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Cassandra 'Cassie' Goldenfall [Human] [Priestess]
Player: Psychyn

Character Full Name: Cassandra Goldenfall

Character In-Game Name: Cassie

Nickname(s): Cass, Cassie

Association(s): The Alliance, The Church of the Holy Light, House Winters (Currently)

Race: Human

Class: Priestess

Skills and Abilities:

(Flirting voice) Where does it hurt? – Cassie has studied the human anatomy while she trained to become a priestess, and is capable of curing medium to serious injuries.

Keen eyes – Cassie is quick to notice the little details around her.

Nightingale – Cassie is quite a natural singer although usually too busy and humble to make it known.

Shadow resistance – Through her training to become a priestess, Cassie was mentally strengthened to be more capable at resisting Shadow spells aiming to affect her mind.

Inner Focus – Cassie has the ability to meditate for quite a long time, believing that her mind must be at ease and calm for it otherwise may be blinded by assumptions and/or emotions and affect her actions. She strives to meditate fifteen minutes a day, but may easily stretch this to an hour if something deeply affected her.

Aspiring Alchemist - Cassie is learning how to mix different herbs together to produce potions, she is still very much an apprentice but is likely to progress as time passes.

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Hair: Natural golden blonde, though she varies the way she carries it. Sometimes a ponytail, sometimes a bun, other times just loose.

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 65kg

Height: 165 cm.

Usual Garments/Armor:

Cassie prefers simple and humble clothes, with no real preference for colors. There is not much that can be said about them apart from that she strives to keep them clean and neat and switches them depending on several factors. (Own expectations, situation, expectations of others, her mood, etc)

She recently acquired an uniform from house Winters which Cassie can be seen wearing on most of her travels. It consists of mainly black and white pieces and seems to fit quite well.


Cassie has a black bag on her right hip with several compartments, it is wide enough to store (flat) parchments in it along with several potions, herbs and so forth. Tied to her left hip she has a simple thin board with parchment pinned on top of it, acting as clipboard.

Alignment: Neutral Good


Cassandra may be described as a friendly, social and caring person at a first glance but when one gets to know her they may find her rather complex. She has an inner desire to do good and finds it hard to sit still and chat when there is something more productive to do. Maintaining social relationships is important, but so is improving at her own skills and perfecting her abilities. She is constantly weighing one decision against the other, and strives to be as neutral and balanced as she possibly can be.

She leans towards the use of the Light, believing that helping others above herself is the right thing to do. However, she is not naive and knows she has to improve on an almost daily dose to prevent her techniques from falling behind. The virtues guide her in this alongside her own moral code which she developed over the years, though she has not taken any vows that restrict her in any way. She believes not in sin and does not preach on how the Light will judge, for any judgement comes from the person that casts it. If the situation calls for it and she feels it is the right thing to do, she may very well cast a Shadow spell.

It is not her place to cast her opinions on people nor force her views and lifestyle upon them for she understands that true happiness is different for each individual. She respects people in that regard and while she may disagree with actions, she is not quick to make it known to that person unless that person threatens to truly inflict harm upon self or others. Living beings must be respected and that includes the Horde though such respect for life may be mistaken with neutrality. Truth is that she was born and raised in Stormwind and is not only a city girl, but an Alliance girl at heart. Her colors are blue and gold and she deems it to be right this way.


“Once upon a time there was a magical castle in a land far, far away. Its towers rose above the clouds and the kingdom it stood in went as far as one’s eyes could see..”

“Where there any dragons?!”

“Now now, how can I tell you if you interrupt the story?”

“Are we at the part where I come in and slay the dragon yet?!”


Cassie threw the sheets to the side and proceeded to use the bed as trampoline, the springs causing her to bounce towards her father moments later. Her mother’s best attempts to send her child to bed early were thwarted by her husband’s arrival, but she laughed it off like always.

“Jason.. If you keep rushing home like this for Cassandra, she’ll never learn to go to bed on time.”

“Who said I was just here for Cass? I came home for you as well!”

The man laughed as he wrapped his arms around Cassandra, his eyes meeting Charlene’s with the same spark as the day they had met. The lovers had overcome their hardships of witnessing Stormwind’s destruction, fleeing to Lordaeron, the loss of family and so forth.

“You aren’t going to kiss are you? Ewww!”

Cassandra was tossed backwards onto the bed and quickly ducked under the blankets as more laughter ensued. “We just might if you don’t go to sleep real soon!” Charlene could not help herself and smiled, a bright warm and loving smile. The priestess was simply lost when it came to words and tucked Cassandra back in properly.

“Now go to sleep.”

The two had met in their joint effort to rebuild Stormwind, both called back through their sense of duty and the desire to lend whatever help they could. As the city developed more and more houses were finished they decided to move in fully, and as one might say; one thing led to another. Through a little bit of luck and haggling, they had secured their house right on the border of the future Cathedral district, an area that proved to influence Cassandra much in her later life.

As Cassandra grew up she developed the same desire as her parents, to do right and help others. Never late with her chores and always trying to go that extra mile, she made friends easily and was a good student. A trouble free child. Her parents realized that with Stormwind rebuild, the world wasn't ready to settle down yet and Cassandra had to learn how to defend herself. With her parents wishes, she soon found herself following her mother’s footsteps.

Her first steps to become a priestess were taken on her own, meeting up with the lay priests and being officially ‘introduced’ to the Light and the church. Though her mother had taught her beforehand, Charlene felt it was better suited for Cassandra to be taught under a different priest. This allowed Cassandra the freedom she as a child needed but also an unbiased ruling over her progress.

The past lessons and education from her parents however proved to be helpful in her years to come, and she progressed quite fast within her studies. Aspiring as she was, she took it upon herself to learn more about anatomy and biology and through that discovered she had an interest in plants. Her lessons on that were mainly self-driven, using what spare time she had left to read through various books.

At the age of eighteen and after becoming a fully-fledged priestess she knew that her life as priestess had only just began. The bishop she served under send her through various regions in the world, allowing her to gain experience and use her skills where needed. She proved to have the stomach to deal with blood and gore as one might expect to find in a war, and frequently saw a side one is tempted to forget in the more secured regions. Despite her training it still shocked her at first but she overcame it, and learned to deal with the shock in a rather indifferent state. Suppressing her thoughts and emotions when the situation asked for it.

After a year of serving the Alliance, tending to soldiers and striving to protect them from harm, she was called back in name of the church. While not known to her as to why and how, she was instead dispatched towards a Noble house centered in the nearby region of Elwynn. Cassandra didn't mind it as much as she possibly should have as it allowed her to travel around in safer regions, and possibly allowed her to focus on her own goals and desires more.

She is now employed by House Winters till dismissed by lord and lady Winters or till she receives written word from the bishop to return towards the church for a new assignment. Her parents are both still alive, with her mother assigned as priestess within Stormwind. Her father reenlisted within the Stormwind Guard and now patrols the city, having managed to dodge the bullet of being send to war so far.
[Image: RtK7PiZ.png]

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