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CW : Love it or Hate it?
Welp, here goes. I intend to bring up a topic here that almost definitely will have two sides:
  • One side will completely agree with my standpoint and offer their opinion.
  • The other side will entirely disagree with my standpoint and will also offer their opinion.
I welcome all opinions. Anyways, without further ado (and please excuse if this gets a little lengthy):

Character Warnings.
We know what they are. We know how and when to apply them, and what happens when we accept them. For those that don't: In summary, a CW is applied when bad/permanent damage and/or death may occur in a situation. CWs should always be accepted and even given in caution, because they can be very serious things.

Which is the interest of this thread entirely. CWs. First, let me explain my viewpoint.

On several occasions, I've had people give me CWs (my character being a reckless berserker), and I gladly accept them. A lot of instances, though, people believe that when a CW is given that I should take it as a hint to be less reckless, or to stop what I'm doing. This, in my mind, isn't the case.

To be frank, I love CWs. I understand how serious they can be, but I fully embrace them. I encourage CWs to be given in certain situations, like fighting or even adventuring! I believe that CWs add a depth of realism to the game, the chance to permanently change the life of your character. I would never shy away from a situation just because I believed my character could get injured or die! In fact, chances are I brought that sort of situation upon myself, which means that logically there should be a type of risk for injury or what-have-you. That's realism, to me.

Some may say this is careless, to go and invite/accept CWs with reckless abandon, but I don't think so. I think they're a great tool of RP, especially because it's an easy way of confirming if another person wants to be in that situation or not. Instead of not being sure if you can or can't, you simply give a CW. If the person accepts, then the situation is fine. If not, then you'd better save it for another time.

So, to do my best and cut this short.

I want to hear from you, CotH community. What do you feel about CWs? Do you believe we should have them? Do you think they're useful, or awful? Do you embrace them, or are they an excuse to avoid dangers? All opinions welcome.
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[-] The following 2 users Like Valicor's post:
  • JVNemesis, Rini
It's useful. It's also funny when you get those people who flip out upon receiving a cw.

Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
[-] The following 6 users Like Xigo's post:
  • ImagenAshyun, Delta, Loxmardin, Altaine, Kage, Sol
I've had my fair share of CWs and in the way they're supposed to be used, they'd be amazing. But before my motherboard disappeared on me, it was one of the things I had to deal with while holding back a "really", reaction. As the community has grown the player base has seen its fair share of experienced role play. The character warnings in my opinion, developed negatively. The less experienced members in the policies seem to use it as a threat to change role play to work better for them. As if it's something supposed to effect us oocly. Which it is, to have a beloved character harmed. Let alone slaughtered should effect anyone who's taken the time to sculpt that character. I recall even a few incidents where GMs had to be involved over the drama that comes with a CW.

I like the idea behind them, simply to say. I just believe it's time we give the community a refresher on the quality of rp expected that comes with being a cothian!
"If you don't try to save one life you'll never save any!"

[Image: dean.png]
I actually absolutely agree with your standpoint, Valicor. In fact, while we the staff highly discourage and prohibit wanton usage of CWs based on specific criteria (don't give CWs because "person A is X race/class/gender/religion/etc", etc), CWs otherwise raise the stakes in which fatal danger can be a great driving force of storytelling. While characters should practice caution, the usage of death to punish a stupid/reckless character shouldn't be viewed as a bad thing per se. I was actually flattered when a couple players offered to sacrifice their characters in the Gnomeregan events December of last year--they made the whole event more thrilling to know that, yes, your character can die in a gnome story event line (as gnomes tended to be seen as light-hearted and comical). The addition of death in Gnomeregan added to the story, not detracted, and the hint of darkness in an otherwise whimsical story provided plenty of fun with touches of tragedy. A shame, though, that I am seldom given CWs; however, when I am at the receiving end, I not only embrace it, I eat it up like candy. I tend to joke that certain characters of mine would be subjected to death much more likely than others (among them being Gunther: for an old man who practices caution, he gets into a -lot- of danger due to otherwise reckless stupidity).

However, I am fully aware not all players are fond of subjecting their characters to permanent damage/death. Bear in mind that this is my personal opinion and that it is not reflective of the whole staff.
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[-] The following 3 users Like ImagenAshyun's post:
  • Valicor, Geoni, Scout
I didn't get one in my entire CoTH experience. Where do you people go to do this..?
I only speak of getting a lot because Jaedyn, my berserker, was a fighting character 3/4 of his existence, and he has a streak for being determined to not give up unless he wins, which can lead to some reckless and dangerous situations. He's almost like a CW magnet.
[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]
(10-24-2013, 11:57 AM)Sorum Wrote: I didn't get one in my entire CoTH experience. Where do you people go to do this..?

Booty bay. Sillymoon. Any north realm location thinkable.
"If you don't try to save one life you'll never save any!"

[Image: dean.png]
(10-24-2013, 11:57 AM)Sorum Wrote: I didn't get one in my entire CoTH experience. Where do you people go to do this..?

I got somewhere around 5 within a single month. Maybe you just have to try playing more disagreeable and/or questionably evil characters.

As a personal standard, I try never to reject a CW unless I'm actually unable to play out the results (such as, for example, if I'm planning on logging out soon).

It's probably the only actual "risk" one could ever really take on CotH.

Needs moar slopes imo
Needs moar archaeology imo
I tend to RP either very reckless/stupid characters, very vulnerable characters, or both. Or in the case of jerkbag warlock Urameil (my only character who has died twice and probably a third time when Deathwing wrecked him), because of karma. I tend to encourage bad things to Urameil, including death. Guy has it coming.
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Ironically the only time I've ever given a CW was to you, Valicor.

Eh, CW's are a tricky thing, always have been. While you shouldn't throw them around, the reason sometimes people do is because there's usually that one character that isn't afraid of anything, ever. And by that one character I mean the majority of CoTH.

But, that's due to there never being any real risk or gauge of "WHO IS TOUGHER." Not that there needs to be one, but... everyone plays the badass.
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△Move along.△


[-] The following 2 users Like Harmonic's post:
  • Aethon, Sorum
Regardless of why they are issued, I think they are necessary. They are the boundary between safety and not being able to step foot outside a city due to the threat of death. No matter how real that might be I don't think anyone wants to play with that fear that their character could get attacked and killed at any time. It's a safety lock on our character's lives.
[-] The following 1 user Likes Aadora's post:
  • Geoni
I don't have a real stance on them. I've mainly issued them during my own mini-events to give it a further sense of danger and nobody seemed to mind. I'm too much of a good guy to attempt to maim someone's arm off and the people around me tend to know that. Unless someone acts really stupid or requests to me for their characters to be killed, everyone comes back out alive. (Albeit not unharmed. Maiming is incredibly rare.)

I've also held events where I forgot to hand them out, and people got injured; Same effect, nobody seemed to mind as they had already expected the danger.

As for receiving them; I can't recall the when I received the last one or why. I do recall I've accepted some (I mean, I must have at one point or another.) and walked away from some for all sorts of reasons. I suppose if I had to pick between the CW rule being here, and not being here at all, I prefer it in place.
In short, receiving CW's for myself ends normally with one thing.

[Image: Just%20bring%20it.jpg]

But I'm not an idiot. Some situations its really foolish to accept a CW. (Do I do it anyway? Look at Seena. Charged right towards the massing Horde army.)

They add a lot of flavor, but I try to use them sparingly. Not a lot of people like it.
I've only ever received one CW and have never issued one. I think they're a great idea because it adds that possibility of your mega-badass paladin trying to fight a Frost Wyrm on his own and actually dying heroically. Makes for good RP opportunities and I give it a thumbs up.
“Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.”
— G.K. Chesterton

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Have a puppy Ruby and a nice day.
They're quite necessary, and very useful. It's a good idea and system, despite how it may, at times, pull out some of the realism ("omg I wouldn't have known you were going to poison me if you didn't say").

As frustrating as it can be to have a CW denied, sometimes people just enjoy playing that particular character so much they don't want to lose them/would interrupt their storyline/they just don't enjoy character death/etc. While I'm not opposed to characters dying/getting maimed when it comes up, I've declined what I consider to be silly CWs in the past (random death threats, characters I later discovered to be alts of enemies my character had trying to kill them, etc). I also generally don't pass out CWs willynilly either, for much the same reasons I mentioned above. I don't like depriving people of characters they like RPing. When it matters, sure. If it doesn't matter all that much, I'm fine with a knockout/some other nonlethal method.

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