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Bon'fon the mon.
Player: FlyingSquirrel

Character Full Name: Bon'fon

Character In-Game Name: Bon

Association(s): Burning Legion

Race: Jungle Troll

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities: He possesses the average skills of a rogue, all done up with the typical shadow subset. He fights with an old fighting style, one that focuses minimally on stabbing someone and more on kicking and punching the enemy. It places a heavy focus on agility and not getting hit, something Bon holds dearly.

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Hair: Red. He keeps it pushed up, shaped like a rooster's crest.

Eyes: Black

Scale/Height: .96

Usual Garments/Armor: He wears a self-made suit of leather, covered in moss and green leather to help him blend in with the wilds. His feet, head and hands are kept bare of any entanglements, bar his right hand, which has the leather cover it and a set of metal plates over his knuckles to add extra oomph to his kicks. He carries a growing green dagger in a nondescript leather scabard which he keeps slung over his wrist. The dagger glows due to an enchantment that has two primary functions. 1) it's a flashlight and 2) it aids in cutting through metal for heavier-armored opponents.

Other: His left tusk is chopped off and has been roasted to be a darker brown color. Add the bronze cap at the end, and to those that don't know better, it would seem as is Bon'fon is always smoking a cigar.

Personality: Bon'fon is, for a cultist, fairly non-deranged. If he didn't say he was a cultist, it would be a challenge to even guess him for one. However, they don't often need to guess as he's not really all too quiet about his place in the world. Of course, if he's in a place such as Ratchet or Orgrimmar, then he won't go shouting to the heavens that he's a footrest for a Pit Lord, but he doesn't mind saying it on a road to a simple traveler. He possesses a laid-back personality, with more than a handful of playful jabs and jokes strewn amongst his stereotypical Troll accent.

He doesn't care for killing civilians, as he believe that they'll die with his involvement or not. When he has a task, no matter where he is, that's what he stays focused on. While he's not willing to throw his life away for any simple task, he knows when returning empty-handed will get him killed and when returning empty-handed will merely give him a figurative slap on the wrist. That heavily influences how much effort he puts into a mission, how many times he's willing to be shot or stabbed, how far he's willing to chase the enemy, or how much he's willing to damage his reputation.

He's not with the Burning Legion because he's corrupted, nor because he's desperate, nor because he's addicted to Felblood. He merely views Azeroth as a wounded beast that's limping along but savagely refusing to go down. He believes it's his job as a hunter (even though he's not much a hunter) to put the noble beast down. The Legion happens to be the most capable hunter willing to put the beast down, and that's more than enough for Bon'fon to allow himself to become the arrowhead. In this case, putting down means a fiery, painful death, but it all ends the same way.

He's a sociopath, where he has issues creating solid relationships with others. The bonds they may have with him do not quite extend the other direction, but he usually manages to hide this under the facade of jokes and laughs. This contributes to his fairly aloof view of the world, where he merely sees it as a beast other than his home or something he might want to cling to. It also helps him in not having things to cling to, which is awfully healthy in a business where death and destruction are quite literally the only employee benefits.

History: Bon'fon was born into a fairly well-sized tribe of Jungle Trolls in Stranglethorn. While they were no defects with the child, his father simply could not handle feeding so many mouths adequately and this predilection left Bon with the short end of the stick, to put it bluntly. He was fed, but not that much, and he grew into something of a runt. When he tried to fight for food, he failed, so he learned to just hold onto what he had. To that end, he began to craft a likable personality, one that would make people feel bad for stealing his food. And in the end, it worked. It even managed to get him a bit more food as he quickly became the comedian of the tribe.

Unfortunately, his jokes often incorporated jabs at the various people listening, and one of his jokes when too far. The headhunter who he had insulted, infuriated, waited until the night then approached Bon, wrestled him to the ground and cut off one of his tusks, burning it with a torch so that it would not regrow. In the morning, Bon packed up what little he had and left his tribe, too ashamed to show his face after having been emasculated in such a form. Luckily for him, the Gurubashi arena was not far away. He became a Gladiator of his own volition, taking the name 'Half-tusk'. A fellow Jungle Troll took Bon under his arm for reasons Bon still does not know (although it could possibly be that he was told to by the man in charge of the arena), teaching the young Troll how to fight in the arena and how to speak common.

Bon managed to be fairly successful as a gladiator, and got a fair bit of gold. He capped his burnt tusk in bronze and continued on with life, developing his own fighting style with bits taken from other gladiators, particularly the brawlers and the sneakier, stabbier gladiators. This worked for a good while, the world's worries rushing by him in a blur. There was a war in some desert. Illidan died? He didn't care. Arthas met the same fate and garnered the same sympathy from Bon'fon. But at the Cataclysm, something in Bon'fon changed. He finally realized how the threats against existence in Azeroth would keep coming. A Night Elf with a grudge, he could understand. An evil Human prince was expectable. But a giant dragon that tore apart the earth? He came to realize that Azeroth was doomed eventually -- the cosmic fates would merely keep throwing more and more at Azeroth until it succumbed, and the faster it succumbed the less hassle everyone had to go through.

He also realized that he wanted to be more than a Gladiator. He wanted to aid in the fate of the world, in laying the dying beast to rest one final time. So, he approached a fellow gladiator, a Warlock who's ties to the Burning Legion were well-known but everyone played along with him hiding it so that the Warlock didn't go on a rampage and kill half the gladiators. And Bon'fon told the Warlock that he wanted to join the Burning Legion. The Warlock gave him a place, a name and a dagger to identify him. And then, Bon'fon left.
Finished this & put it up in special profiles. If anyone has any critique on it from this end, I'd love to here it nonetheless. It's a bit shorter than I was hoping, but I am trying to cut my profile length so I suppose that's a good bit.

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