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CD Problem
I just learned something rather awful. Of the 4 CD's that comprise the original games, my second CD has a large crack in it. I've no idea how this has happened, but it wont let me use it to install. Bothersome as it is. Now I'll have to find some other way of getting the game. Would it be possible to download it somewhere, perhaps the official Blizzard site? Or is their version pre-patched and unusable?

I can't afford to buy the whole thing again, so I am open to suggestions.
Sorry to be a bother.
I believe that the clients are downloadable from this very site. Check the downloads section.
Fantastic, I was getting surly for a moment there. I haven't touched the CD's in well over a year and I find out one has mysteriously broken, how about that? Oh well, might as well throw them out unless I'll be needing the CD-keys. Thanks for the quick response, I swear I wouldn't be able to find my own nose if it wasn't so close to my eyes. :D

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