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Chekka [Orc Shaman] (Some changes made)
Player: Wuvvums

Character Full Name: Chekka

Character In-Game Name: Chekka

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): The Horde, Darkspear Trolls

Race: Orc

Class: Shaman

Skills and Abilities: She is rather poor in combat without the assistance of her shaman abilities. Because of that she does her best to avoid conflict or stays in the back lines as a healer. She has chosen Lukou as the Loa to worship, and as such has focused on bettering her healing abilities in an attempt to spread Lukou's gift. In short, Chekka is a standard healer.

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Hair: Brown, past the shoulders

Eyes: Muddy copper color

Weight: 280 lbs

Height: 6'

Usual Garments/Armor: She's often seen dressed in a kilt and harness. A voodoo mask conceals her face.

Other: She has snake-bite imprints scarred into her shoulders, and a distinguishing birthmark on her arm. Her accent is very thick and trollish.

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Chekka is a rather outgoing and social orc, though mostly around trolls. She prefers surrounding herself with as many trolls as she can, and sometimes acts like a bit of a flirt towards the male trolls. She has at times had to assert her identity of being troll-raised and while she has learned a bit of her orcish heritage, she is firm about staying on her path as a servant of the Loa. Despite being weak in body she is strong in spirit, and does not let family or social pressures change who she is.

Chekka is very superstitious about the spirits and the Loa. She believes that she can commune with the spirits and that she is carrying out the will of the Loa. She also believes in omens and bad spirits, so she is rather cautious when getting herself involved in certain affairs.

History: Chekka was born to a pair of orcs that had been forced in internment by the humans. At a very young age her father was taken from her by the humans. Her mother was very worried that she'd be taken too, so she tried to keep Chekka as long as she could. But it wasn't too long before the humans had her separated too. Eventually her people were freed by Thrall.

Even after all the orcs had been freed, Chekka could not find her parents among the interned orcs. She had remained an orphan even while they were sailing towards Kalimdor. No one adopted her until the trolls had joined the orcs. It was then that an aged, female troll noticed the young orc, and offered to take care of her.

Chekka agreed. The old troll adopted her, and as soon as they got to Kalimdor she stayed on the Echo Isles with the female troll. She immediately indoctrinated the young orc into her own worship. Chekka was taught about the Loa, and the spirits, she was taught to fear them and to revere them. Hethiss was the Loa her surrogate mother followed, so Chekka was taught to revere Hethiss. It was only a few years after being raised this way that the troll saw Chekka fit to train in her craft.

She was starting to learn the darker sides of shamanism. She was going to learn how to bring the anger of the spirits and their wrath upon her opponents. This continued as she was residing with the trolls. The significant events, such as the attack by the Kul Tiras, and Zalazane's hexing, caused Chekka to relocate twice, but she was relatively untouched by battle, and started to live a rather sheltered life. It wasn't until she was an adult that the idea was presented to her that she was old enough to be her own person.

Such an idea of course wasn't posed by her “mother” but one of the visiting orcs. She was genuinely curious about her own people, seeing how she spent relatively few years living among her kind. The shaman, however, was not as happy with the idea, and said that Hethiss would be displeased if she were to “betray” the troll. Chekka was very afraid and worried, but she still wanted to leave. She was starting to become more fearful of the powers she dabbled into, and would have just rather been on her own by now. Because of this, the troll easily manipulated her towards a ritual, which the troll claimed would please Hethiss.

Chekka undergone the ritual, which the troll believed would bind her spirit, and strengthen the shaman's own. There was no proof if any such ritual could do this, but this lead the troll to believe she had a spiritual ownership over Chekka, one that would allow her command into the afterlife. Chekka, however, didn't realize this until after the ceremony, and being as superstitious and afraid as she was, she believed that she had been trapped by her own trainer. The troll told her that she could now travel, but should death come her way, the orc's spirit would be hers.

Terrified, the orc fled as fast as she could, and into Durotar. She wasn't sure what to know, or what to think. All she did know was that she could wander, and Hethiss wouldn't be displeased. The orc would continue wandering through Durotar, searching her own soul for answers. She met with other orcs, and shamans, learning about the ancestors and spirits. She had decided to keep tribute to both her heritage, but still do her best to please Hethiss, all while finding a way to break the dark ritual over her.

It wasn't until she had spent days of meditation that she devised a ritual and a solution towards freeing her spirit. She had decided to turn herself towards a new Loa and a new path. She no longer wished to carry out the will of her mother and the Loa she saw as dishonorable and cunning. By carrying out her own ritual she had prayed to Lukou for guidance and to free her spirit from the grasp of her zufli mother. While it was uncertain if the ritual actually worked, Chekka held a strong belief that the benevolent Loa heard her prayers and helped her out. She promised herself from then on that she would carry out the will of Lukou, spreading the powers of healing and respite to the members of the Horde.
Made some quick edits.
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa

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