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Becoming Worgen?
Possible, very possible indeed. But who performed the rituals, in that case? Did they bring specialist night elves to the men of Hillsbrad? Maybe, but I don't see any of them anywhere. Again, could be a game mechanic, maybe they just vanished once they were done and back to Darnassus or wherever.

The worgen topic is a very hot subject and we have to be careful to not burn our fingers in the process, Blizzard added very little on the lore of 'how the magic happens, do they use druids, alchemist's potions, their own worgen know how to do it?'.

Even with Pandaria's release on official servers, some people still question the worgen, what's with them, how do they transform, keep sanity, are they immune to the plague? Yadiyada. That's what happens when you don't include every details of a race like a writer would in his book or some other source of information. I don't know what to think of it and might aswell just retire, I accept my defeat and am able to tell I won't personally find a conclusion on my own.
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To the matter of the Hillsbrad humans and their sanity, perhaps it's to do with how they were infected (cursed, whatever). Gilneans and most, if not all, other unwilling subjects got the curse through bites and/or scratches. The Hillsbrad humans were cursed by drinking Worgen blood. Now, I'm not sure of this at all and am, in fact, pulling theories out of my backside... However, wouldn't it be at all possible that the Hillsbrad humans kept their sanity simply because they weren't wounded by a worgen but, instead, willingly got it?
Something a few GMs were talking about over Teamspeak is that if someone WILLINGLY drinks the blood of an ALREADY 'CURED' worgen, that they too also retain their sanity with the ability to shift. Kind of like the 'extent' of the cure depends on the already cursed. This isn't anything set in stone, but was just something that was thrown around to explain the Hillsbrad Worgen. [Pretty much the same thing Rokhjin said.]

Like Scar said, Blizzard didn't give us very much to work with on the course beyond 'It's magic, deal with it'. We don't know if the ritual -has- to be done at that tree. We don't know if the Night Elves have a way to do it elsewhere. The lore is painfully vague. A lot of things about the curse can only be 'guessed' and 'made to standard' here. Darnet Blizzard.

Either way, the policy of non-gilnaean worgen is already allowed and is not something we will currenlty be changing, as lore shows change is possible, a 'cure' is possible and N.G. Worgen are possible. [The death knights, for instance, are N.G. Hillsbrad, ect.]
(04-30-2013, 01:45 PM)Reigen Wrote: The death knights, for instance, are N.G.

The Death Knights are entirely different though. They regained sentience in a different manner than Gilnean "cured" Worgen. Also, they would not have the ability to change into a Human form since they weren't "cured".

Currently this policy is far too open, even if it's slightly possible for a Non-Gilnean Worgen to be cured, the numbers would be far too slim to justify any random person to just happen to be a sentient Worgen. It just gives the option for players to bring back an old character with a bit of Worgen tacked on, just so every time a fight happens they can say "Bler dur, you thought I was only human, but I'm a wolf! /transform"
[Image: glarfieldiator_gif_2_by_el_cid_84-d5ebmb1.gif]
Worgen DKs, I believe, are explained due to the fact that the Lich King's will overpowers the will of both the beast and the human. I suppose it's not too much of a leap to say that the act of being overpowered leaves the inner human in a decent position to regain balance with their beast side on their own.
(04-30-2013, 12:32 PM)Gyran Wrote: Sure, you can get cursed in tons of Worgen infested places, but the "cure" was created in Gilneas with the help of the Night Elves, and there's no indication (that I've seen) that they are going around giving Worgen of the world their sanity.

Actually the Worgen at Raven Hill are there with the complete and total intent of doing that, funny enough.

That being said, this is his gossip text:

Quote:I don't care how low the success rate here is. If we save even one worgen from the madness and savagery of the woods, our struggles will not be in vain.

So the implication is that the cure isn't wholly reliable, but there are people out there trying to push the cure. This person is also a Gilnean, to note, and I really don't think they're so much 'withhold the cure' as seems to be believed. In fact, many seem pretty charitable to that end.

Regarding Hillsbrad Worgen and their being 'sane'-- I offer you this guy [ http://www.wowpedia.org/Caretaker_Smithers ], who was formerly an NPC from Hillsbrad working with the other sane Worgen of the Gilneas Liberation Front. He even helps bait Forsaken into a trap, so one assumes he had some length of intellect to do that.

Regarding not being able to change-- Well, that was actually a trait exhibited by the worgen in Northrend, as well as the original Pyrewood worgen. You can argue different points there, but I definitely think the curse allows the shifting to take place in general. Either way, those two examples certainly didn't have the elven method of the cure the Gilneans have.

Regarding 'we don't see Hillbsrad worgen shifting', that's easily chalked up to the fact that you don't exactly see too many of them out of combat in quests. You see them right as they change, and later on while on alert for Forsaken or fighting Forsaken. At no point would they have the reason to go into a human form, or perhaps they couldn't even due to the intensity of the situation. Either way, this still pales to the fact that Blizzard might have just not given them the alternate morph because... they didn't care. "This is a worgen, he just isn't in his human form".

Just my thoughts there.
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Quote:... if someone WILLINGLY drinks the blood of an ALREADY 'CURED' worgen, that they too also retain their sanity with the ability to shift.

This next question wasn't intended in my initial, but this raised a question in me. I don't intend to do it, but in case it comes up over the course of rp: Would the GMs allow a human to become a Worgen in this way over the course of RP?
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(04-30-2013, 03:51 PM)Micheru Wrote: This next question wasn't intended in my initial, but this raised a question in me. I don't intend to do it, but in case it comes up over the course of rp: Would the GMs allow a human to become a Worgen in this way over the course of RP?

I remember this question was asked a while back, and while things may have changed, I do not believe that GMs will allow IC transformations, either from Human to Worgen or from Human to Undead. Same thing, why you don't see warriors becoming DK's in RP.
The current opinion of 'changing from X to Y' is that we will allow it, however much like dragonsworn, it will require an application, Gm approval and good reason beyond 'just because'. Warriors cannot become DKs because the Lich King is dead. No new DKs are being produced. Worgen and Forsaken are still being made.
Oh man! Time to roll a Nelf Worgen.
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(04-30-2013, 04:26 PM)Mikain Wrote: Oh man! Time to roll a Nelf Worgen.

How 'bout no?
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I'm kinda happy people can roll Worgen that aren't just straight up Gilnean. That's one of those things where I see CoTH being less strict about something rather than just telling everyone "No".

PLUS. It's really not all -that- far fetched.

As for non-human Worgen? I could see that being like non-human forsaken. Possible, but not something that would be allowed to be played here.
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△Move along.△


Although leniency is always good, I still think that we should have a definitive yes or no depending on area, with more options than just Gilnean for playable worgen.

It'd make character creation a lot easier, because a lot of Worgen aspects seem up in the air to me and just kind of a case by case basis right now, which requires a larger consensus to come to a conclusion on.
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