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Catalcysm: Starting Lore

With Cataclysm upon us I thought it would be helpful to address where we're starting from in each zone. This will detail how all of the different areas are at the start of our launch into the expansion, so people will know what baddies are looming over them or just chilling in the wings, waiting to strike.

Please ask any questions regarding the areas here and we'll attend to them!

The zones are categorized by their 'region' as defined by WoWpedia.


The Blasted Lands have turned from the war against the Legion to the war against the factions. Though the demons still seek to reclaim the portal and stake a claim to the Blasted Lands, the Horde and Alliance have begun to overlook them for their own battles. Dreadmaul Hold has been overtaken by the Warmatron Okrilla, who now leads the Horde in battle against the nearby Nethergarde Keep. At present the battlefield has fallen silent, with a retreat called by the Horde while they fend off the remaining Dreadmaul Ogres. Despite this, some Horde agents have taken a post within the mines, and reports of sabotage are being heard by Alliance command in the area.

Surwich has been established; a quaint Gilnean village along the southern coast. The druid Marl Wormthorn has seen out his vision of restoring the Tainted Scar, and to all outside appearances it seems perfectly in order.

Wormthorn hasn't been seen since he began his mission.

The Sunveil Excursion exists not far from Surwich. While they had been excavating in the scar for a time, they have been set back due to the wild growth in the forest. Though still seeking the demonic artifacts beneath the scar, it seems that the Gilnean settlement will be impeding any progress.

Deadwind Pass remains a desolate and haunted land. Dalaran sorcerers have taken post outside of Medivh's Tower, and seek to understand-- or detain-- the secrets within the ivory tower.

The Alliance is struggling to tame the twisted forest of Duskwood. Darkshire's militia fights daily to stave off threats of undead and the worgen, and the occupation of Raven Hill by the Gilneans has unnerved some townsfolk. Despite the apprehension, the Gilnean worgen have undoubtedly come bearing relief for the ailing city. Under the watch of Oliver Harris, the worgen have begun capturing the savage worgen of the woods in order to replicate their success in curing their curse.

The stretch of land just west of Darkshire (formerly the Solidarity outpost) has been abandoned, following a savage raid by the worgen.

Elwynn Forest has been relatively secured, following the increasing fall of the Defias Brotherhood and the increasing victory against the Blackrock Orcs. Northshire remains under pressure, but with reinforcements steaming in from the city, the orcs aren't expected to keep their foothold for long. Nevertheless, the damage has been great-- the vineyards have been reduced to ashes.

Stranglethorn is reeling following the devastation of the Cataclysm. Now segmented between north and south, opportunists from all around have been scurrying to stake claims. The Venture Co. has expanded into the southeast shores of the cape, establishing oil derricks. The Bloodsails have pulled in more vessels, and are poised to attack Booty Bay. The Gurubashi Trolls have seen a resurgence of activity, and seem to be thriving despite their loss of their capitol.

Strangely, the Zandali seem to have been washed away in the storm.

Redridge has completed their bridge, for one. The people of Lakeshire have been in relative peace, and have counted themselves blessed to be unharmed in the wake of the Cataclysm.

They have only recently heard of the Blackrock invasion of Northshire. They are now becoming wary of the northern reaches of the mountains.

The Swamp of Sorrows has become a large battlefield between the Horde and Alliance. The Marshtide Watch has staked claim to the northern part of the marsh, and has been relentlessly pushing Stonard for control. At present they are mired in battle, with no clear victor in sight.

Meanwhile, a goblin outpost by the name of Bogpaddle has established itself not far from all of the commotion, keen on hawking wares and offering luxury to the warring parties.

Westfall has been devestated by the Cataclysm more so than any other land of Stormwind. A great rift has been torn in the land, ripping out farmland and taking houses with it. Transients have flooded the open plains in the wake of the fall of the Defias Brotherhood, seeking safety as Sentinel Hill is reinforced. Moonbrook has become a haven for these refugees, becoming a bit of a slum city alongside the Deadmines. Some have been complaining of strange things further within the caverns, however...

The Furlbrows have been found dead, a short ways out from the crossing to Elwynn. Stormwind's finest are on the case.

The Reliquary and the Explorer's League are competing for control over further titanic digs within the Badlands. A strange goblin has been spotted in the new settlement of Fuselight, but that's hardly news in a goblin port.

The Black Dragonflight is restless.

The Blackrock Orcs have been mobilizing for an offensive against Redridge here. The Thorium Brotherhood has been expanding its reach here as well, and has found itself embroiled in battle against the orcs in the process.

Gnomeregan has been reclaimed, after a long struggle against the lepers and troggs. Despite this, Thermaplugg has yet to be fully dealt with. Lepers rally their forces in the irradiated fields and the northern arsenal, and are still poised to contest the new claims.

The Frostmane are attacking, but are currently at a standstill. Anvilmar has yet to be attacked, though is keeping a watchful eye on the troggs. The Airfield has repelled an attack, but remains vigilant for more Dark Iron aggression.

After the destruction of the Stonewrought Dam, the dwarves of the loch have been racing to contain the damage to their home, and those of their brothers below in the Wetlands. In all of their clammor to begin repairs on the dam, the eastern half of the region has gone unchecked. The twilights have only just made their presence known, giving those in the loch yet more to prepare for in the days to come.

The Burning Steppes remain a hotbed for battles against the Dark Iron clan and the Thorium Brotherhood. With more Dark Irons turning from Ragnaros' forces a legitimate struggle has become apparent between the two forces for control of the gorge.

The Twilight's Hammer runs rampant in the highlands. The Wildhammer call for aid as their cities are ravaged and torn asunder along with the ailing land, and help has come in the form of Highbank, a yet unfinished settlement on the coast. Nearby, the Dragonmaw clan watch on with little care, confident in their ability to survive the threat under the iron heel of Overlord Morg'hor and his fel orc brothers.

A Bilgewater outpost known as the Krazzworks has set up to the far northeast of the region, and has been sending envoys down to the Dragonmaw to entreat them into joining the Horde. Mor'ghor is not interested.

The Wetlands is reeling following the Catalcysm. Menethil Harbor is recovering from damages and attempting to weed out the Twilight aggressors in their midst. Curiously, night elves have taken up a settlement in the wetlands as well. For the most part however, the Wetlands remain unchecked.

The Forsaken continue their march from Hillsbrad, and have set up camp on the edge of the highlands. Their sights are set on Strom, with plans to build a new Undercity within its ancient walls. Aside from this not much has changed, however.

Following the temporary retreat of the Forsaken following the injury of the Dark Lady, Gilneas is well underway in evacuating their people. Those who have remained have entrenched themselves within the city and the rocky hills of the region, and fly the banner of Gilneas as the Gilneas Liberation Front, spearheaded by Darius Crowley.

The Seventh Legion is en route to reinforce the GLF. The Horde remain unaware of this, and marshal themselves on the Forsaken Front with the intent to strike again.

The Hillsbrad Foothills stand testament to the terrible power of the Forsaken. Dun Garok has been purged. The Sludge Fields display a vile display of cruelty at the hands of the maniacal Warden Stillwater.

In short, all is in order for the Forsaken.

The Stormpikes have begun to rally their forces, and operate unnoticed for now.

The Hinterlands have been spared much of the devastation of the Cataclysm. With the war in full motion, the Wildhammers and the Revantusk are rushing to claim land and force one another out of the Hinterlands.

The Eastern Plaguelands still remains beset with the scourge's plague, but hope runs high. The Argent Crusade holds several posts throughout the land now, and has pinned many scourge encampments into choke-holds within the land. They are now seeking to continue their success from the Western Plaguelands, and return life to the tainted land of Lordaeron.

The fruits of the Argent Crusade and the Cenarion Circle run rampant here. Once dead soil now teems with new life-- though, some have noticed an ever present taint upon what springs forth from this new growth. Andorhal is in constant battle, with the Horde and Alliance seemingly aimed at driving out the scourge before troubling themselves with one another. The forces of Scholomance are rushing to hold what land they can for the Scourge, and are failing at each turn.

The Thondroril River Outpost of the Alliance has been overrun. Plague canisters were found littering the ground, and broken Forsaken catapults not far from the eastern bank.

The Forsaken seek to solidify their claim to the tainted forest of Silverpine, and have run against the Gilneas Liberation Front in the process. Seeking total domination over the region, they have deemed Ambermill a threat as well for their aiding of the Gilnean soldiers. Orcish reinforcements stream in to aid in the war effort. Pyrewood Village has been abandoned.

Those who survived the onslaught of Pyrewood and Hillsbrad have taken refuge in Fenris Keep.

The Forsaken have gone about fortifying their hold on the land. New and improved architecture stands in many places, once held by decaying buildings. The Scarlet Crusade continues their battle, but finds their territory increasingly difficult to hold.

New Forsaken are being raised.

A envoy from the prison island reached Stormwind Harbors only weeks prior, requesting aid. Other than that, nothing has been heard from the Kul Tiran hold.

Sunstrider Island is clear for the most part. Falthrien Academy is still unstable, however efforts are being made to redeem it for use once again.

The Ruins of Silvermoon are still overrun with the wretched, however with the loss of their leader, they have become disorganized and have ceased most any attacks on anyone who sticks to the main road.

Duskwither Spire and its surrounding lands has been under control for some time now. With the crystals disabled, no new creatures are appearing in the area, making the efforts to thin them out much more successful. The grounds keeper still refuses to move from the area until it is all cleaned up.

The Sunsail Anchorage is still under hold of the wretched, however the attacks from the blood elves to reclaim the port has increased. Lost cargo has been recovered from the sunken ships and the wretched are covering in the building.

Tor’watha and Zub’watha are under constant assault from the Farstriders after the death of the leader left them scrambling. Unfortunately, the trolls are still holding up strong.

The scorched grove has new signs of life within the burnt forest. The tenders are still hostile, though there are hopes that with re-growth, the one gentle creatures will calm down.

The dead scar is still overrun with scourge.

The dead scar remains overrun with scourge.

The villages of Goldenmist, Windrunner and Suncrown still lay abandoned in wake of the haunting. Reclaiming the villages is important, however the Ghostlands lacks the manpower to be able to accomplish such a feat.

Trolls are still a persistent problem, attacking almost any humanoid beyond other trolls. The Farstriders have teamed up with Vereesa Windrunner and her own rangers in order to deal with not only the trolls on the outside, but the growing thread of the trolls inside of Zul’aman. The Regent Lord is not happy with her presence, straining the view of Farstriders even further.

Deatholme, while its leader may be dead, is still a danger to the Ghostlands. The remaining creatures are holed up inside the gates. The Forsaken and Blood Elves plan on claiming it again for the Horde, but first the remaining ‘residents’ need to be dealt with.


The main demonic thread of Quel’danas is gone with the recapturing of the Sunwell and Magisters Terrence. Some demons still walk the Dead Scar along with the Scourge, however they are being driven back.

Dawnstar Village has been cleared out of enemies and has returned to Silvermoon control. It has been open for living again, however the borders of the village are strictly for the Horde.

The wretched still inhabit the woods of the island and often make raids upon Dawnstar Village and the harbor.

The harbor is still in possession of the Shattered Sun. As a show of thanks to the Dreanei for aiding them, the Blood Elves have decided to leave the port neutral, however outsiders beyond High Elves, Blood Elves and Dreanei are still looked down upon.

The waters still have the thread of Naga and their Murloc slaves. Ships carrying cargo and reinforcements are often attacked and retaliation is planned. The north coastline is clear of them.

Magisters Terrence has been retaken. The paintings of Kil’jaden have been covered up. It is open to visitors who wish to see the last stand of their former prince. It has been given over to the Blood Elves fully.

The Sunwell Plateau has also been retaken and is under construction. All images of Kil’jaden are in the process of being removed and replaced with more Silvermoon appropriate images. It has been given over fully to the Blood Elves, however it is open to high elf pilgrims along with blood elven ones.


The Night Elves are losing ground quickly. The Silverwind Refuge has been wholly engulfed by the Horde, and is serving as a staging ground and a development area for more weapons of war. The Zoram Strand has been outfitted for war, and is launching vessels against the Kaldorei. Maestra's Post has been lost to the advancing Horde, and its refugees are being driven further back into elven land. Astranaar has only barely managed to retain itself through intense fighting with the Horde of Hellscream's Watch. Splintertree has taken a barrage of elven fire, but still stands, readying itself for further attacks.

Worse yet, both Alliance and Horde appear to have yet noticed the foreboding 'creatures' infesting Lake Falathim. Nearly all borders of this zone are embroiled in war.

The terraforming and occupation of Azshara is going smoothly. Well, as smoothly as any given goblin operation.

Talendris Point has began sabotage operations on the Bilgewater goblins, and has managed to grind the work at Mountainfoot Strip Mine to a halt. Talks of alliances between the Blackmaw furlbogs and the Darnassian holdouts have sprung up. Worst yet, Sable Ridge appears wholly infested with the black dragonflight.

The goblins are saying that there will be 'slight delays' in their continued conquest of Azshara, as a consequence.

Darkshore is still reeling from the damage of the cataclysm, and the twisted forces which plague it have been able to operate nearly undeterred due to the weakened elven presence. Auberdine's destruction and the rapid construction of Lor'danel have taken priority to house refugees and establish a quick base of operations as the opportunistic Shatterspear Trolls have begun to press an attack, pushed forth by Horde forces.

Felwood is rapidly appearing to be a staging ground for the Horde and Alliance, as swathes of land are cleared away from the goblin encampments of Irontree Clearing. Whisperwind Grove has begun to cleanse corruption within the tainted forest, but only just-- and it is now threatened as the Horde ready themselves for marches from the northern edge of the forest.

Bloodvenom Post has also been reinforced, and Winna Hazzard is approaching some very 'interesting' conclusions to her research...

Moonglade is largely unaffected. The druidic groups here have begun to allow trolls to take residency. The Night Elves are, as a whole, unamused by this decision.

The mending of Hyjal has been disrupted, with cultists and the elements themselves raging across the entirety of this region. So far the druids have yet to request aid, and believe the threat to be containable. They are wholly unaware to what the Twilight's Hammer truly plans.

The Night Elven capitol and its surroundings have been largely unchanged. The Worgen have only recently finished the 'construction' of the Howling Oak, and the Highborne are only now arriving seeking refuge in large numbers. There is unrest between some of the population because of the presence of these two groups-- though it is primarily directed towards the Highborne, as reviled as they once were.

There has been some disturbance in the caverns of Mazthoril, but given its usual occupants no voyages have been made to assess the damage. Winterspring as a whole is unchanged.

Northwatch is hardly standing against the Rageroar offensive. However, recent reinforcements have set the battle out of balance, with a threat for it to turn to the Alliance's favor.

Druids are struggling to control the rampant growth and its effects on the wildlife. Meanwhile the Horde and Alliance clash all around the region. At present Bael Modan has yet to fall.

Nigel's Point still stands at present. The lush growth brought on by the Cenarion Circle has been left unchecked.

Darkspear Isle is safe and is functioning as a harborage for Horde vessels, as well as its own citizens. The Alliance have begun to press the attack on Durotar's shores in the form of Theramore and Kul Tiras vessels.

Horde and Alliance are on a warpath, but beyond the contested 'highway', no great changes have been taken. Something should be done with the Alcaz Isle, though.

Camp Narache still wages war with the Quillboar, with no victory yet in sight. Many have begun to flee. The way to the barrens has been barricaded, and most travel out by air.

The entire region is embroiled in war. Thal'darah Grove and Overlook seem to be almost wholly overrun, and are facing a siege by the Horde. New camps have been established by both sides, but the Alliance appear miserably outpaced. The Alliance are aware of the rampant corruption atop the peak, but are helpless to divert attention to tend to it.

The sands lie dormant.
The Feathermoon Stronghold has recently been completed, and due to its location has been forced to accommodate a number of refuge Highborne. New Thalanaar has been overrun by the Grimtotem, and its people are being held captive.

The sands lie dormant.

Gadgetzan has expanded to accommodate new refugees. Steamwheedle Port is fully evacuated. Most efforts are concentrated on fending off the encroaching pirates. Goblins and gnomes are competing for control of Southbreak Shore. Expeditions are only now beginning to enter the newly revealed Uldum, and few have managed to stake a claim in the inhospitable sands.

Westreach Summit has been overrun by the Grimtotem, and its people held captive. The local militaries have yet to be able to strike against the rampant Twilight expansion, both due to their quick attempts at re-establishing their outposts and staving off attacks by pirates.

Ratchet-on-the-Rocks was devastated in a landslide, and what remained was quickly eaten up by the encroaching Twilight's Hammer. The cartel bemoans its loss, mostly since it was all uninsured.

Expeditions from more quick-acting opportunistic groups have been coordinated... and failed. Schnottz has made his landing. Only now has Ramkahen has began to feel the hostilities of the cataclysm. It has not yet opened its doors for visitors, be they for travel or aid, but treats the new races exposed to them with curiosity rather than hostility.

There's a strange knight roaming about fighting giants, according to local gossip. Beyond that, there is not much of note.

[No noted changes]

[No noted changes]
An interesting video playlist for some of those areas and more with Jesse Cox.
Quote:"Your faction is the underdog right?
You always lose and suck at everything.
You lose towns, people and your second in command is a 14-year old who uses dark magic on his protectors and runs away alone the the wilderness."
- Panoss from the WoW retail forums
(04-23-2013, 08:20 PM)Alliicce Wrote: An interesting video playlist for some of those areas and more with Jesse Cox.

Indeed, though this list is more to state where we're starting at; while we will indeed eventually reach the same point in retail in all areas (and likely progress through the assorted quest chains), we may be starting off -before- the events of some of the questlines in some cases. For example, Surwich is completely in order and the woodland they've grown seems just fine! For the moment.

Contrast to retail, in which demons are infesting it immediately.
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  • Alliicce
So just for reference, then. In Uldum, is any and all RP banned or something? What about events? do they need to be GM hosted? Can private RP be held there? And then how long is this going to be closed off? I just want to know some details.
(04-29-2013, 08:02 PM)alpharius Wrote: In Uldum, is any and all RP banned or something? What about events? do they need to be GM hosted? Can private RP be held there? And then how long is this going to be closed off? I just want to know some details.

It's not exactly banned, but due to its nature the RP has to be handled a bit delicately for now. I will be running events through Uldum (ICly exploring Archaeology achievements and possibly interactions with Ramkahen) but as of right now IC-knowledge of Uldum is minimal. There are no maps of the region as it's a very large [and mysterious -- OOoOoooOooo] desert. The belven Reliquary and the dwarven Explorer's League do get on the scene but as Rigley said so far many expeditions have failed, so much of the knowledge is based on myth and speculation. Reiterating what Rigley said, Ramkahen is currently closed. :)
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
In short:

Uldum has very little information being released as to what is inside, and what the stuff inside really is. People can come and go, and even enter Tol'vir cities (and Ramkahen), but they will find themselves being told to depart shortly after, and will be met with little hospitality.

In short, the Tol'vir have yet to decide if they want the foreign races snooping about their cities, and thus are just politely asking you to scram rather than actually driving people out.

The only established camp is Schnottz's, and that one similarly doesn't want many people coming and going.
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Right. Okay. That makes a little more sense now.
Can... can I attack Tol Barad with my Colonel?
Do you have what it takes to join the Fighting Blues?
Do you have what it takes to defend your homeland?
Will you stand up in defense of the innocent? The weak?
Will you stand up in defense of Justice and the Law?

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRVE3uy8TjirssygDEKMi2...Ia13_WYQpw]

(04-23-2013, 07:49 PM)Rigley Wrote: MOONGLADE
Moonglade is largely unaffected. The druidic groups here have begun to allow trolls to take residency. The Night Elves are, as a whole, unamused by this decision.

The mending of Hyjal has been disrupted, with cultists and the elements themselves raging across the entirety of this region. So far the druids have yet to request aid, and believe the threat to be containable. They are wholly unaware to what the Twilight's Hammer truly plans.

So, hey! This Cataclysm lore thing. I'm wondering if there's been any updates on the status of these two bits. Specifically, what's Fandral up to? And has the Twilight's Hammer made any progress in Hyjal?
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
Oh hey, this thread is a thing still.


Northshire has been cleared of its Blackrock orcs for some time, and efforts are being made to fix the damage caused by the orcs. Will they return? Who knows.

Westfall has fallen on (more) hard times as the Defias Brotherhood has arisen once again, burning Sentinel Hill and reclaiming the town of Moonbrook for their own operations. Many of the homeless from outside Sentinel Hill and in Moonbrook have joined the new Brotherhood.

Solidarity Row in Duskwood was reclaimed from the undead. Hopefully its new owners don't try to burn Stormwind.
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