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Cathleen Boyle[Worgen Druid]
Player: flammos200

Character Full Name: Cathleen Boyle

Character In-Game Name: Cathleen

Nickname(s): Cathy, Scarfang.

Association(s): The Order of the Harvest, the followers of the Old Faith, the Cenarion Circle and the cult of Goldrinn.

Race: Worgen

Class: Druid

Skills and Abilities: In spite of her now natural propensity for shapeshifting, Cathleen’s efforts are focused more on using the forces of nature themselves in combat as opposed to taking on animal forms or healing. She is also quite good at using her natural claws and fangs in combat, and often augments her already tough hide with hard bark and the like.

Age: 28

Sex: Female

Hair: Strawberry blonde; her fur is blue-gray.

Eyes: Blue.

Weight: 120 kg.

Height: 2.50 m

Usual Garments/Armor: Little. Shorts, something to cover her chest, handwraps and footwraps.

Other: She has a relatively heavy, muscular build. Markings and symbols of the Old Faith are inked upon her skin, and there is a fairly visible vertical scar on her upper lip that seems to bring her discomfort in very cold climates. She is an excellent specimen as regards her natural weaponry - her claws and fangs.

Personality: Cathleen embraces her form and her function fully. She is extremely thankful to Goldrinn for the blessings he has placed upon the Worgen, and venerates the aspects of nature from which she draws her powers. A firm adherent to the Old Faith, she has incorporated the worship of the Wolf Ancient into her belief system. Cathleen is slow to anger, but once provoked she tends to lash out explosively at whatever draws her ire. The girl does not bother reconciling her human heritage with the newfound aspects of being a Worgen – the curse merely exacerbated her already primitive and primal outlook on life.

Mildly claustrophobic, Cathleen is most at home in nature, and tries to avoid cities as much as possible, but realizes that this is not an option in today's world. Nevertheless, she likes social interaction just as much as anyone and her pack mentality tends to end with her working as part of a group more often than not.

Of the races, Cathleen is naturally distrustful – and even hateful in many cases – of the Horde, and feels a little bothered by the fact that her ancient and honorable people have to ask for help from the Alliance, but makes no comment towards such a view. She’d rather take help than end up dead at the hands of the Forsaken or the minions of the Destroyer. Cathleen puts much stock in history, and has studied that of Gilneas extensively, and tends to roam the world in search of apples, ruins and lost lore even nowadays.

History: Born to a Harvest Witch who'd taken fondly to a farmer, Cathleen’s childhood was relatively hectic and unusual. On the one hand, she was observing the strange rituals practiced by her mother's order, and on the other she tried doing whatever she could to help on the farm.

Starting work early steeled her body, but it was not long into her early life that she was initiated into the Order of the Harvest, and training began in earnest. At first, she hated studying. At least, the parts of it that involved books – observing and learning from nature, the patterns of animals and crops, divining the signs of the skies and such were perfectly fine, but books just stumped her. Gradually, she came into her own, however in spite of the dire times that the Order was facing. She was not affected much at all by the Northgate Rebellion, later on.

Cathleen’s work as a Harvest Witch of her own included aiding in the restoration of the harvest that put an end to the Gilnean Famine which occurred after the Greymane Wall was built, as well as helping with officiating Wickerman and Noblegarden festivals – at least, for those in the agrarian sides of the kingdom of Gilneas that attended such.

Nevertheless, Cathleen learned from the wilds over time and when afflicted with the Curse, it only amplified her powers, ending with her becoming a rampaging torrent of destruction that had to be contained. And indeed she was, until the cure came and a measure of sanity came to the girl.

As the world opened up, she took to traveling to Kalimdor, to attain the blessing of Goldrinn proper, and managed to integrate herself well into the Cenarion Circle, benefiting greatly of their collective wisdom and the secrets to ever greater heights of druidic potential. Lately however, she has taken to wandering Azeroth, free of the tiny peninsula she was once caged in and of the humanity that held her back from true communion with nature.
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Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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