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Celia (Human Rogue, Shadeweaver)
Player: MstrCorvus

Character Full Name: Celia

Character In-Game Name: Celia

Nickname: Cel

Association(s): Shadeweavers

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities:

- Shadeweaver Aspirant: Celia has the skills that every Shadeweaver Aspirant acquires before setting out on their trial. She was taught how to wield a short balde with speed and grace. It also covers cooking, hunting, smithing, leatherworking and first aid.

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 61Kg

Height: 167cm

Scale: 1

Appearance: Celia is average height for a human and built fairly solidly, having lean muscle across her body. Her black hair is kept short and out of her face.

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Celia is a very curious person, despite having to keep her excessive curiosity hidden. When around people she does not know, she tries to remain formal and distant to comply with her trial’s code but she often finds herself being friendly and nice to people during conversation. She tries to avoid taverns and restaurants because she does not buy food or drink, making her own to comply with the Shadeweaver teachings. Her personality is friendly but she is not flirty or romantic in any way at all because she has no idea what romance looks like and knows that it is forbidden until she finishes her trial.

Celia was born in Stormwind City several years before the start of the Second War. Her mother and father were soldiers but had taken leave to look after their new baby girl. Before the time that Celia could toddle, the Orcs sacked the city and her parents sent Celia off to a farm that one of their friends owned. Both of them were killed and the poor four year old became an orphan.

Celia was raised by the farmers and never knew the truth about her real parents although she did consider it strange that her ‘parents’ and ‘brother’ all had blonde hair but hers was jet black. She never thought anything of it and grew up tending the farm for several years until the Defias came. One day when she was around eleven years old, a band of Defias raiders sacked the farm and she hid in a pile of hay until they had gone. Hours after the raiders had left; she emerged from her hiding place to find that the only home she had known had been destroyed, her family lying butchered in the ruins of their farmhouse. She cried for hours over their corpses before realising she had to leave in case they came back. There wasn’t much a scared, lonely little girl knew about survival but she grabbed whatever she could carry and started a long hike towards the Alliance outpost nearby.

By the time she reached her destination, she was cold, starving and scared. The soldiers took her in and gave her a warm meal and a safe place to sleep for the night. She explained to them what had happened and they could only offer their condolences as this is something they saw often. After a week, she was given a meagre amount of coin and thrown out onto the street.

Celia spent her years until she was fourteen living in cold, dark sewers and hiding from anyone who may try to find her and found she had a skill for remaining unseen on the streets. After the third war rolled by and the Kaldorei became more common in the Eastern Kingdoms, she viewed the elves with intrigue and respect for their unique connection with nature and their grace.

One day, she was skulking around the Park and trying to find something to fill her starving belly when she was caught by a Night Elf man as she tried to pluck fruit out of his pack. The fourteen year old girl expected to be thrown over to the guards or, worse, killed. But to her surprise the Kaldorei simply stared at her with his glowing gaze curiously. He noticed she was off the streets and offered her lunch, introducing himself as Erudor. As she ate, he asked her what had happened to her family and she told him. He stayed silent for a long time before offering her a way out of the gutter if she was willing to go through rigorous training and give up any hope of romance until she had finished. She eagerly accepted, being led by her hunger instead of her mind.

So she was taken down to Stranglethorn Vale and trained relentlessly for eight years in the art of the Shadeweaver. She was taught how to fight with a short blade using speed and dexterity as well as to live off the land and how to make her own food. She was told about the hundred trials she would face once her training was complete and she accepted her new life with open arms. Along her training, she bandaged the wing of an injured owl and nursed it back to health as a test of her medical skills. The bird grew attached to her over the lengthy recovering period and once it had healed, it decided to stay with her and she kept him as a companion through her lonely tears of training.

By time she turned twenty-one, she had been turned into a weapon, someone able to move through the shadows and strike with the speed and force of a cheetah. Her master told her that she was no longer an apprentice, but a Shadeweaver Aspirant and she must embark on her hundred trials and not return until they were complete. The young woman embarked on her journey with nothing but the armor she had made, the blade she had forged and her owl companion. She now wanders the world in search of things that will teach her a lesson about both the world and herself in order to complete her trial.
“Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.”
— G.K. Chesterton

[Image: tumblr_n9hl98KKPd1r4fnslo1_500.gif]

Have a puppy Ruby and a nice day.
Under her skills and abilities, you put the part of her having the skills of every Shadeweaver. Unfortunately, you can't really go on WoWPedia and look up what a Shadeweaver is, so if I were you, I'd put in a short summary of any outstanding abilities, just for safesies.
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