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Cassius Palenix [Retcon] (Human Paladin)
Player: Cassius

Character Full Name: Cassius Palenix

Character In-Game Name: Cassius

Nickname(s): Cassius the Unorthodox

Association(s): The Silver Hand (Formerly), The Scarlet Crusade (Formerly), and the Militia of the Holy Light

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Age: 33

Sex: Male

Hair: Raven black

Eyes: Steel grey

Weight: 210 lbs

Height: 6"1'

Usual Garments/Armor: Cassius commonly wears plate armor or mail armor. His usual garments often consists of him wearing a white dress shirt along with a pair of black dress pants.

Personality: Cassius is a calm and very quiet individual to those who first see him in person. He is patient, polite and sincere. His tone is soft and soothing to the average ear. Due to his time in the Scarlet Crusade, Cassius lost grasp with the old tenants that the Silver Hand once taught and now follows a twisted variant of the old chivalric code. Cassius, due to an oath of celibacy, does not involve himself in any form of intimacy. For many reasons he remains detached from any individual and keeps his faith within the light only. He hardly remains around members of the opposite sex too long, mainly to prevent from any urges to suddenly emerge and get the best of him.

History: Cassius Palenix is son of the widowed Baroness Athena Palenix, his genetic father being the deceased knight Ephemios Palenix, who was slain by a band of brigands before Cassius was even born. His early childhood consisted of him being pampered by the young Baroness's servants, listening to gallant tales of his father and horror stories of the First War. He was tutored and constantly trained by his mother who was obsessed with making the child look proper and adorable to the public eye. Cassius meanwhile was inspired to become a knight, much like his father. His mother was not opposed to the idea and even encouraged the child to do so.

As Cassius reached the age of nine, Athena influenced a paladin of the Silver Hand, Sir Torben Bolt, to take Cassius as his squire and pupil. Cassius did the basics of a squire by taking care of his master's armor, horse and maul. In return, Torben taught Cassius the basics of combat, the three tenants and the holy light. By year 17 Cassius officially became paladin and member of the Silver Hand. Cassius undertook a personal oath of celibacy, to settle his relationship to his faith only.

Tragedy struck during the Third War when the Scourge emerged, Torben was slain by the horrendous ghouls while Cassius and his brethren managed to survive the carnage. Cassius did not hear word of his mother, however the manor he once resided fell during the war, therefore expected the worst. He and the surviving paladins gathered to join the newly formed Scarlet Crusade to eradicate the population of the undead.

His time as a Scarlet Crusader changed made him more cynical, stern and ruthless to those around him. He showed no mercy to those who opposed the Scarlets and carried their colors proudly. He supported the Scarlet Crusade and its cause, disregarding the opinion of the Church and their lack of support in the Plaguelands.

In year 27, an unexpected assault from the Scourge occurred. The Lich King had deployed his shock troopers, the 3rd generation death knights, in Tyr's Hand, resulting in its total destruction. Cassius didn't follow Brigitte Abbendis's route to Northrend to join the Scarlet Onslaught, instead he defected from the Scarlet Crusade and prudently went south to Ironforge.

Along the way he had heard stories about the mysterious Dark Riders in the proximity of Duskwood and Deadwind Pass who had supposedly caused great corruption in the area. This encouraged him to take the Deeprun Tram when he was in Ironforge to easily reach the city of Stormwind and later followed the path to Duskwood. When he finally reached the location he began to investigate upon the many possible explanations for the corruption. Nothing but superstitions clouded the very settlement, from rumors of necromancers, curses, witches or even presence of the Scourge reached Cassius' ear. What caught his attention however, were the rumors of the Dark Riders of Deadwind Pass.

Once he had reached his destination, Cassius met a young woman, a confessor of the Argent Crusade. The two, despite their differing philosophies, had similar goals, to cleanse the lands of Duskwood. Cassius grew attached to the woman during their time in Duskwood, yet also concerned of violating his oath of celibacy. Once the Northrend Campaigns began, Cassius and the Argent Confessor went to Northrend to deal with the Scourge. When the Lich King fell, Cassius decided to avoid contact with the Argent Confessor and returned to the Plaguelands to assist what little remained of the human survivors.

During the few years that followed, Cassius founded the Militia of the Holy Light. Its members consisted of former criminals and citizens from the poorer classes of society who were brought together by Cassius to combat the undeath in the Plaguelands, Scourge and Forsaken alike. During the time of their expansion, the Argent Crusade had begun to take over the city of Hearthglen, claiming it as their own. The extremist methods used by the Militia attracted the attention of shadow fanatics from the Forsaken, this eventually led to the group of undead to kidnap the paladin and torture him with the use of shadow magic. His zealous militia however found their leader's trail and liberated Cassius from his captors.

Angered at the shame and pain he had endured, Cassius led his militia into a grim crusade, slaying any of the undead his group and him encountered. Till one evening, Cassius and his group encountered a Knight of the Ebon Blade. The group ambushed the Knight till it submitted defeat, but the same Argent Confessor he had one known appeared and demanded that they liberated the death knight. Cassius was insulted as the woman spat venom at him and his men, his militia replied bluntly by clubbing the woman in the head repetitively with flanged maces. The angered death knight was killed as well by Cassius' exorcism. Cassius ordered the crucifixion of their corpses in order to make an example to those who are faithless.

This provoked conflict and enraged many, the Argent Crusade and other organizations put up bounties against members of the Militia and Cassius himself. This led to a series of conflicts between living outsiders and crusaders, quickly ending with the destruction of the Militia's Chapter house and causing all of its members to disband. Most were hunted down by bounty hunters and Cassius disappeared from the public eye, many assuming he was slain during his escape. The man had fled to Darkshire, remaining subtle within its vicinity.
The only issue I see, is that the order is called Silver Hand, not Silverhand, a re-occurring typo. Beyond that, I've got nothing.

Initial approval!
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
Woops, fixed.
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]

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