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Cannot connect.
I was happily derping in OOC Village, when I apparently added an RP item and deleted it again really quick. Then everything simply stopped.
Perhaps my computer was laggy and could not afford such a quick reaction.
But anyways, the thing is, it looked like any normal DC case, when I tried to log back in and...

[Image: errorinwow.png]

This appeared.
I tried doing it again, tried Blizzard's Repair Utility (ofc it didn't work, huh), and nothing. This message keeps coming back.
Any ideas on what to do now? Maybe re-installing WoW should be an option?
Delete WTF and Cache folders,(from the bin too!). It solves it 60% of the time, but once one of my MPQ files got corrupted or what and I had to reinstall WoW. So try deleting the WTF and Cache folders. If that's not working then... I guess you should reinstall WoW.
"Excellence is when failure becomes improvement"

[Image: a7KvoWr_460sa_v1.gif]
Thanks for the help, Aethon, but it wasn't needed!
Only had to reset my computer (it happened accidentally, actually), and bang! It's working again. \o/

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