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Broken/unused frontpage wiki links.
I just realized that the "Learn More" buttons under Play and Learn on the front page lead to a blank page and a red link respectively. Considering they're the two biggest, brightest boxes on the frontpage, they command a lot of page real-estate and yet they have no purpose. It might help newer players if they linked to the Joining the Server sticky on the official forums and the Creating a Character page (possibly, unless there might be a lore/info index in the future).
Though someone beat me to fixing the linking under the 'Play' field, (Thank you, whomever that was!) I've taken the liberty of taking your suggestion and linking the 'Learn' to the 'Crating a Character' page.

Thank you, Kag!
No problem! I kinda like the wiki and I try to do a little cleaning up when I can, but I'm not yet familiar enough with wiki code to make major edits (also front page edits seemed like something I should leave to you guys).

Anyway, thanks for changing the links! Hopefully it helps people who go to the wiki for answers.

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