction?
Feel free to show up on the faction desired!

Speaking of which-

Voting is over, and has been for a while. Nonetheless, Rustberg Village will be attacked by the Alliance!

Friday, August 2nd at 3pm Server time! Any and all Alliance welcome, but know this in advance...

There will be character warnings! Not death, unless your character gets themselves put into that position. Just note that my events will always have a chance for maiming of some degree; This could mean the loss of a finger, eye, or limb. All ye be warned. And try to have fun, see you Friday!
Do you have what it takes to join the Fighting Blues?
Do you have what it takes to defend your homeland?
Will you stand up in defense of the innocent? The weak?
Will you stand up in defense of Justice and the Law?

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRVE3uy8TjirssygDEKMi2...Ia13_WYQpw]

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Count in Rayleigh to support the Alliance in the first event, finally get to RP the character for something else than delivering reports or doing paper-work.
Kimaira's characters Post-Cata:
Nehemia - Death Knight - Blood elf - Alive
Rayleigh - Lt. Commander - Human - Alive
Bonefletcher - Lightslayer - Forsaken - Alive
Selarin - Sentinel - Night Elf - Alive [To be profiled]
Rem - Berserker - Troll Alive
Beatrix - Paladin - Human Alive [To be profiled]
Kimaira's Feedback Thread (in case you are interested in throwing in some feedback)
[-] The following 1 user Likes Kimaira's post:
  • Thoradin
*sigh* REALLY wanted to attend this, but I couldn't finish errands soon enough and was refused an invite.. And since all the RP was there, I was forced to get off for the day. :C
Sorry, Random. :(


Rustberg has been taken! I will update the "Tip of the Spear" thread for those who missed it. Any who participated in the event, please feel free to use that thread for Tol Barad related things!

Please look again at the Options for events at your earliest convenience. All but one option is the same.
Do you have what it takes to join the Fighting Blues?
Do you have what it takes to defend your homeland?
Will you stand up in defense of the innocent? The weak?
Will you stand up in defense of Justice and the Law?

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRVE3uy8TjirssygDEKMi2...Ia13_WYQpw]

-Update Somethinginserthere-

Rustberg Village has been set up and is now available for Alliance RP!

Also, them votes.

Forgotten Hill is tied with Largo's Lookout! This is going to get interesting!
Do you have what it takes to join the Fighting Blues?
Do you have what it takes to defend your homeland?
Will you stand up in defense of the innocent? The weak?
Will you stand up in defense of Justice and the Law?

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRVE3uy8TjirssygDEKMi2...Ia13_WYQpw]


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