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Benefits and Derangments ( A Primer)
Like I said in my introduction, I've Rped on several games and have brought something from each one. If you don't know what it was, Vampire the Masquerade was a tabletop rp game that the basis was "There's vampires hidden in society, they have their own societies, clans, agendas" I went back and looked at some of my books, notably "Guide to the Sabbat" Alot of the vampires from this sect had some form of mental disorder due to the nature that they were embraced. (Basically Sabbat vampires were bashed on the head, drained of blood, fed vampiric blood, then buried alive. Those that dug themselves out were so devoid of humanity that they just became killing machines). So here's a list of merits and derangments that you're welcome to use.


Social Bunny - You are able to make friends quickly and earn trust.
Good Looking - You are able to get what you want out of life due to your looks.
Munitions Expert - You can build any type of explosive you want with relative ease.
Deadened Nerves - It takes alot of punishment to take you out. Able to withstand basic gunfire. (you get shot by a cannon, it WILL hurt like normal)
Intuition - You occasionally can second guess your opponent before they can strike.
Crack Shot - Precise shooting is natural to you

Social DIsorders - (multiple personality disorders, tourettes, basically anything that interferes with your every day life) OCD: OMG I can't go into the Darkshire Tavern until I hop on one foot eight times!

Sadist - You enjoy inflicting pain. It goes to a new level with you as you get some form of pleasure from it. Example: Ziljah wakes up and immediatly goes and beats a slave. Afteward he walks away licking blood off his fingers. "It's gonna be a good day mon"

Beserker - When the blood flows you lose control. Your enemies fear you, and so do you allies. A loose cannon.

Rogue - You are a loner, either by choice or by force. You avoid major cities.

Anarch - f**k everything I'll do it how I want. Down with authoritah!

There's tons more, so use your imagination. Maybe one day it can be part of the charcretion tempate

Merit - Deadened Nerves
Flaw - Sadist
Alignment - Chaotic/Evil

So, there ya go. Enjoy! email me with questions or ideas! Also here's a link to a great site to make your toon as crazy as you want (within the guidelines set by CoTH guidlines of course http://www.sanguinus.com/pl0022.shtml
I may sound like a bastard here, but no. No vampires.

The only vampires that exist in Lore are Vampiric Bats (Which suck blood only), and the Dreadlords. Now, the last time I checked, you couldn't play a Burning Legion member or a beast, so vampiracy is off the table.

Actually, Blood Death Knights can use minor vampiric powers, but that's about it.
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While I agree with completely in regards to vampires (Cleanse! Purge! Kill!), Pies, I'm fairly certain that's not what he's getting at. I think Coriv is just using the V:TM rulebooks to give us a few ideas on how to mess up our characters in similar manners as a vampire PC could be in that game. Decent enough ideas, but I reckon you could easily just assign these traits or similar ones to your characters as you please, rather than adhering to the rules or stereotypes laid down for some completely different game.
Yes, that's what he is doing.

But most of this should just be stuck in the personality section of a character, given that it's got a required length.

It couldn't hurt though, to put this up as a guide, with all kinds of potential traits. People could then use that as ideas for their character's personality.
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Ahh, V;TM.

Werewolf: The Appocolypse has a good Merit and Flaws system too, and is in my opinion, more diverse.

Of course, I'm a W:TA whore myself. I love that game.
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Lol I wasn't trying to suggest that we play vampires. I was just trying to give examples of how we could really make our toons unique. I never played werewolf, and I quit playing vampire after the Gehenna books..then they threw everything into a blender with a load of poo and created Requim..but no once I wasn't trying to make vampires. It was just some thoughts on maybe adding to personalities

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