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Catch you on the flip side, playa'!
Ok. I'm out. Like, for real this time. Seriously.

I'm not going to make some giant raging post like last time because I'm not really like that. Sure, I can get fired up but I consider myself a passive person so I'm just going to say a couple things and call out some nice things about a couple people.

The last time I went away was out of frustration and annoyance but now I just feel reluctant to be apart of this server anymore. So instead of feeling like one to rant and rage about it I just felt that perhaps it's time for me to move on, ya know? I also want to reinforce that this was not because of the actions of anyone in general or am I in anyway trying to signal people out here so don't assume I'm taking my leave with Kelibarcis because that's not the case.

My leave is mainly because this place is not really giving me any enjoyment anymore. The constant bickering with one another is really getting to me as this seems to be the focus of all the general doings lately. I did brush on this when I complained before that a lot of the people caught in the middle or in third parties can be affect by a lot of the nonsense building up around them.

Also, the flow of RP for be has ended. I only come on this server now to do GM things. I thought there would be a way to balance both the GM tasks that I do and the RP that I wanted to have but it seems as I got further into one, the other diminished into nothing. I only really have the game running in the background now as I do other things and wait for people who want my help.

Lastly, I'm going to have to focus some more of my time in my actual real life situations I'm going through. I've lost a couple things and I need to bring my attention more on where I am with life rather than my fantasies in a video game. (not to say I won't continue to enjoy myself with games) but I can't really achieve any goals in life that I want if I just sit in a dank room in front of a computer now, eh?

Now, I may have not done the most work or have been the best GM out there. I mean, I've made my mistakes and all but I hope a lot of you are appreciative of the things I have done to you while in my role. I hope people enjoyed my company and role play and I really hope people actually were able to enjoy me as a person. I have gotten close to a couple of you and I hope you'll still try and seek communication with me because I'll gladly have a chat when I'm online.

Now, I can't really be stuffed typing out another large brick of text for the GM forums either so count this as some sort of resignation message thing too. xD

Anyway, I'm done with my emotional dribble post so I'll just toss out that if you want to contact me then you can add me on;
MSN – <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]][email protected]</a><!-- e --> (probably would contact me on windows live though and not be email because I get a lot of spam that I don't read.)
Steam - Sasail
AIM – Bikkifishcube

So yeah.

Oh and on another note; Cressy, you HAVE to show me some baby pictures when he's born. This is like the thing I've been waiting out for here and keep in touch!

So long! Don't be a stranger!
-Sassy <3 (messages of love welcome. xD)
[Image: Untitled-332.png]
Awww. I'm going to miss you. ;_; Now who's going to try to mind control me off cliffs or idle with me in Shatterspear? =(
Good luck with real life though!
I'm sorry it had to come to this. Good luck and come back and visit us.
Awww...That makes me sad to hear, Sas.

I dont know if it means anything, but you where always REALLY nice to everyone and always spent time to have fun. You are one of the few GM's I can recall having silly OOC conversations with! We will really miss having you around.

In any case, expect me to add you on MSN so I can pester you more often :)
You´ll be missed! I´ll try to keep in touch over steam!
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Sometimes sacrifices need to be made in order to get ahead in life. I understand. Was nice to chat with you and thanks you for all your help as a GM.

Im not going to say goodbye, Im not good at that <:P
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(01-13-2011, 07:40 AM)Zarquon Wrote: And Drarry's a nice guy, really!

In every life we have some trouble,
But when you worry you make it double,
Dont worry,
Be happy!
I've not really got much intelligent to say, so I'll stick to the basics:
I've always appreciated what you've done as a GM, although as you say, I didn't often have the chance to meet you IC. I'm guessing you made the right choice and all that, so good luck with whatever you're planning to give priority in the future!
Hogral Coalbeard - Impulsive Explorer
I can relate, I will also be leaving, and while the RP on this server has in-fact become less of what it was, Real life things need to be attended to first, I have a great many things to attend to. I hope life goes well for you, and thank you for your ireplacable contributions to this server, you deserve more, but I am under a strict time limit here as class starts in a few minutes.

Bye Everyone, and thanks for the fantastic RP you guys made possible in the past.
Honestly he's the most visible and PR GM to the players out there (That, or we're on the same timezone). He's always there, willing to talk, sometimes in Darkshore or wreaking havoc in some group's RP. See you Sas, Enjoyed you slaying refugees while I protected them. :)

I'd still be here, you could probably see where the server is time and again and visit. I'd be there to buzz you. Not like Kret tho. I can't shoot arrows in your chest. XD
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Gorudo Goldforge - Goldforge Clan Remnant and Ranger
Turic Carsten - Stormwind Regular

Aww, I had fun whenever I RPed with you, we had fun OOCly too.

To bad you have to leave, Sasmaster.
Mabra Dragonbasher- A battle hungry dwarven lady, hirable for personal protection and for larger tasks requiring violence.

I just started crying when I read this. :/

But I totally understand how you are feeling, and can agree with everything...


You better come back to see all the pictures and random crap that I stir up!

[Image: anigif_mobile_9893b2566588ab845c7985f71769a9f2-7.gif]
A shame to hear you're leaving, but y'know, you gotta do it.

You've always been a great GM, and you'll certainly be missed.

Good luck with whatever you do!
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
It's a shame. But I simultaneously understand. You'll be missed!
I'll miss hanging with you in game but I'll keep in touch on steam. I hope you decide to come back one day.
[Image: classic-76561197997915481.png]
I'm trying to think of what to say but I think my response is the same from, uh, the more awkward announcement you made.

I won't go into much detail here, mainly bc I'm about to puke from finishing yoga. I'll just hit you up on IM sometime.
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