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Celonia Solarius (blood elf hunter)
Player: Maarten777

Character Full Name: Celonia Solarius

Character In-Game Name: Celonia

Nickname(s): None yet

Association(s): Silvermoon

Race: Blood elf

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities: Most weapons feel natural to her friendly side. A skilled warrior when she is having one of her moments.

Age: 149

Sex: Female

Hair: Black, usually tied together.

Eyes: Green, like all Blood elves

Weight: 73 kg

Height: 1.92 M

Usual Garments/Armor: Usually found in any of her dresses unless going out of Silvermoon, then she will probably wear her leather armor.

Other: None notable

Personality: Celonia is usually a kind and friendly woman, usually a smile on her face. Sometimes a bit shy and easily intimidated by those bigger than herself or people she doesn’t like. She is loyal to her partner. She sees most races as neutral. She like the Draenei and the Tauren, seeing several of the latter as brothers, their wisdom and knowledge coming helpful from time to time. She has a slight hatred for Orcs, having been in war with them for a few years and she was never too fond of the Forsaken but her partner, Ithillan (played by Denisalex) likes them and because of that she is willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Due to a past addiction to a certain drug she still copes with the side effects, sometimes giving her a crazy and highly unstable moment. Sometimes she sees herself as weak for turning to the fel to deal with her addiction.

History: Celonia was born the daughter to a priest of the Light and a small time crime lord. Her mother knew nothing of his workings, and neither did Celonia for a part of her life. She lived a rather calm life for the most part.

From the age of 16 she did some small, not dangerous work for her father, delivering small packages and the likes. Her father gave her some training with swords, starting off with simple wooden blades, wanting her to become an assassin for his organization. Once she reached the age of 49 she was rather skilled with her blades, not the level of a professional swords(wo)man but skilled.

She continued doing small, menial tasks for her father, promising him never to tell her mother. Mostly delivering small packages with only the few occasional extortions which she immediately regretted, she just wanted to make her father happy. One day her father slipped an experimental drug into her drink, using her as a test subject. The drug worked but in a way he did not anticipate and she did whatever he told her. Her father, seeing the potential of that side, started training her to become an assassin, bodyguard and someone to do dirty work for him without question. He trained that side to fight with different kind of weapons, most of which are kept in the back of her head, knowing how to fight with most light weight weapons almost naturally . He often kept slipping the drug into her drinks when he needed her obedient side. The drug was never released to the “public” due to her father being paranoid that other organizations would use it against him.

She continued doing small tasks on her friendlier side and did assassinations, extortions and the like on her obedient side until she reached the age of 99. At this age she screwed up a small, menial task, her father started yelling at her and in his raging he said the wrong things, eventually leading to Celonia killing him.

Her mother told her of what happened but was unaware at that time who killed her father. Even after her mother learned Celonia killed her father and learning of his criminal business she refused to tell Celonia yet still blaming her. Once she turned 120 she started hearing reports of green creatures decimating cities and killing many. She started drinking to deal with the reports and the occasional heavily wounded and often mutilated human. After the war she promised her mother to stop drinking.

At the start of the second war her mother was called forth to help with the healing of the wounded. She took Celonia with her because there was no one to look after her. The war took its toll on Celonia and her mother, often having fights with each other. At the base she saw Orcs but none came close enough to have been a real threat. She was horrified by the Orcs and broke her promise again, her way of dealing with problems. After the second war she returned home with her mother, having some emotional scars from the sight of the Orcs and the fights with her mother. She still doesn’t like them, not even to look at. She promised to stop her drinking again.

From that moment to the third war she lived a calm life with the occasional moments of her going crazy and being unstable. The times her mother found out Celonia was locked in her room and the key was taken away until she calmed down again. Once the third war started reports of the dead coming back to life and killing many arrived. Celonia discarded them as drunken man’s tales, having experience with being drunk.

As soon as Arthas marched on Silvermoon she saw the undead marching towards her home. She ran home and told her mother. Her mother said Celonia drank again and didn’t believe her until the guards started evacuating because of the undead. Celonia and her mother ran with the rest of the civilians, they fled to Stormwind. During their time in Stormwind her mother bough Celonia a small, white kitten (or so she thought). Celonia was happy with the new kitten and named her Jillian, in honor of a friend she had in Stormwind.
Several times during the war Celonia felt like drinking again as a way to deal with her magical addiction, only to be stopped by her mother who decided to keep a close eye on her during this war. During the third war she couldn’t help but turn to the fel to deal with her addiction.

After the war the two returned home to help rebuild, helping the weak, wounded and elderly before helping others. She accepted the fact that the high elves were no more and started calling herself and the rest of her kind Blood Elves.The kitten her mother bought turned out not to be a small cat that would remain small, it turned out to be a white lion. Due to the time Celonia and Jillian spent together the lion didn’t attack or bother Celonia or her mother in any way. She lived out most of the rest of her life until this point rather calm, having only the occasional trouble with the side effects of the drug, lashing out to people for and having pointless fights about the smallest and simplest of things, sometimes endangering her or other people’s lives.

Having recently given birth to a daughter after having been in labor for 27 hours, her love, Ithillan was with her the entire time during the process.
I will not be forgotten. This is my time to shine. I've got the scars to prove it. Only the strong survive. I'm not afraid of dying. Everyone has their time. Life never favored weakness.

Welcome to the pride!
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.

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