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Blackrock Depths Bar
Just decided to put this up here, no reason not to!

I think the BRD bar would be a fun place to roleplay. It's a bit of a chore to get to, so maybe there could be a portal in WSG that leads to it or something?

Anyway, thanks for reading :3
Not to be a downer, but how would one get there ICly? Would it not -actually- be in BRD?
[Image: Ml7sNnX.gif]
Well, yes, it would, but, you could just say you fought long and hard to get there without having to actually do so every single time. Maybe make you fight to get there there the first time around, and you buy the teleport.
>.>... Psh if your allowed to fight your way through a Dark Iron Dwarf... well, city and get that far deep, we might as well let people wear Dark Iron armor and use those weapons :P
"It's always do Gnomes have a vibration setting... what about Goblins, huh? huh?!"
I don't like being evil and stuff, but RP inside the Dark Iron Dwarves main citadel would be quite unrealistic, ESPECIALLY Tavern RP.

There are several other taverns around, especially in Dun Morogh.
Jeneal jumps into the water. "HAHAHAHAHA!" She turns into a seal.
Yeah.. It won't be allowed, wouldn't make sense..
... But it would be awesome. So very awesome.
Keep your fingers crossed, there is the very, very slight and narrow chance that Dark Iron Dwarves are allowed as a playable race.
I think.
The idea to have fought you way down there to have a drink is... insane. Why would the dwarves even accept a killer of their kin to share a pitcher of ale with them?

But the use of the area as such is a good idea in my oppinion. It is probably the best bar in the game so far. Problem will though always be 'Why?'.
(02-24-2012, 10:15 AM)Piroska Wrote: Conspiracy. That's all it is; Kret's afraid that your pure, digital awesomeness would crash the server if it were allowed.
(06-14-2013, 05:42 PM)McKnighter Wrote: Bovel, Lord of Beards

Character About Involvement
Causticity Blackbreath Goblin Alchemist -
Telaah Draenei Anchorite Writings of an Anchorite

[Image: kiXJxhI.gif]

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