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Character Concept - Mildred Blackthorn (Worgen Druid/Harvest Witch)
Player: Notaris

Character Full Name: Mildred Blackthorn

Character In-Game Name: Blackthorn

Nickname(s): Milly

Association(s): Currently None

Race: Worgen

Class: Harvest Witch (Druid)

Age: 35

Sex: Female

  • Human: Brown
  • Worgen: Black with gray streaks
Eyes: Heterochromia
  • Right: Green
  • Left: Blue
Scale/Height: .9
  • Human: 5'2" (1.57m)
  • Worgen: 7' (2.13m)
  • Human: 195 lbs (88.45 kg)
  • Worgen: 250 lbs (113.4 kg)
Usual Garments/Armor:
Mildred wears simple, loose, robes currently. These robes barely hug her human form, being held to her via string at key areas. This is all in case she shifts into her Worgen form, doing so the strings will snap and the robes will simply fit her larger form instead of ripping from the process.

Her shoulders are decorated with a feathers shawl, the deep purple tint gives hint that the feathers are that of a raven, a common bird in Gilneas.

Mildred's staff is the only thing that makes her stand out, the staff itself is made from a branch covered in thorns. The top is decorated with a fox's skull, black roses budding out from it's eye sockets.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Her current form greatly affects her personality. As a Human, Mildred is soft spoken and will often times go with the flow of things and keep her opinions to herself.

In her Worgen form she's much more loud about her opinions and will often times make her presence known, this is due to the feral tendencies that claw at her mind when in this form. Though she will still be her shy, quiet, self it will come to no surprise if she fights back and hold her ground while in her Worgen form

Mildred grew up in the rural areas of Gilneas, her and her family helped grow the city-state's supply of fruit, using magic to ensure the fruits grow healthy under the constant over-cast that haunted the area. The constant work in the fields made her become far more tan than the typical Gilnean, whose skin is often as pale as a ghost. Alas, due to the practices of her and her family in being Harvest Witches many often mistook them for dark, evil, folk for their title and for not worshiping the Light.

Alas, in the coming years her mother took ill and her father was slain by a 'massive wolf', leaving Mildred alone to take care of the farm, that is until one, faithful, night she heard a low, horrendous, growl outside her window...

Blood, growls, and screams. That's all she remembers. Her memory being a mere blur of what happened that night. It wasn't till nearly a year later was she detained by a group of Huntsman and taken away in a large, steel, cage to a strange town where people stared at her in sheer terror.

After being forced to drink a potion did she regained a mere glance of her former self. She could think, some what, and control herself to an extent. Constant, feral, thoughts clawed at her mind through this period of control, the woman having to struggle not to chase down anything, or anyone, that crossed her. Though soon enough the feral tendencies that nagged at her would have a more than proper outlet, instead of onto a poor stray fox or child.

When the Forsaken attacked Gilneas Mildred was all-too-happy to oblige to defend her home. Finally, a proper hunt, flesh to rend, blood to spill! Alright, so it wasn't really blood, but embalming fluids, but it was more than enough for her! During this time of slaughter she, and many others, made their home in the dark forest of the Blackwald, where fights were a constant, Alphas were established, the group of Worgen were practically a pack in their own right, though they always bowed to their Human leaders.

After days of fighting and tearing apart Undead, Mildred caught the scent of a stranger in her home, no, more than one. Their scent wasn't Human, nor was it Undead, yet the presence that was carried through the air was alarmingly peaceful. Quick to investigate, Mildred saw a group of three Elves who were performing a ritual of sorts. She didn't understand it, all she saw were flashes of light, Worgen drinking from small bowls, and eating a leaf. What alarmed the Witch was how the Worgen behaved after this strange ritual, they acted Human? No, that's impossible, that can't happen, was she asleep?-

"You. You're next." Those words echo through her mind, even today, as one of the Elves had spotted, and called her out. Distrusting of the Elves and this strange ritual she was reluctant to move from her perch, though after some 'gentle' coaxing from those she saw as her pack she finally went through with it.

Almost immediately after she ate the leaf did she feel a sudden clarity, the nagging, feral, thoughts died off to mere whispers, her vision became clear, she stood up straight, yet when she looked down she still saw herself a beast. Memories rushed back to her, who she was before being afflicted, what she did, who her family was, as if she had opened a family album for the first time to relive a life she never had. This didn't stop her from her duties, she still had a mission to defend her home, and she did for as long as she could.

Sadly, like every other Gilnean, Mildred fled her home- it didn't matter her real home was taken away by the ocean during an earthquake. Upon arriving at Darnassus she quickly sought out Druids to further her knowledge of the Worgen, hoping they would shine some light on what was now a part of her.
"The only difference between myself and a madman is this... I am not mad." ~ Salvador Dali

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Dohohohoh. @c0rzilla
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WHATHUHWHERE?--Oh, hey, a Harvest Witch Profile.

Hello, Notaris! I am c0rzilla, the server's (apparently) resident Harvest Witch "expert". That isn't to say other opinions aren't welcome, I just talk the most about it. I even made a guide! It's kinda long, so browse through it at your leisure. I also made a guide to worgen

As for advice on your profile? A few things--

There are no such things as Harvest Warlocks. Yeah, in English a male witch is referred to as a warlock, but in Warcraft a Warlock is a very specific thing. That is, one who casts fel magic and/or summons demons. Are you saying there are Warlocks in Mildred's family? That would provide an odd conflict, as a family of Harvest Witches would likely despise Warlocks, corrupters that they are.

You're misinterpreting a large step in how worgen learn how to turn human again. The potion made by Krennan Aranas didn't do the trick, it only gave a fairly shallow clarity of mind. And possibly temporary. Enough so that the worgen captured wouldn't tear everyone up. What your character would have to do would visit the tree Tal'doren. What's Tal'doren?

WoWPedia Wrote:Tal'doren, also known as "the wild home", is located in the Blackwald in southern Gilneas. Long ago, the tree was home to Druids of the Scythe - who later became the original worgen - before they were imprisoned within the Emerald Dream, sleeping under a tree identical to this one... but not before their curse spread to others.

Darius Crowley resides here, along with the night elves Talran of the Wild, Vassandra Stormclaw, and Lyros Swiftwind. They are surrounded by Feral Worgen, whom Darius has been capturing so that they may use the moonwells within Tal'doren to bring balance between their human and worgen forms.

The Emerald Dream counterpart of this zone is called Daral'nir. According to Darius' words, while within Tal'doren, the Mindless state of feral worgen is temporarily soothed if they have not reached the final stages to the point that they cannot be saved.

Basically, your character needs to complete and understand a ritual of balance only the Night Elves could teach; a ritual, not a spell. The ritual is pretty vague, but essentially Mildred would drink from the three moonwells; one for Balance, Fury, and Tranquility. I'm not sure about the order. There's also a note about eating a moonleaf or something. Again, it's vague, but it's the only way. Granted, on CotH we say similar wells have been established in Darnassus, in the Howling Oak, so there's an opportunity there as well.

Third, I advise you reconsider her eyecolor. While heterochromia is a real condition, we're a smidge picky about eye color on CotH. It's only to prevent things like my character has glowing red eyes when she gets angry because reasons and it looks cool. Or my character has rainbow eyes because she's chosen by Ysera. Not to say that's your character at all.

Speaking of Ysera! I'll let a real Form Helper dig into the history and timeline of the profile, but you'll want to consider if Mildred took up the path of true druidism, or just stuck with the Old Ways. Note, that she can be a druid and still keep the Old Faith!

I hope I didn't come across as dumping a bunch of lore on you. The Harvest Witch character is more complex and has more ideas surrounding it than first comes across. I hope you have fun with all this and think up some more ideas!

A final note! I play Roux, so hit me up for some RP if you wish.
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Tossing a note in here; I checked in with the GMs, and the heterochromia is fine, as long as both eye colors are realistic.
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I did a revision of her history based on what information you gave me, apologies for the mistakes. I originally made her story early in the morning and was rather tired.

Thank you though, and hey, that's why this is in the workshop.
"The only difference between myself and a madman is this... I am not mad." ~ Salvador Dali

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