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Brine Abyss [Forsaken Pirate ☠]
Player: DuskWolf

Character Full Name: Brine

Character In-Game Name: Brine Abyss

Nickname(s): Salty

Association(s): The Bloodpaws, The Forsaken (Loosely)

Race: Forsaken

Class: Warrior (Pirate)

Age: 30 (Last 10 he has been undead)

Sex: Male

Hair: None left, in fact he no longer has a scalp either.

Eyes: Blank Eye sockets, filled with crystallized salt

Weight: 50lb

Height: 6’0”

Scale: 1.01

Skills and Abilities: Skilled harpooner, seafarer, and navigator

He has had an Inscriber to carve a permanent rune glyph of returning on his harpoon with its twin rune mark carved into the bones of his hand. After he throws his harpoon with concentration he can draw the two runes back together. This is very helpful in pulling back his prey back to him after he spears it.

Appearance: Brine does not stink like rotting flesh this is mostly do to the fact that he does not have much in the way of flesh left. Brine is more bone and sinew than anything else. His eyes also do not glow like some forsaken due to the fact like any other holes in his bones they are filled with crystallized salt. He carries a harpoon with him with a blue glow to it do to its enchantment and a knife close in work. His leather boots and gloves like the rest of his clothes used to be black but are now washed out and bleached to a dull gray. If you ever see him with his boots off you might notice something strange about his feet, The toes are webbed, he was not born this way but he had a forsaken surgeon do this to his feet to make it easier for him to swim in his diving expeditions.

Personality: Brine take his unlife as it is. He doesn't mind too much now that he is dead, in fact it has made parts of his life easier. The important part is that he is still on the sea doing what he loves, sailing. As far as the other races and factions are concerned he couldn’t care less who you serve or where you came from. As he sees it there are only two factions, his crew and everyone else. He has always seen the world in black and white, what is good for him and his crew and what is not. If it is good then you take it, if it is bad then you kill it.

History: Brine knows his real name and he remembers everything about his past life and what he did when he was controlled. But good luck getting it out of him, if you press him too hard about it, you will find a harpoon jutting through your chest. What he will say about it is, he has been on the seas all his life.That it was his Pa that taught him to hunt the creatures of the deep with harpoon. He also taught him how to dive and find treasure beneath the waves.

When he came to himself, when the Lich King was wakened, Brine found himself laying in a tide pool all tangled up in the kelp something his controlled mind could not find away out of. However now that he had his senses back it was not so hard to free himself. Once unburdened by the seaweed he started to move along the rocks. Catching sight of his reflection in a still tide pool he had to stop and look. His cloths were in tatters, covering a very skinny frame. Examining his face there was really not much there, his bear skull gleamed in the sunlight, while it looked like sea salt had crystallized in his nose and eye cavities. The rest of his body was not much better, there was some skin left, but saying it covered him would be generous. It was interesting to watch what was left of his muscles move his bones about.

While examining himself in with interest, what happened to him started to rush back. He had fallen victim to the undead as they attacked the Southshore, and he in turn had attacked many of his own crew. Something he knew he should feel shame about but the feeling seemed just out of grasp. Maybe he was in shock or something. He also remember getting knocked in to ocean from the docks by one of the other zombies who was going for the same prey as himself. His coordination not being what it was, he was easily carried out to sea by the tide. After that his memories start to run together. He is not sure how long he was underwater, with fish and crabs picking at his flesh, him uselessly trying to bite them back. However, he was eventually tangled up and tossed ashore. Again he is not sure how long he lay there in the sun feebly trying to escape and hermit crabs and seagulls continued their work.

With a shrug he pulls himself away from the reflection. There was nothing he could do about it now. He headed inland, he had to know the extent of the destruction. He figured the best place to find out would be Lordaeron. There he was met by more of the undead who now seemed to be in control. They were able to patch him up some, so he was at least not hanging out all over the place. They invited him to join the Forsaken lead by their newly crowned queen Sylvanas. Although he was grateful to be free a life underground was not for him, and left Lordaeron soon there after. He does call himself a Forsaken but that is about as far as his loyalty to them goes.

He headed for Booty Bay, figuring of all the people in the world that might overlook his new circumstances it would be the goblins. It was a very long walk but when you don’t get tired and there is nothing in the night that is as scary as you, you can make it there pretty quickly. The walk proved fruitful as he was able to find work there. The goblins taking advantage of his lack of breath to do underwater repairs or reconnaissance. Soon he found himself on a ships crew, which is always where he felt at home. However, most crews don’t last that long, as they ended up getting shipwrecked, or mutiny of a bad captain, or break up for a variety of other reasons. Despite his undeadness, he found himself on many a crew being that he didn’t take up much space, didn’t eat the crews rations, and was more than willing to take the graveyard shift as he was not sleeping anyways.

He has been around the world more than once, and has been on all kinds of crews from whalers, to merchants, to pirates. He doesn’t much care what the ship is for as long as he is at sea. He has been to nearly every port, knowing the best places to get grog and rum. Although it does not do much for him these days, they are usually the same place to get into a good knock down drag out brawl. It was while he was in one if these ports, the Hand of Vengeance that he found an inscriber to help him out with his favorite weapon, the harpoon. What makes a harpoon different from just a spear is the ability to pull it back. Most harpoons have a rope or chain attached to them so what ever the harpooner has speared can be pulled back to him. Now, Brine still has a slight paranoia of getting tangled up underwater and didn’t much fancy swing around with a bunch of rope. So after speaking with the Inscriber they were able to come up with a simple system. With twin runes, one on the harpoon and one etched into the bones of his hand he is able to draw his harpoon back to him with concentration as long as it is in his line of sight. This has made him an even more effective diver and valuable to his crew.

After a few shipwrecks during the unstable times of the cataclysm he found himself crewless in ratchet where he was picked up by the Bloodpaw fleet. With his experience with the seas he made the rank of navigator, and is happy to be at the helm of one of their ships.
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