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Celen Ridaken [Blood elf information broker]
(Just added one paragraph! and changed her class! that is all!)

Character Full Name: Celen Sunspear

Character In-Game Name: Celen

Nickname(s): Fofo.

Association(s): Works for the Sunfire family, troublemaker for Dawn's reach, Grey millita, etc.

Race: Blood elf

Class: Warrior.

Skills and abilities:

Hatred is magic: Celen, unlike any Blood elf, -hates- everything that involves magic in it, she has an anti magic cloak that blocks one spell a day (Got approved by GMs) and now she is continuing her vengeance and tries to find more ways to counter magic, she had enchanted her armor with fire protection and her shield with magic resistance it,. It might even deflect a spell. Celen is continuing to find ways to fight spells from hearing Spell breakers tales or finding one to help her a bit.

Purple training: Celen has started training with Izshandriel, gaining a lot of expert training from maybe the best warrior out there, she has learned everything about survival, fighting, etc.

Age: 32

Sex: Female

Hair: Red

Eyes: Fel green

Weight: 126 lbs

Height: 5'8

Usual Garments/Armor: Walks in agile plated armor.

Other: Celen improved her armor with hidden blades. When she learned the arcane, she also learned enchanting, so she enchanted her quiver with fire arrows.

Personality: Celen acts on the now and not thinking on the then. She is cautious most of the time, but when she's angry she acts on impulse. She is very truthful and hates to lie unless it leads to the target she has set in mind. If someone does wrong, she will be upset with them, though she will worry for a friend. She will run after the person she loves, no matter where they go. She likes women more than men meaning she will stick to the feminine opinion more then the male opinion. The saying: "Curiosity killed the cat," is a saying she likes and it very suits her. She is observant and has really good senses. She is arrogant and acts tough, but inside she is a weak girl who can't stand being ignored or hated by her friend. Being hated by her enemies is fine.

She was born to a family of magisters. Her life wasn't easy because as soon she was old enough she began her training as a mage. Her father was merciless and wanted power; however her mom was a calm and loving figure. She trained hard and she succeeded. By the age of 21 she already was a talented mage with a lot of potential and she was a good enchanter and inscriber. She was called "the little genius.” Her father was proud of her training and he trained her for 12 hours a day, with little time to rest or be with friends. When she saw her father praise her success she smiled and loved him; however when she failed, her father humiliated her saying: "You don't even belong here, You are a worthless child." Because of that she closed in upon herself and wasn't very social.

A couple of months after her birthday, she went to her exams to start learning as an adult. During the exams she saw a giant horde of undead and Arthas leading it. She went running around the city as she entered a hiding spot at an abandoned street below a house. While hiding, she saw the legs of ghouls and abominations as they walked by. She prayed to the light that she wouldn't get caught. She hid for a week and she survived by conjuring food for herself. As the war ended she crawled out, dusty from the hiding, and went to see her family. As soon as she arrived her father forced her to train. They went to the training grounds and she tried to shoot a fireball, but she was unable to manifest the magic. Her father was amazed at what happened. He kicked her in the gut saying, "You're worthless to our family; never come back, and I don't want to see your face here again."

Running and crying across the street, she went back to her hiding place unable to go back to her family, because her father thought she was a worthless child. She lived from the food she stole and she gotten better in stealing. She took food in many ways. For example: She walked to the man who sold apples at the time and she said to him, "Please can you give me an apple I'm starving and I have no family," and he refused. She would walk away "falling" from the man's leg, accusing him for trying to hit her. When the guards arrived and made a commotion she would take a bag with food in it, and sneak away. That is how she lived her first few months alone, crying almost every day from the loss of social life and unable to get back to her family. She toughened up and placed the sorrow aside and placed curiosity instead.

A year past since that dreadful event; she was still crawling at the destroyed parts in Silvermoon. As she walked around the city she saw a group of people with green crystals unknown to her. She walked close to them and an adult man came to her and told her, "Here, absorb this you and you will feel a lot better with yourself." She absorbed the power. Her world turned upside down, feeling pain no longer, she started seeing the world in different angle. She walked around thinking she could use magic again since her new power had a source. She went to a certain place and tried and it worked, but she remembered how cruel her father was to her. She said to herself: "He will be so happy when he sees she got her powers back..." Still she couldn't do it; she didn't want to live a life of a cruel noble. She preferred to live as a happy street rat. She began crafting weapons out of knives that she found on the street and daggers she stole from people. She got more comfortable with her life, giving her a feel that the streets is more like her home.

Another year passed since the high elves had turned into blood elves. She saw people stealing and killing and she learned to defend herself in the street. One day, something happened. She was stealing goods as usual. When she walked back, a man was waiting for her with daggers. She looked at him and said, "What do you want from me scum?" He laughed hard and said back, "I am here to eat with you." She nodded and put the food on the ground near a hidden dagger and some knives. She picked the knives up and ran toward him throwing a knife, missing. He pulled her from the ground, threatening her with his dagger to her throat. She yelled and cried that she wanted to live. Suddenly, a man came from behind him, slicing his throat and saving Folena. He picked her up and told her how he got here and saved her. After a couple of days of living with the man, she asked him if he could train her. After a bit of talking he gave up and decided to train her.

They went out of Silvermoon. She walked with him and he explained who those men were and how he knew about her. They walked and walked, camping in the nights. She trained with two daggers, two swords, and a bow, slowly making progress as she trained like her father did. Though she hated it, she didn't want to fail. The man did tell her to stop and take a break, but she refused and she kept training and training.

Years passed since she left Silvermoon and started her new life, gaining the name Folena Blazeshot, because her quiver was enchanted by herself to shoot fire arrows. The man was proud of her and they traveled across Azeroth, looking for jobs to accomplish and training more and more. They met a man selling fine, leather armor with black and dark red colors. As she fell in love with the armor, she asked him if they could get it, and they bought it. She wore the armor and said, "This armor is perfect! I can find a lot of potential with this fine armor!" She began improving her armor, putting hidden blades in her shoulders, her legs, her gloves and her belt. They arrived at Tanaris. He told her he needed to meet a friend so he could talk to him and ask him if there were any jobs for them to accomplish. She trusted him and waited, looking at the man meeting his friend at the desert. But then she saw him falling on the ground, she ran to him and saw a dagger stabbed in his chest. She drew her blades and after a short battle, she killed the man who killed her beloved "father." She mourned his death, saying he was the best man out there and that he was like a father to her.

She traveled back to Silvermoon after having been gone seven years. As she walked by the inn she saw an adult girl that was walking inside. Her curiosity filled her as she walked in and she saw no one. She looked around a little more and then saw another exit, so she thought that she exited there. She exited to the bazaar and looked around. Seeing no one she came back. Then, behind the wall, she appeared asking her, "Have you been looking for someone?" They talked and she fell in love with this girl. She then understood that her name was Lux and fell in love with her. By being close to her, her love to her kept growing and growing.

A week later she met a priest named Varania. They talked and decided that Folena would work for her as her bodyguard. They became good friends and later on lovers. One day, a man named Keir came and she talked to him. He contracted her to do this job: kill Kostus. She was told he wassn't the man who he really was. During the talk to Keir, a foolish blood knight named Theiel eavesdropped on the conversation. She was told to take care of him. She came to the bar blushing at him and said, "I have something to tell you." She snickered and as she showed him the way she mumbled a few words. They came to a dark ally and she told him, "I LOVE YOU!" She ran up to him for a hug. As she drew her in, she took a hidden blade from her glove, stabbing him while Keir stabbed him in the back. They left him heavily wounded and ran away from the guards.

They arrived at Booty Bay, changing their appearances and beginning life anew. Folena called herself "Celen Sunspear," the family name of the man who trained her. She found new armor at the auction nearby and got it at a fairly low price.

Celen couldn't leave her old life, because she still loved Lux. She left Booty Bay and ran back to Silvermoon, confessing that she loved her, then ran away crying, thinking she didn't want her. A day after that she heard Lux say that she should go. She got mad at her and slapped her, running away to hide somewhere with Varania.

Celen has evolved in the past few years, making friends and enemies. Celen now works for Reigen doing all kinds of ominous jobs, but while she works for Reigen, she is training under a Certain Night elf: Izshandriel. Training with Izshandriel is hard, but she thinks she has to take the path as a warrior to truly be able to face the coming threats, the Chimera and a couple of months after that.. Death wing and the hazards of Azeroth

"A hidden blade is like a hidden person, you never know his there but when you do it hurts."
Might I suggest that you add a skills and abilities section to explain more about her class? If you aren't just sticking with the baseline it will help the GMs figure out what your character's class is supposed to be like.
Updated with six new shiny skills! Hope it suffices!

I am going to continue adding them until I feel my creativity for her will stop (it won't happen soon)
So just check what there is right now! And the second she reaches initial or approved I will stop adding.
Well, to be very honest, I don't see how most of those things count as 'Skills and Abilities'. If anything, it could all be summed up in that she's well-connected. All the other so-called skills would depend on player interaction. I'd suggest keeping it short and to the point. "Taking the fall" really sounds more like a personality trait than a skill, to be honest.

There's also the fact that most of it sounds a bit too much like the Rogue class. Infiltrator is technically a rogue prestige class in the RPG. That "title" is not something you need to change, just take it into consideration. If she's really a warrior, then I'd like to see more warrior-related skills. :P
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
The idea of the 'class' change was not really to become -warrior- she retains all her rogue skills and such, she is just training to become more powerful against the troubles of Azeroth, she is not changing, she is becoming stronger, she wants to enchance her abilities, in all the ranges.

Those skills are actually, social skills to tumble society, to be honest, those are how she interacts with them, you can't really give 'skills' for information brokering, the infiltrator part is just there, I'll remove it.

She is a broker, takes information, tweaks it, adds lies here truths there and gives it out for other more valuable information
there is no much too it.

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