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Cerron Emberglow [Highborne]

'''Player:''' [[User:Vee|Zhaei]]

'''Character Full Name:''' Cerron Emberglow

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Cerron

'''Associations:''' The Shen'dralar, the Night Elves, the Alliance

'''Race:''' [[Night Elf|Highborne]]

'''Class:''' [[Warrior]]

'''Age:''' 10,832

Cerron is tall and thin for his kind, the usual butch frame replaced by a wiry, lean one; though he is less physically strong than the average Night Elf, he still retains his fitness. Age has touched his features: the beginnings of wrinkles show at his eyes, forehead and palms. Preferring a simple appearance, Cerron is usually garbed in plain robes with little extravagance or colour to them.

Most of his items are enchanted in one way or another.
*A simple cloth satchel that holds more than its outside appearance suggests.
*Steel-backed leather armour that can be folded and stored away.
*A finely wrought blade that can be disguised (and used) as a simple walking stick, for when a blade at one's hip is not the wisest of appearances.
*A pendant of shaped oak that warns its wearer when they are being scryed, allowing them to cast a ward to prevent it.
*A simple silver band that vibrates at a specific frequency, emitting a sound too high-pitched for any worldly ear to detect; linked to another ring of the same enchantment in the possession of his lifemate, it serves as a vague measurement of proximity to its paired ring.

'''Sex:''' Male

'''Hair:''' Argent, long. Usually left to its own whim.

'''Eyes:''' Silver

'''Weight:''' 254

'''Height:''' 7'2''


Cerron is wise and stoic as befits his age and people. Placing great value in clarity of mind, he is almost unnaturally calm and composed in many situations that would warrant otherwise. His age and experience lend him great social ability, and he ensures good manners and respect to all those who deserve it in his eyes.

Contemplative almost to the point of being withdrawn, aloofness can often be mistakenly drawn from his character where there is little – though he and his kind have long basked in the glory of superiority, he strives at every turn to reject the hubris that brought destruction to the world many years ago. In this, he reflects the pious – he is humble in manner and appearance, lending what he can to those who need it more than he.

Cerron is somewhat contrary in the fact that he relishes the acquisition of knowledge but yearns for the freedom of the open air. Among this, some of his interests involve debate, discussion, chess and other games of the mind, meditation, and storytelling. He has a strong disdain for the orcs – though he was not witness to the atrocities he was told they committed, this knowledge along with the obvious destruction of the sacred forest he long yearned to experience again is more than enough to incite hatred. Though he does not consider himself particularly faithful to the Alliance, he knows full well that they are his allies in the new world and the Horde are, as a rule, not friendly, though he does have some respect for the tauren. He is quite fascinated with the draenei, understandably, and seeks not only their magical knowledge but their culture and society.


Compared to their kaldorei counterparts, the Highborne were quite simply a better people; rich, powerful and frighteningly intelligent, they were the most esteemed group on the entire planet. Their spellcraft knew no equal, but neither did their pride. Their possessions were coveted by all, but their arrogance was scorned. In fact, the Highborne were so obsessed with magical power and prestige that they engaged in selective breeding; a couple would be arranged to be married as to create the most magically talented child from their offspring.

Cerron was one such child. He was born in the fabled city of Eldre'thalas, where Azshara entrusted her most dangerous secrets and most powerful servants. Cerron's parents, Lyeria and Mandorial, did not truly love each other; they were barely a millennia old when they had their child, and were not destined for each other. However, both were exceedingly powerful magi and Cerron was expected to be the same. Necessity and socio-cultural pressure kept them together.

Cerron' purpose was known to him from a very young age: the Moon Guard. In fact, he begun being tutored in magic before he was even three hundred years of age, a mere child to his people. Cerron took well to his studies; the arcane ran through his blood like his brothers and sisters ran through the forest. His teacher was a snide, austere man, but a shrewd one who had mastered the theory of magic and how to teach it. Lessons would consist of a rigid daily schedule intended to strengthen both mind and body, for at that time magic was not only dangerous and powerful, it was mentally and physically taxing to control; the arcane arts were not intended for mere children as even the immortal Quel’dorei were to its creators. Despite his magical talent, Cerron sought more than a life in a dusty library, poring over tomes and scrolls. Often would he look upon the, albeit less privileged, warriors of the lower castes.

However, the idyllic city of Eldre'thalas was not, even with the concentrated presence of powerful magi, safe from otherworldly threats. Azeroth (for it was a single continent at this time) was swept up in the tide of war. His great people, the eternal Quel'dorei, had succumbed to the whispered promises of unfathomable power, and Cerron resented them for it. He was not outside of the realm of magical addiction (quite the opposite, in fact; his use of magic was exciting and thrilling for the young elf) but Eldre'thalas was not perfectly connected to Zin-Azshari in terms of communication and thus the budding arcanist knew little but the world being split into pieces and his city laid under siege. Luckily, the great lupine ancient, Goldrinn, was at hand to protect his city, and, with the combined might of the wolf spirit and his powerful brothers and sisters, Eldre'thalas was kept from obliteration.

Yet, despite the city's narrow survival, the magi of Eldre'thalas were crippled by the loss of the Well of Eternity, the source of their magical power. The period of bereavement they suffered was cut short, however, by Prince Tortheldrin, the leader of their city. Mighty pylons were constructed to to imprison the demonic behemoth known as Immol'thar, a remnant of the War of the Ancients. Cerron was initially fearful of it, but his worry quickly subsided as he realised its power to sate his lethargy.

Mastery of magic was not the only goal of the Shen'dralar; though they were spellcrafters beyond compare, the fount from which they drew their power was inherently a corrupt and unsustainable source: though the behemoth Immol'thar's magical energy was seemingly perennial, some of the Highborne knew full well that the perverse idyll was not to last. Still, life trapped inside the crumbling haven was not unpleasant if one could ignore the undesirable goings on within the inner sanctums of Shen'dralar. Although the clamorous breeding practices of long past had slowly began to fade into memory, Cerron still sought out a mate if only for companionship; still, the practices of his people only a few millennia ago still affected his decision, and the woman he sought out was accomplished in her own right. A fellow arcanist who had expansive knowledge of ley lines and their uses, she served as not only a lover, but a student, teacher, and peer, as well.

At some point in the prolonged timeline of the Shen'dralar, their city was invaded. Brutish ogres, wicked satyr, devilish imps: all broke into Eldre'thalas in search of the power within. Though they fought valiantly, the Highborne were in no state to fend them off; retreating to the inner sanctums of the city, Cerron and his people stowed themselves away in a more defensive position. Though peace was tentatively restored, their Prince grew worse. Rumours of disappearances began to crop up.

Ten thousand years is a long time spend anywhere, let alone a single broken city. Indeed, Cerron and many of his kin were becoming or had long grown bored; though the vast libraries of ancient knowledge could satisfy nearly any magical interest, there were many who had other goals and dreams. Some wanted to explore the world they had been detached from for so long; some wanted to reconnect with the kaldorei and their ancient heritage; some wanted to meet these new races of which rumours had been whispered into Shend'ralar. Cerron yearned simply for freedom: he was exasperated with his restrictive environment. However, this was not quite so easy to accomplish. Tortheldrin kept on with his nefarious methods of gaining power, and his people could do little to stop it.

However, others could. In what was such a short time for such a momentous event, Eldre'thalas was liberated by nothing more than a group of adventurers after loot and glory. Prince Tortheldrin was slain along with his fell captive, and the Highborne found themselves rid of intruders. Naturally, such an ancient people are more than careful: Cerron and his kind stayed within the safety of the walls as they deliberated their new freedom. In fact, it was not until the oldest, wisest of elders began to sense a change on the wind that the Highborne were ready to leave the confines of their self-inflicted prison.

Progress was slow to begin with. Of course, the kaldorei were not content with the Shen'dralar's re-emergence: no-one expected them to be. In fact, it was only until the world was ruptured once again that the Highborne were allowed to re-enter the world, a perverse parallel with how they left it to begin with. Cerron set out to do his part in helping the areas most affected: he travelled through most of northern Kalimdor with his mate, lending his skills – usually in the form of combat – to those in need.

==Skills and Abilities==

A truly ancient warrior, thousands of years of rigorous training and practice has has given Cerron masterful combat skills. Despite this, he lacks true experience in the field of war, and does not have the combat sense that others, younger though they are, might. Cerron is an illustriously skilled enchanter, and most everything on his person will be infused with magic in one way or another.
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Wow, this profile really sums up a lot about the life of the Highborne! It's pristine and a rolemodel for others that come after Cerron.
(02-24-2012, 10:15 AM)Piroska Wrote: Conspiracy. That's all it is; Kret's afraid that your pure, digital awesomeness would crash the server if it were allowed.
(06-14-2013, 05:42 PM)McKnighter Wrote: Bovel, Lord of Beards

Character About Involvement
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Telaah Draenei Anchorite Writings of an Anchorite

[Image: kiXJxhI.gif]
This profile. It is a good one. I am appeased.

Well done.

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Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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