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Bioshock Video with Guest Commentary by Qaza!
Lurie (my SO) has been working on a Youtube walkthrough of the video game "Bioshock", and invited me to join him for one of the sessions.

Quick spoiler warning, this doesn't show any huge plot points (that I'm aware of), but this shows the beginning of the stage known as Neptune's Bounty. Also, I think the game is rated M. There's gore. There, you've been warned.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
Hehe, nice video. I think the little girls are cute too! But only when they become normal girls, not crazy yellow eyed ones. :P I hope to see another one in the fisheries! ^^
He saved the little girl! Killing them is so much more satisfying.
Oh and nice commentary, I gave him an eight too. =P
No no, it's a good thing he saved her. If you save all the Little Sisters the end cutscene is so worth it. I nearly choked up watching it ;_;
The good ending made me cry, I'm like that. ^^
Vaermina: So cold, yet she feels alive. On Death Row.
Bell: Arrogant yet kind-hearted. Crusader.
Gral'dar: Joyful and Alive.
Valia: Brilliant but easily confused. Expert Scientist/Engineer
Sala'driana: Too Flirtatious for her own good.
I wish there was some middle-ground choice in the endings besides the "Mother Teresa" ending or the "Baby eater" ending. Maybe Mother Teresa eating a baby. Maybe a baby eating Teresa's Mother. Just something other than being an angel or a devil. In any case, I immediately played through it once again right after I finished it the first time, which is really pretty unheard of to me.

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