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Big Game Hunting
I have a proposition for you. Some braggart was claiming to be the best hunter in Azeroth. I think he needs to earn the name. In fact, I think the name is up for grabs to the one who can prove him or herself to me.

So here is the test lads and lasses.

I've heard rumors of a giant raptor terrorizing the lands. Goes by the name Slytrantus or something of the like. I can't get a clear pinpoint on where he is but I have some clues.

He's wandering around his kind.
He was shipped across the sea from the Eastern Kingdoms and grew too large in the new land.
He terrorizes the orcs at watch posts.

So tell me. Are you up for the challenge?

The hunter who brings back his head may even get a reward for the trouble. Consider this your first test to becoming the Greatest Hunter in Azeroth!

Oh, and by the way you pups. A hunt without a grand tale to tell of the killing is not a hunt worth having. I expect the story be told, understood?
(( Let me make a little clarification for Mr. Nesingwary. This is an IC challenge. Therefore, the hunt is IC, the kill is IC, and the prize claiming is IC. He states specifically that he wants the story to be told... if there's no IC action, then there's no story. Think about it. ))
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
<Boisterous Laugh>

I see the old boy was too rough for you. It's okay lads and lassies. I didn't expect much of you anyways. It's a shame though. That old beast is still out there and the goblins are having one heck of a time handling him.
Master Nessingwary,

I did hear rumors of an orc carrying about a very large predator's skull, but I have seen no confirmation, and heard no truly specific tales. Perhaps there is a hunter out there who is too shy, or simply forgetful? It seems strange, considering the prestige that would come with such a kill.

Yours truly,

P.S.: Please reconsider my offer for some of your more intact specimens. I really think I could make it work this time.
It is a fine day when a young orc lad brings a bloody raptor head to a pub!

Let it be known that Kog'thall has slain the terrible beast and saved the people of the Barrens!

Humble lad that he is, he did not want a grad treasure for his mantle. Nay! All the boy asked was that the tale be told to his people so he may regain his honor. This may not take you all the way there son, but it will get you a good part of the distance!

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