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Bineer Windroot (Dwarven Lieutenant-Commander)
Player: mimloopen

Character Full Name: Lieutenant Commander Bineer Windroot

Character In-Game Name: Bineer

Nickname(s): Binny

Association(s): Twilight Hammer, Wildhammer Clan

Race: Dwarf

Class: Warrior (Gryphon rider)

Skills and Abilities: Bineer is an ancient and veteran gryphon rider, expert wielder of the traditional storm hammer and stalwart warrior. He doesn’t possess anything out of the ordinary for a Wildhammer gryphon rider.

Age: 380

Sex: Male

Hair: Long and ginger.

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 81 kg

Height: 1.49m

Usual Garments/Armor: Often found in a heavy mix of mail and leather, rarely seen in civilian clothing.

Personality: A calm, stoic dwarf, Bineer is partial to a joke or two but more often than not is rarely in the mood for mucking about. While he can relax to some extent off duty, when on the job he is collected and serious, and bears little tolerance for what he might consider an amateur mistake by any subordinate. Although he does not go so far as to send his men on suicide missions, those with a repeating history of failure are often ordered to some kind of menial labour for extended periods, such as maintaining the weapons or mounts of others in his company.

Only his gryphon is exempt from his expectations of perfections. Should the beast make a mistake or do something silly, Bineer merely laughs it off. The dwarf lavishes plenty of affection to his mount and companion.

Beneath the militaristic demeanour and gruff attitude lies a deep sorrow in the dwarf’s heart that few know of. Afflicted by the madness of the Old Gods during his many campaigns, Bineer has slowly grown disgusted with the state of the world. Where he once might have seen simple merchants making coin, he now saw greed and treachery by selfish scum. When the Cataclysm struck Azeroth, he saw it as a sign that the elements themselves were rebelling against what Azeroth had become, and that the world needed to be purged and reborn anew, in accordance to the Hour of Twilight. Bineer believes that only the Hour of Twilight can save the world, and he eagerly awaits the day.

That’s not to say, however, that he hates all of the inhabitants of Azeroth. Those dwarves of his own clan and those loyal men under him are some that Bineer wishes he could save, but is afraid to confine in. After all, if a Lieutenant Commander could stray from loyalty to the Alliance, what’s to say no one would betray him on first confession? It is with a heavy heart that he accepts the fate of those he wishes would see true light.

History: Bineer Windroot was born a Wildhammer dwarf in Khaz Modan. From his father and mother he learned all the necessities of living as a Wildhammer. He learned to track and hunt, and from a young age he bonded with his first gryphon and took to the open skies, revelling in the cool air and the freedom it offered. The dwarf spent much of his life between the settlements of Khaz Modan, passing from youth to adulthood. He made many comrades and was happy to whittle away the days hunting or socialising with them, but also appreciated the calmness that could follow a long meditative session atop one of the many mountains of the region, with only his gryphon by his side.

When the War of Three Hammers broke out, Bineer was hesitant only briefly before taking up arms and fighting. It did not take long for those around him to recognize some inherent leadership potential within the dwarf. Although he followed orders smoothly, he was quick to shout out warnings amidst battles that more often than not spared a limb or a life. With many scars and a growing reputation as a warrior and a leader, unfortunately the first part of the War was lost and his gryphon amidst it and the Wildhammers were forced back to Grim Batol.

At the assault of Grim Batol by the Dark Irons, there was no hesitation in the dwarf. He met his enemies head on when he could and stood proudly with his brothers against the siege. With the help of the Bronzebeards the Dark Iron dwarves were repelled, although in Bineer’s mind it would be many decades before he fully trusted them again.

Life continued. Grim Batol was tainted and no longer habitable, and Bineer settled down in Thelsamar for a brief while until he had finished mourning over his gryphon and set out to befriend another. Decades and even centuries passed then, and the dwarf and his gryphon transcended adulthood and reached the point that many would consider him old. He made many friends and acquaintances, including amongst the high elves, and although his parents died during this long stretch between the Three Hammers and the First War, he found solace that they died peacefully. Bineer began to tutor the younger generation on the arts of combat and gryphon riding, and enjoyed imparting his knowledge to the youth.

It was not until the Second War began that Bineer once again entered combat on a scale larger then a hunt. His dulled senses were quickly revitalized and he fought the new, fearsome foe amidst many youth that he himself had trained. The dwarf quickly rose through the ranks of the Alliance military and he accepted the promotions with little modesty, showing a willingness to lead men against the savage orcs. The Second War came and went, Bineer having seen many dwarves die at his side but many more live due to his actions.

The dwarf was also quick to be present at the fighting against Ahn’Qiraj. Fighting against the foul minions of C’thun, he could always faintly hear the whispers of ancient things, but they had little effect on him... or so he thought. Continuing to climb in rank due to particularly heroic efforts both on land and in the skies, the dwarf left the battlefields of Ahn’Qiraj only at its very conclusion.

It was shortly after this battle that Bineer started to ponder that there may be something wrong with the world. Everything seemed to have taken a more sinister shade in his eyes. He found himself less trusting of beggars and orphans, more convinced of corruption within military ranks. However these feelings were mild and the change in mindset went unnoticed by the dwarf.

The offensive into Northrend began and once again Bineer was at the front lines. More often than not, thanks to the raging blizzards that covered much of the continent, the dwarf and his men were forced to travel and fight on foot. On one such occasion, as they traversed precarious snow, the ground gave way under his regiment and the group found themselves falling down into lightless tunnels. It proved impossible to climb out and so the group had to stumble blindly through, hoping for a natural exit. Whether made by fiendish Nerubians or something far worse, the tunnels were cramped and visibility was almost nonexistent. Bineer’s men were constantly being picked at from the shadows, unable to see the assailant and only the brief screams indicating that anyone had fallen behind at all. Never before had the dwarf felt so powerless. To be cramped in such dark, inescapable tunnels as a freedom-loving Wildhammer dwarf was a nightmare, and the unseen predators only added to the illusion. There were whispers, too. Vivid, powerful whispers that the dwarf could not shake away. It was clear the tunnel was full of Saronite.

By some miracle, Bineer and a handful of his men managed to escape the tunnels exhausted and traumatized. When they were eventually rescued, Bineer received his final promotion; the esteemed rank of Lieutenant Commander, for managing to survive the event and guiding his remaining men. The promotion was like dust to the dwarf, who found himself brooding over an irrational resentment against the Alliance, as if they were to blame for this disaster. The whispers in his head had not yet left, despite leaving the tunnels so long ago. Bineer Windroot did not participate further in the war against the Lich King.

The next months were spent by the dwarf almost completely isolated, save for his gryphon. His brooding resentment continued to blossom and grow into hatred and distaste, and as he looked upon the world he saw horrible flaws that he couldn’t believe he hadn’t seen before. Everybody was selfish, everybody was cruel. The world was built on the bones of its victims, dwarves like him and his men that were sent to fight against inhumane foes.

When the Cataclysm came, it was to Bineer like a sign from Azeroth itself. As a shamanistic Wildhammer, such an act spoke to him with the message that even the elements were disgusted with the state of the world, and that the time of cleansing was near. The whispers in his head agreed with this, and they led him to research on a foe that he had heard of during his career but rarely battled: the Twilights Hammer. Their vision of an Hour of Twilight coincided perfectly with the thoughts that were finally starting to settle in the dwarf's mind. Surely, if the world were wiped anew, then upon a blank slate we could carve a paradise?

Although Bineer Windroot has not officially joined the Twilight Hammer, he remains sympathetic and abuses his rank often to give them leeway in their actions where he can, and also arranges for the cultists to 'accidentally' manage to find out about an ambush or valuable artifects.
"Do not be fooled if you hear laughter, or happen upon a smile. There is no happiness or merriment here."
I wouldn't say he could officially join with the Twilight cult as that'd make him part of a hostile faction. Alternatively, he could be a sympathizer and a sort of "private practitioner" -- just not an initiated membre/acolyte of the Cult. Otherwise, I like the character concept of someone affected by the more tainted landscapes of Azeroth -- it's one I've used, and I have a clear bias for the Old Gods. :)

Give this another sweep for grammar, spelling and punctuation. A tip: Remove most of your semi-colons as they are inappropriately placed. (There should either be a comma, period or colon where most of them are. If you need assistance, please contact me on Skype!)

Here's an example of one of them:

Quote:...on a foe that he had heard of during his career but rarely battled; the Twilights Hammer.

Should be *rarely battled: the Twilight's Hammer.
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
"Do not be fooled if you hear laughter, or happen upon a smile. There is no happiness or merriment here."
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]

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