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Bellatrix Lightchaser [Human Paladin]
Player: Nymus

Character Full Name: Bellatrix Lightchaser (formerly Bellatrix Appleflow)

Character IG Name: Bellatrix

Nickname: Bella, Idjit Girl, Shorty

Associations: Appleflow Family, Lightchaser Family, Stormwind Cathedral, Northrend Expedition

Race: Human

Class: Novice Paladin

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 126 lbs

Height: 4'8"

Usual garments/armor: Casual Human middle class clothes, usually bundled up warm, if in Westfall then loose-fitting white clothes, sometimes farm attire – never wears skirts or dresses. Grudgingly wears training armor.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral/Good

Traits: Southern Charm: Due to her upbringing – sneaking out of troubles she usually caused and talking her way out of punishments – she is gifted with a somewhat infatuating charm.

Weak in the Light: No one knows why, but Bella has always been very poor conduit for the light. Priests believe it is her unruly, uninhibited nature. She thinks it’s a curse.

Runt of the Litter: Bella’s biggest weakness… is weakness. No matter how hard she tries, she stays exactly as how she grew up – weak and skinny. She has barely any muscle. This makes her fighting very weak, even with her father’s tutoring. Armor is also even more painful to wear. On the up side, she has never gained any weight.

Personality: Very much a joker, despite her rough upbringing under her strict father. Being the shortest and the weakest had left her to her own devices – so she used her size to bring amusement to herself, and aggravation to many.
She is usually very naïve, often showing an extremely poor lack of common sense. She is also very much an extrovert, enjoying meeting new people (usually to pull a joke on them).

History: Being born whilst Markuss was away, Bella is the youngest child of the Appleflow Family. Her childhood was rather uneventful - mainly pulling pranks on everyone else in the family - until her father returned, on occasion. Whenever he returned, she would be overjoyed, and for a brief time, end her shenanigans. She grew a very strong relationship with her father, although it was often weakened from his harsh parenting.

When Bella was 15, because of a rough patch with the relationship between her and her family, she ran away from her Westfall home to Stormwind - to become a Paladin. However, when she arrived, the Cathedral refused to let her in, because she disrespected her parents by fleeing the household. After some heavy badgering, though, they finally accepted her, although sending a letter to Markuss that she had joined the Order, without his permission. When Markuss arrived to the Cathedral, Bella was expecting him to be raging - but he was somewhat proud of her.

During her training as a Paladin, she excelled in horsemanship - but in all other areas, she failed. She found that she was a weak conduit for the light, which was depressing for her, but she still pressed on in training. Her immature nature didn't aid her training either, and she was transferred on occasion to different teachers, either because of her constant complaining about training, or her inability to motivate herself.

As soon as Bella became 20, she decided it was time that she left the Cathedral and the Order. When she left, she discovered she could only perform the basic spells, such as Flash of Light. She wasn't too bothered about this, though, and returned to the Westfall plantation to help out, where she stayed for a few years. She continued to work, and met Drakeran Lightchaser, whom she became taken by. They began to see eachother, and at the request of Markuss (holding a gun to his back), Drakeran proposed to Bella - which she accepted. They moved to Northrend, and are now preparing for the delivery of their child.
Approved [Pending Gruntship]!

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