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Belania Goldmoon [Blood Elf]
Player: zenethen

Character Full Name: Belania Goldmoon

Character In-Game Name: Belania

Nickname(s): Bel

Association(s): Silverfang's, Argent Crusade

Race: Blood Elf (No, I didn't misspell Flood Elf at all!)

Class: Commoner (OOC Priest)

Skills and Abilities: She has the abilities of a commoner... Wearing cloth and taking up anything around her as a weapon... No magic, no zip...

Age: 187

Sex: Female

Hair: Blonde, further than shoulder-length

Eyes: Standard Blood Elf Fel Green

Weight: 121 lbs

Height: 5' 6"

Usual Garments/Armor: She can usually be found wearing a cobalt blue dress that she fancies much along with some brown shoes.

Other: N/A

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Belania is kind, respectful, and quite the smart cookie for being blonde. It's always her friends first if there's a problem, and she's always trying to cheer people up when they seem down. Everyone should be happy. There's no excuse to not being happy to her! But oh boy, is she sensitive... And man... If you get on her bad side... You might not remember the next twenty-four hours...

"It is no bad thing... To celebrate a simple life." -Bilbo Baggins

Belania Goldmoon was born to the two lovers Anastar and Jelian Goldmoon. She was blessed at birth with having a stouthearted older brother, Celras Goldmoon, by eighty years, and an older sister, Dara Goldmoon, by forty seven years. Her childhood was rather simple for a commoner; She and her older sister were always gossiping about boys, and teasing Celras about his girlfriends. Belania laid back and relaxed during her first years after she was eighteen. She slowly began 'raiding' the Silvermoon Library of books, spending hours upon hours reading every single book that she could possibly find - Except magical tomes, which were kept in private parts of the Library. It is there she met her life-long friend Ilneda Silverwing. They instantly became close friends and began to study together and do what best-girl-friends do best... Talk about boys.

Several boys, in particular, caught Belania's eye several times. The only problem with this wonderful romantic was that every single one of them ended up trying to take advantage of her, and take her away, or cheat on her and all that. Ilneda, however, did not tolerate this one bit, and beat each and every one of them off with whatever was nearby... Or even her magic sometimes, being a Mage. Eventually their friendship turned into what it was until just recently in her history - Belania the Romantic, falling for all the boys, and Ilneda the b***h who beat them away when they broke her heart, and sometimes scared them away before they had the chance. Years and years passed of the same routine, making Ilneda slower and slower to the grasp of just letting Belania go...

Suddenly, the warning bell rang. The Scourge had breached the First Elfgate. Silvermoon City erupted in chaos as Ranger Corps and Silvermoon Army personnel scrambled to the Defense of Quel'thalas. News trickled in - The Second Elfgate had been breached. Hope was lost. The Scourge marched on Silvermoon City. Belania and Ilneda fled to the deepest and darkest corner they could find. The Attack came swift. Silvermoon burned. The Sunwell was corrupted. Death hung deep in the air. At the end of it all, Belania and Ilneda emerged from their hiding spot to find the City in ruins. They searched frantically among what survivors there were for Belania's parents. They found their mangled corpses amid the rubble of the Goldmoon House. Belania wept for days, meeting with a former friend of her brothers from the Ranger Corps. This friend told her that her Brother had not survived the first assault, and his body was not recovered. Belania began to weep once again, when yet another Ranger Corps survivor came to Belania and informed her that her sister had been slain in the Last Stand of the High Elves - At the Base of the Sunwell. Her body was not recovered.

Weeping took up Belania's days, with only Ilneda 'the b***h' Silverwing there to comfort her. She noticed a change in herself as she wept... She was weakened... She had this longing to feed on something... Something magic, or arcane, or... The new substance brought to her people... Fel Magic. Belania was infuriated that even Ilneda was drawn to such temptation to consume the Fel... But eventually she too could not handle the withdrawal of Arcane that came to her people after the Sunwell. The consuming of the Fel disgusted Belania, but she knew that she had to do it to live.

Silvermoon City was slowly reclaimed and rebuilt, and Belania and Ilneda were both homeless and without any family to support them. The life of beggars came swiftly to the two of them, calling for coins and getting enough to at least survive off of. Years of the same begging routine continued on until word came from the North - The Sunwell had been reclaimed, and by the sacrifice of M'uru, it had been restored. The font of arcane energies was redeemed to its former glory. Cheers rang through the City as many cast aside the hated Fel to rely once more on the Sunwell's now graced energies. Soon news came from Northrend of the Argent Crusade's glorious charge against the Lich King. Belania and Ilneda both agreed they would help in whatever way they could to fight against the evil that destroyed their homeland and left them both in ruin. They joined the Argent Crusade as Attendant's, serving the Crusade by... Doing Attendant-work... Cleaning stables... Preparing food... Forming rations and carrying messages... While it was not as glorious as charging on the front lines, Belania and Ilneda let it work out.

Two years of Attendant-work passed on before they found themselves promoted - They got to go to the Argent Tournament Grounds and do attendant-work there. So they did indeed do this, and there they began working. A month or two passed when news came of a Tournament being held - 'The Tournament of Memory', a Tournament of Battle and Glory commemorating all those that had died fighting the Scourge during all of its assaults. During the aftermath of the glorious tournament, Belania caught the eye of a one-eyed elf; a Sir Ruibarra Silverfang. She swooned and immediately became a fan-girl of the heroic Ruibarra. Ilneda, however, was not convinced. Ruibarra was probably just another male elf come to join Belania's life and then break her heart. Weeks passed as Belania and Ilneda had their attendant-work with Belania occasionally slipped out of her friends grasp to visit Ruibarra. As the relationship wore on, Ilneda began to soften - Ruibarra wasn't going to be another heart-breaker, was her hope finally. Belania soon gave up her Attendant-work in the Argent Crusade to become the same thing for Ruibarra's new organization - The Blades of the Silverfang. Ilneda shortly followed, and the three lived happily... Ever... After... Until current time, of course.

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