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Boat combat system.
Almost forgot to post this. Anyways, this is a boat-based combat system I was working on for the Solheim Society. Essentially, you have two groups, 5 people per group, in boats, and they race to a point. Below is everything I've worked out so far. It includes, in this order;
1) The general gist of it.
2) The protocol to capsize the enemy's boat.
3) The basics of the combat system.
4) How the actual race would go.
5) What's allowed, spell-wise, and what's not. Includes various ways to avoid death.

The boats are 5 person each, using the model listed here (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=43209#screenshots). Each boat is given four paddles and a rudder. Each person using one of these represents one health bar. If they leave, or if they are knocked off, the health bar is temporarily gone until they return. If they attempt to capsize the enemy boat, then they must /roll 100. The person on the boat (rudder guy/OOC&IC leader) /roll 30, one time for each person on the boat. This is to make it harder for tipping the boat to work when it is full of the enemy's people, but still ultimately doable.

There are X amount of rounds. Each round, a player is given an option. They either choose to row, at which point they are given a twenty pointy advantage to defense, choose to attack from their boat, which is no roll bonus and would proceed as an average attack , or choose to jump to the enemy boat. Here, they would roll twice. The first roll would be to make sure they made it to the enemy's boat, and would have no roll bonus. They have to beat a roll of 50 with /roll 100 in order to make it. At that point, they would have a 20 point bonus, if they land safely. If they do not, they are out of play for the current round and the next. This happens once for each team, and the round is over. They must be forced off the boat next round by the enemy choosing attack. If they are not forced off, they are given another +20 attack, free of need to jump between. Alternatively, they can jump back to their boat. These are known as 'No action', 'Action' and 'Boarding', respectively.

Issue of movement needs more thought.

There's a certain amount of segments per race. Having your boat tipped over makes you fall behind one segment. The length of the race depends on how long it takes the groups to get to the end point (probably Dastin's submarine), and the amount of segments is a variable. We would have to think of something to stop a stalemate (perhaps the moment a crewmember/two crewmembers are knocked out, that team loses?), as well as some incentive for racing, I.E. gold/fame. Alternatively, we could use it as a form of friendly competition between rival guilds, I.E. along faction lines (Dreadmarch x Stormwind Army, Blood Knights x Regiment), or along idealistic lines, I.E. Society v Holy guild.

The Society has to make charms that allow underwater breathing and hand them out to each member of the upcoming race. They can either be one time things, or long-term the society regains after each race. Below, I've listed out the restrictions for each class. Each class is barred fire, due to the fact that they're fighting on wooden boats and this is a boat race, not a pyre race. Beyond that, each team may only bring aboard one pet/demon/construct/elemental. No summoning/changing choice midway through the race. They can be used as a trap. In line with the fire rule, permanent damage to the boats is forbidden. Lastly, these are preferred to be at least non-lethal. That means, no killing, no permanent maiming, none of such things.

P.S. If I say all is allowed, that's barring what I've previously mentioned.

Warrior; All is allowed.

Paladin; All is allowed.

Death Knight; No permanent damage to ecosystem. One Death Grip allowed per Death Knight per race.

Shaman; All is allowed. Same rules of healing as Priests.

Hunter; All is allowed. Going with the Druids, no wild animals.

Druid; Forms are allowed but largely unpreferred. No wild animals. Healing has same rules as the Priests.

Rogue; All is allowed.

Warlock; No demons, no portals to Shadow Realm.

Priest; Healing is allowed, on an 'action' turn. Must pass threshold to heal, then roll for points. No permanent mind damage.

Mage; No restrictions, beyond fire. As long as you don't summon a cannon. No portals, either. Blink is allowed, categorized under boarding.

So, since I'm taking a temporary leave of the server, I've decided to post this here, in hopes that somebody will continue working on this and be able to finish it. Ultimately, whatever happens, the ball's in your court. Have fun.
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