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Cataclysm The Undermine
[Image: nGVb8h9.gif]

The Undermine! Bastion of greed, gold, and goblin ingenuity. The subterranean capitol of the goblins sets beneath the (now slightly more active) Mount Kajaro, and holds a bustling population of esteemed businessmen and mechanics. Due to the recent eruption and destruction of the aboveground city of Kezan, the Undermine has sealed itself to prevent any further damage. Though safe from much of the destruction of the Catalcysm, the Undermine is not wholly without damage-- many passages have crumbled, separating the city into different regions. As well, some structural damage has been incurred and is undergoing repair. In the wake of this most of the trade princes have blocked off their domains for reconstruction.

Luckily the Steamwheedle Cartel has no plans of doing so! The Steamwheedle's portion of Kezan remains open to travelers via the ingenious goblin 'transpolyporters', and businesses are more than willing to sell their wares to travelers passing through.

To Get There: Just go to the OOC teleporter, select '1-60 Instances', and go to Blackrock Depths. A proper teleport in will be supplied later when Kret is able. The area is -in- Blackrock Depths, to note-- once out of the portal just run straight until you see an instance portal.


The Kaja Mine (Detention Block)
A sprawling mine of the goblin's precious Kaja'mite runs deep within the Undermine. Though nowhere as plentiful as other mines located on the surface of Kezan and the nearby isles, the goblin overseers are working their troll slaves to the bone to strip out the earth in the mine and obtain more of their precious ore.

Trade Prince's Highway (Dark Iron Highway)
The entrance from the surface of Kezan, leading into the depths of the Undermine. Since the eruption of Mount Kajaro the main gate towards the surface has been closed, pulled shut mid-evacuation. The highway is cluttered with debris from wrecks from the frenzied departure, and is the location of a few salvage operations now.

Steamwheedle Garrison (East Garrison)
The Steamwheedle Cartel holds an impressive staff of engineers and guards within the Undermine. Most of them end up here when they're off duty, and the few crackpot detectives under Steamwheedle's employ make their offices here.

Empty Garrison (West Garrison)
An empty, for rent garrison for guilds seeking to establish themselves in the city.

The Potion Emporium (Shrine of Thaurassian)
Alchemy is another profession the goblins have excelled in, and the emporium serves a place for paying apothecaries to sell their wares and develop a stock of their potent alchemical creations. The Emporium is not responsible for any maladies inflicted by any potions purchased within it.

Proof that the goblins believe in no merciful god, the DECAPATORIUM serves as the venue for all your gladiatorial needs. They do friendly spars, organized pit fights, deathmatches and pit willing gladiators against some of the most fearsome creatures the organizers can get their hands on!

The DECAPATORIUM also hosts less gruesome events, such as battles between robots from engineering teams and demolition derbies. Waivers must still be signed.

[Image: RySrERY.jpg]

The Loft (The Dormicile)
A communal living area for organizations setting up in the city. Less militant than a garrison and still better than sleeping on the streets!

The Workshop (The Manufactory)
A general workshop within Kezan. At present its mostly stocked with constructs, but its workstations should be fitting for any engineering needs.

The Molotov (Grim Guzzler)
The Undermine's largest bar. The Molotov is home to an array of drunken carousing, several parties, and the late night brawl now and then. It also holds an expansive kitchen where its chefs are hard at work attempting to replicate nearly any recipe which will get them money.

The Shady Alley (Hall of Crafting)
A dimly lit alley of the city where absolutely nothing goes wrong and all laws are obeyed. Especially since no guards patrol through it.

Steamwheedle Plaza (Shadowforge City)
The main 'ring' of the city, full of the less well-to-do inhabitants of the Undermine.

National Bank of Kezan (The Black Vault)
The National Bank of Kezan-- here the money comes and goes. The vault it sealed save for approved officials, with smaller transactions taking place in the lobby.

Undermine R&D (Chamber of Enchantment)
A sizable laboratory in the Undermine. It has nooks for different apparatuses, as well as a break area for workers.

The Dealership (Mold Foundry)
Just down the walkway from the Research and Development lab is the source of much of the Undermine's vehicles and weaponry. The dealership manufactures trikes, hot rods, and a vast arsenal of cannons, turrets and other assorted munitions.

Ward of Wizardry (Summoner's Tomb)
Connected to the dealership is the Ward of Wizardry, a large gathering hall with nooks ready for mages, warlocks, shaman and priests. And druids, but that plot has been conspicuously empty. Assorted reagents and tomes are available for a price here.

The Grand Bazaar (Lyceum)
A large hall dotted with pillars stands deep within the Undermine. Tents propped up between the pillars litter the bazaar, filled with caravans and wagons of assorted goods and wares. Three large nooks rest here-- one is full of black market tents. The second, full of exotic wares from Azeroth and beyond. The third nook is open for rent, useable for festivities or other events.

In addition, two auctioneer platforms stand raised towards the back of the bazaar.

[Image: KP5x8px.jpg]

Thanks to Reigen for the lovely formatting and image work!
[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△


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It's everything I ever wanted and more. My poor goblin heart might burst.
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Love it.
[Image: tumblr_lho5ae3Fu31qe94fqo1_400.gif]
Gotta love the ingenuity and creativity employed here, great job guys.
.....It's ridiculously and sincerely awesome.
[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]
I really need a map for this, and I intend to make one if none is provided!

Awesome work by the way!
[Image: 2r3hym9.png]
Main Characters:
Riggs Ravenhook - Swarmy Old Goblin Thief and Corporate Nuisance
Gorudo Goldforge - Goldforge Clan Remnant and Ranger
Turic Carsten - Stormwind Regular

Double post: I'm in the process of creating a map for the undermines with custom location markers and I plan to upload it at an updated Zones Pages in the wiki soon.

Here's the progress:

[Image: 2z5w512.jpg]

Well I'm done. Now to painstakingly edit the wiki.
[Image: 2r3hym9.png]
Main Characters:
Riggs Ravenhook - Swarmy Old Goblin Thief and Corporate Nuisance
Gorudo Goldforge - Goldforge Clan Remnant and Ranger
Turic Carsten - Stormwind Regular

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Awesome work, hehe.
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