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Black's Drakes


'Forgive me, Father'

"Those were his last words. All of the horrors we had faced. All of the blood we had spilled. All of the destruction we had caused. And our glorious, fearless commander's last words left me boggled." Came the voice of Mirran West, Vice-Commander of Black's Drakes, as he stood looking over his gathered men, all twenty of them.

"What are we now, Black's Drakes, without our commander, Drako Black the Fearless?" Mirran continued. "I have bled alongside each and every one of you, Drakes, and I shall do so again." He raised his fist and pounded it to his chest as the small crowd cheered. "Our patriarch has fallen. But that shall invigorate our cause. The Drakes shall rise and destroy all opposition!" The crowd cheered once more.

Who are we?

We definitely aren't tigers. Black's Drakes are the roughest, toughest, most merciless Alliance organization possible. Their motto, 'We charge in breathing fire, or we come out bleeding smoke', is held as a standard for the average Drake. The Drakes are not as populated as other 'mercenary' groups, as the Drakes are basically what they prefer to call 'Elite Mercenary Commandos', and this title is not an overestimation, as the story of the Drakes will reveal they are somewhat worthy of such a title. Understandably, those that join now (Players, duh) are RECRUITS. This means that they don't just join and are instantly commandos. It takes training (Or as these guys like to call it, live experience). Remember, also, that just because you're a Commando (If you get past training) of the Mercenary World DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE INVULNERABLE TO EVERYTHING AND CAN DODGE LIKE NEO FROM THE MATRIX OR HIT EVERYTHING AS IF YOU WERE CHUCK NORRIS ON A NOOB KILLING SPREE /sorryforcaps.

Who do we serve/what do we do?

Overall? We serve the Alliance. We are Mercenaries, yes. But we are mercenaries for the Alliance, of the Alliance. Remember, we are deadly loyal to the Alliance when it comes to missions. Our mission restrictions are simple; 'If it's not for the Alliance in some way, we won't do it'. Our mission plan is simple; 'Step 1: Go to the objective area, kill anything that gets in the way. Step 2: Kill everything within sight or sound that isn't friendly. Step 3: Get whatever the client wants, if they want more then just the death of the enemy. Step 4: GTFO.'


*Combat Ranks*

Commander - This man (or woman) leads the Drakes with courage, valor, trust, honor, and a fanaticism for the Alliance (Although not a fanatic of 'kill all horde', a fanatic of 'serve the Alliance to the last').

Vice-Commander - This man (or woman) is the subordinate of the Commander. Basically his military assistant. The Vice-Commander is in charge of squad assignment, coordination, and training.

Black Dragon - Don't take the title literally. You're not an actual dragon. It's just the name of the rank reserved for what the Drakes like to call 'The Badass Corps'. You have proven yourself on multiple missions and shown that you can lead -AND- kick some serious ass.

Drakonguard - The Drakonguard's are essentially, if compared to actual military, the Lieutenants. These are your officers and your field leaders, if no Black Dragon or higher is present.

Flamedrake - The Flamedrake's are the Sergeants of Black's Drakes, they are the squad leaders, and the ones that lead you through hell and back.

Drake - The Drake's are the bulk of the upper squad members. They are your Corporals, essentially. There's a few of them per squad, and they are the leaders when the Flamedrake isn't there.

Whelp - Just as you should learn how to crawl before you walk, you must be a Whelp before you are a Drake. These are the lowest ranking in combat. While still respected as a Drake, they are not yet full members, as they have yet to pass their Trial of Flame.

*Non-combat ranks*

Supplier - The name is self-explanatory. But a better explanation would be; If there's something in the world you can provide that would be beneficial, the supplier will be the one that supplies it. (AKA; Weaponsmith will supply weapons, armorsmith will supply armor, etc.)

Assistant - The Assistants are basically the people who join the Drakes but don't want to fight. They assist however they can, whether by aiding in building fortifications, to tending to camps and regulating rations, etc.


There is no uniform for the Drakes. But you're expected to at least have the gear you're going into combat with look serious. In other words, the Drakes won't like you if you're running into a full-scale battlefield wearing pink armor with daisies sprouting wherever you step.

However, what could be the 'uniform' of the Drakes is this;

In Combat; You are required to at least wear the Tabard and Insignia.
Out of Combat; You are required to at least have the Insignia on your persons.

Races and Classes

Humans; Accepted with open arms.
Dwarves; Accepted with open arms.
Gnomes; Accepted with open arms.
Night Elves; Accepted but not very common.
Draenei; Accepted but not very common.
Horde Races; Blood Elves are accepted under heavy circumstances, no other horde races.

Warriors; Accepted
Rogues; Accepted
Paladins; Accepted
Hunters; Accepted
Priests; Accepted
Mages; Accepted
Shamans; Accepted under circumstance
Druids; Accepted under circumstance
Death Knights; Accepted under -HEAVY- circumstance
Warlocks; Unless you're one of those -EXTREMELY RARE- good-guy Warlocks (Accepted under -HEAVY- circumstances), you will most likely be denied and then hunted down.


Please realize this guild is not a bunch of ass-kicking commandos of ultimate epicness. We are an Alliance-loyal squad of ass-kickers, but even we take hits and die every now and then.

Also, this guild has, as of yet, not been created (Due to my own comp problems), so for now comment below or PM me with chars you might want to add to this, or advice for guild improvement, or perhaps ideas for future events/missions.

All advice/ideas are welcome. Thank you and have a nice day. I hope at least a few people begin to anticipate the eventual creation of this possible guild.

Also, if any GMs find a problem with this concept, or perhaps wish to know the story, I will gladly provide or tweak such things.

Good day.

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