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Bind-to-account Tokens
I think that Tokens should be made Bind-to-Account or something. I never knew there was such a bind type until recently. But this would be nice. That way we could shift our tokens around to other approved characters on our account. Of course it would be the GM's responsibility to be sure we have our characters approved for those that we make tickets for, but they have to do that already for leveling in any case, so it's likely not much of an extra burden.

It's just, I have characters that don't need much added to look right, and then I have characters that I'd like more for, and I have unused tokens (-9- on Yinafae that i will likely never use for her) that could be used for other characters.

I don't know how easy or hard it would be to change this (I'm assuming easy, since I've made items before on WoW Vendetta or whatever it is called, though never made this kind of bound item)
Bind on Account is relatively new in Wrath of the Lich King, so I'm not certain if it has been implemented yet in the Emulator. A lot of the newer things like vehicles seem to be broken.
It would require more hard-coding on Kretol's behalf.

Furthermore; it would undermine the incentive to post profiles for characters if they can just consolidate tokens used from other characters on the same account.
[corners=forumbg forumbg-table][table=tablebg table1][thead][tr=0][th=4]Character Information[/th][/tr][/thead][tbody][tr=bg1][td=1,]Name[/td][td=1,]Affiliation[/td][td=1,]Status[/td][td=1,]Title[/td][/tr]
[tr=bg2][td=1,]Ivy Killinger[/td][td=1,]The Lodestone Company[/td][td=1,]Inebriated[/td][td=1,]Drunken Fightin' Wench[/td][/tr]
[tr=bg2][td=1,]Vyrsallia Scythefall[/td][td=1,][/td][td=1,]Alive[/td][td=1,]Guttersnipe and Ne'erdowell[/td][/tr][/tbody][/table][/corners]
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I'm a Shaman? Really? Huh.
Moonlight, you didn't read my whole post.
I did, you said you want Bind-To-Account tokens for us to trade them between Approved/leveled profiles right? You also said it would be GMs responsibility to double check said profile. I think you forgot about the working mail system, of which you can use to send items you get with tokens. The other alternative is going and getting the tokens for that specific character.
ಠ_ಠ : Like Fo Fi Cops.
Yes, but a GM must fill the requests from tokens. Anyone not level 80 would have to be checked. Tokens are useless without GM interaction.
I fill my tokens on my level 80's. I barely use any of them, but If I wanted an item for an alt, I'd get the token filled on my 80 and send it to an alt. Would making them Bind-To-Account change anything?
ಠ_ಠ : Like Fo Fi Cops.
It would if said items are bind on pickup, which 90% of the quest and instance items are.
exactly. Any items above green tend to be bind on pickup. Even greens are, but I don't think I have ever seen any blues that weren't.
I think the actual matter is...

Is that, sometimes a little grind doesn't hurt anyone?

Pre-Wrath CoTH had a vendor that actually sold tokens, if they bring it back them Bind on Account tokens would be pointless.

But, this idea really does take too much effort for the GMs to do.

Like I said...Grind it!
[Image: anigif_mobile_9893b2566588ab845c7985f71769a9f2-7.gif]
There's quite a few items you can't grind though. Be it because they're raid items, the instance is bugged (such as Zul'farak) or the quest just plain doesn't work. (Like that amazing torch from a westfall quest).
She doesn't mean grind for the items, grind for the gold. The token vendor will make a comeback soon enough.
well that will help too. But it won't help the useless tokens still on Yina....
As much as I hate to say it, I don't ever intend to make Tokens transferable.
That said, they will return to Mok'tar for selling soon enough.
I Am the Sea

Need an easy way to host/link files and images? Check this thread!

Try to never just say, "My character isn't interested in that adventure." A lot of people mistake this for good roleplaying, because you are asserting your character's personality. Wrong. Good roleplaying should never bring the game to a screeching halt. One of your jobs as a player is to come up with a reason why your character would be interested in a plot. After all, your personality is entirely in your hands, not the DM's. Come up with a reason why the adventure (or the reward) might appeal to you, no matter how esoteric or roundabout the reasoning. -(Source)
This can be locked if you don't mind, Kretol's ended the discussion :)

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