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Chocolate-Filled Introduction!
  • First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
I'm an avid gamer and roleplayer who spends a LOT of their time on the internet. As a roleplayer, I have found that my interests are almost completely tied to things connected to a grand mystery accompanied by a sense of pervasive danger that you ((me)) might not even understand, yet the danger itself is undeniable ((thus 'pervasive')). I love dramatic problems and ominous threats. As such, I've found that I shy away from most combat encounters in roleplay unless it serves as a way to further how dire a situation might be, or as a fight to wrest the truth from the bad guys/whoever is in your way. Anyway, here's how my experience as a roleplayer has changed me;

I've been roleplaying for 11 years or so, and those interests are what I feel defines my roleplay the most, which in turn defines me as a roleplayer. I've also found that what I truly want in a roleplay is not to be the star player of a story. I always thought that this was the case, but I'm not sure I ever thought about what I would do when I was the 'star player'. I truly got my wish once, when I was given a very large, integral part of the story in an active roleplay setting with a story that interested me. Even so, I found that being in an important position like that wasn't all that thrilling. What was really thrilling to me was trying to develop relationships with other characters, to experience a grand story together with many IC (and OOC?) thrills and tackle mysteries - not how important my character was. I guess you could say it taught me a lesson that creating your own grand story for others to play in is incredibly redundant, because if you try too hard to be the 'important guy', you will miss out on what really makes roleplay fun, at least to me. If you create a story - how can you possibly make sure that you get to enjoy it with other people? Rather, you want to try and join in on someone's story and tackle the challenges they'll face together, even if you aren't the star of the story. That way, even if you don't have the character that everyone will adore and love as the star of the show, at least you can experience the thrill of tackling the story together.

As you might have guessed with how I typed all of that, I used to be HUGE on trying to be an important part of a story. I was like so many other roleplayers, always putting a huge emphasis on how *my* character is guiding the story and how *my* character is unique and how people view *my* character. It's normal to want to be loved and adored by others, but making a character for the purpose of making them a main character in some huge story isn't the best way to go about it. I just want to experience other player stories for a change without focusing on myself so much, I think.

As for my experience with World of Warcraft and the Warcraft setting in general, I've been playing Warcraft since Warcraft II, and have replayed Warcraft II multiple times as well as III. I've gone to many different private servers way back in the day for World of Warcraft and also did roleplay on retail in WoW, and during this time I learned a lot more about WoW lore due to me researching more into it. I then took a very long hiatus from Warcraft roleplay, however, because I couldn't find a community where I could create the story I wanted.

Now, I really just want to enjoy a good story, regardless of where I can place myself in the setting.
  • What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
I'm USA born and USA raised with English as my primary and only fluent language.
  • How did you get into Warcraft?:
I've been playing Warcraft RTS games ((And blizzard games in general)) ever since I was in elementary school and I've always liked the aesthetics and the generalized 'feel' of the setting. I heard of World of Warcraft during its development through PC gamer magazines and jumped on it really quickly, though since then I've found that I'm not a huge fan of the MMORPG genre - I have some kind of video game ADD where I focus really intently on one game, then quit it for like half a year before returning to it. I've always stayed dedicated to my roleplay, however, and I've often returned to WoW for the sole purpose of roleplaying.
  • How did you find us? Did anything in particular draw you to the server?:
I found you guys awhile ago via google searches, back since about WotLK or so. I didn't really think all that much on the rumors/generalized feelings people had towards CotH, as I like trying to judge a community for myself. By then I was already falling out of WoW roleplay as well as roleplaying in a video game environment in general. I moved onto Forum roleplay, which I thought I could become more personally involved in a story since you can keep track of the progress of the story much easier, but... it's just too slow paced for me. You have to dedicate a lot of time to forum roleplay with very little reward at times, whereas in video game roleplaying/what I call VRP ((And roleplay in instant messengers, which I call TRP or Text Roleplaying)) is done in real time and, as such, does not require you to put in as much effort for such a small reward. If you're not familiar with forum roleplay, this is what I mean; In TRP and VRP, you don't need to spend a hour or more typing up a reply ((generally 800 words)) simply to advance the IC situation by a few lines of dialogue. If you're starting a thread, the time and word requirement may be doubled or tripled.

As such I'm getting back into VRP after I've done HUGE amounts of TRP. I've always liked Warcraft, so I thought I'd return to the scene by trying out for CotH, which seems very mature and experienced! Plus, I like to think that I'm a LOT more mature than I used to be, which would help me fit in more I would hope.
  • What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
I'm a player who loves a good mystery with an accompanied sense of dread, fear, ominous feeling or threat that makes the mystery something that you shouldn't merely ignore. I also like moments of great character development, a time when someone comes upon a revelation that challenges the very core of their being.

My absolute favorite genres of roleplay are high fantasy ((Warcraft fits into that, of course =D)), sci-fi and 'Post Cyberpunk' or Cyberpunk... I don't even know, I have this one friend that's really 'genre savvy' and he said I like 'Post Cyberpunk' more than 'Cyberpunk!' I don't entirely understand it myself.
  • What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
My favorite race is actually the blood elves. Although I dislike roleplaying as a blood elf ((And a night elf)) due to how restricted they are in their effective 'Roleplay range' as I'd like to call it, I still believe that they have a lot of potential to make some really neat roleplay. Their culture is fascinating to me in that I enjoy their perspective of Azeroth and the world in general, how they continue to survive and continue to hold onto their pride in spite of every threat that has brought them down to near extinction. I also remember reading up on some blood elf information that someone had posted here on the forums when I had been looking into this place once, and the information I read piqued my interest even more - it was some sort of story about a forsaken traveling through Silvermoon and the Ghostlands. I respect the Blood Elves just as much as they believe they should be respected... even if I think they've been going about things the wrong way. I just can't blame them, even though I don't agree with them! That's what I call a well made culture, when I disagree with them ((I think they're way too prideful for the situation that they're in, and they did not go about dealing with their addiction very well)) yet, even so, I can't find it in me to put them in the wrong light.

As for my favorite class, that is a very hard thing to answer. I know that I do NOT like roleplaying as a paladin ((Save for a sin'dorei blood knight)), yet I still love the concept of Warcraft paladins, even if I don't want to roleplay as one. I also have favorite 'classes' based on the race I Would want to roleplay, too, along with what type of character I want to play - which would vary. I know I've had a lot of fun as rogues who goof around and as mages who are kind and caring but can be aloof to the point that they seem much less kind than they actually are.
  • What are your expectations of this server?:
I expect a community that is mature but likes to have fun, of course! I just want to have fun roleplaying with other, kind people. ^^
  • Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:
I think the rule of 'humility' appeals to me the most, with everything under the 'Role-playing' rule being a close second. I know I said I expect/hope to find mature people who like to have fun in this server, but honestly - every list of rules in every roleplay community I've been to has had the rules of 'respect, tolerance and maturity', and those rules should be expected of anyone without those rules even being mentioned. Those rules, while very important to list and indispensable to a community, just aren't groundbreakingly new, if you get my jist.

However, when I used to roleplay in other video games ((Namely Neverwinter Nights)) I noticed a huge recurring trend for players to override their character's sense of survival and fear whenever a DM hosts an event. This was all for the purpose to make sure that their character doesn't get left behind. Whether this was for the EXP or other in-game rewards that the event could give or the feeling of wanting to have your character loved, it was a bit silly to see so many characters immune to feeling any fear at all. I feel like the description for the rule of trying to have humility, in a sense, deals with the aforementioned problem I have seen before. It sounds like a rule that was rather well thought out. It's also a nice reminder for myself... since I had a huge problem with humility in the past ((I never shoved my character into the spotlight, but I did obsess over it too much... which made me miss the more important aspects of roleplay, I believe.))

As for the 'Role-playing' rule, it's always nice to make it an official rule that you should have basic knowledge of the setting in which you roleplay in... <.<
  • Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:
Life was always pulled towards the water, drawn to reservoirs of energy and safety. A small human settlement nestled along a rocky coastline definitively held water and energy from purified saltwater and fish, yet the prospect of safety was far from the inhabitants of Lodehome 8's minds. If any animal on the face of Lanten thought they were safe, they would be lying to themselves; there was no safety to be had anywhere.

A pervasive sense of danger wouldn't have been visible in the varied faces of the men, women and children going about their daily lives in the small settlement of Lodehome 8. The reinforced, seamless masonry of the buildings in the settlement indicated a technological prowess that could create buildings that went beyond wood, simpler masonry or even plastics and other similar compounds. In fact, one would think that there was plenty of protection to be had in Lodehome 8; there was a central, metal-clad central building which held an impressive array of wireless communication antennae and an imposing house-sized cannon mounted aboard a platform atop the building. What's more, there were similarly metal-clad walls and bunkers surrounding the relatively small town, with armed militia continually upholding their necessary vigilance about their entrenchments Inside these walls, Children laughed and worked alongside the adults they shared this land with, while men and women went about their lives as one should expect from a normal community.

Alyx was one of these individuals, a young girl in her seventeenth year of life. One might have thought it would have been odd to see a young girl knelt down to an exposed panel on a part of the central command building of Lodehome 8, though that was simply how Alyx was. Dressed in a normal blue shirt with a white cloth jacket and blue jeans to shield her more from grease than the non-existent cold air, Alyx's black hair and brown eyes did not stand out much. Her white jacket was clean, for now - and today's advanced technologies could easily wash grease out of a white cloth jacket.

Children in Lodehome 8 attended a local school,and Alyx was no different, though she was already set on what she wanted to do for her life. Her mother, adoptive at that, was an esteemed scientist of the lands, a woman whose thorough understanding of a unique technology called 'sinetics' has earned her a great deal of fame and responsibility. The world revolved around sinetics, whether it was to simply power a toaster or to make possible a weapon which could fire photons, or lasers, which were augmented to impose kinetic changes on the solid object that it hits - technology that can augment reality.

Alyx looked up to her mother and wanted to be like her which has thusly given her a keen interest in engineering. The young girl would often dirty herself with grease while working alongside an adult on one of the many machines throughout the settlement. This has somewhat distanced her from the other girls her age in Lodehome 8, while it likewise helped her get along with boys just fine. Alyx would have stayed away from befriending cliques of boys if it wasn't her fear of being left alone, so she often hung out with them when she was not working on her interests. The young girl was social and liked doing spontaneous, fun things with others - she would never turn away friends when they offered to be hers. Alyx wouldn't have even felt drawn away from hanging out from the boys if it wasn't for a particular boy named Deidric.

Alyx let out a light sigh as she thought of the young black haired boy with blue eyes, though she did not let the thought distract her from examining the circuitry that had been hidden behind the panel. Unlike your ordinary electronic circuit board, sinetic circuit boards had many moving parts in them as they moved certain connections around to make new 'sinetic shapes'. Alyx was merely making sure that the moving parts were still functioning correctly as a part of daily maintenance that one of her adult mentors had allowed her to perform.

Deidric wasn't all that interested in sinetics, sadly. He was a childhood friend of Alyx's, one who had always stood up for her when she was more shy and prone to being overly sensitive. Yet, Deidric was 'cursed' with being smaller and more dainty than many of the other boys of the settlement, making him a target for bullying and pranks. While the kid was always able to stand up for himself physically, it still hurt him to be treated the way he was - and it likewise hurt Alyx to see what was happening to him. This was the reason why Alyx did not particularly like spending too much time with the boys, but she figured she could at least stick up for Deidric when the opportunity arose.

After a few more moments of observing the circuitry, Alyx gave herself a satisfied nod and began to affix the metal panel back over the exposed circuitry. It was imperative that all technology in Lodehome 8 was working at all times, for they could come at any moment... the force responsible for arresting safety from everyone on Lanten, the genesin.

Alyx had seen genesin before, during some of their attacks on Lodehome 8 along with some smaller genesin scouts investigating something that interests them. The genesin are intelligent monsters which show a great capacity of working together, yet seem to hold a great amount of hatred for every other living being they encounter. They come in many different shapes and sizes, as fleshy, chitinous and bone-armored beasts with the capability to individually mutate their bodies to perform all sorts of tasks. From flying to underwater breathing to creating sharp bone 'blades' covered in corrosive acid, they are as diverse as they are numerous. The young girl has even heard of genesin that are larger than the only human city that has managed to just barely hold itself out against complete destruction, Homeland - though these genesin only appear once every century.

Humanity lives every day like it is their last, enjoying things however they can - for they, even Alyx, knows that the genesin will attack any group of humans, eventually. It's only a question of how many people within a settlement, if not everyone, will die before the genesin attack is quelled. Only a matter of time until the next genesin attack, and the next, and so on.

Alyx let out a deep sigh as the genesin crossed her mind - they were a prevalent nightmare that haunted every child that had survived an attack. One had to learn how to live without being in constant fear of them, lest they lose their mind. So, Alyx merely focused on her work, firmly re-attaching the metal plate back into its designated spot. Yet, just as Alyx stood up to go and inspect the next set of circuitry, she began to catch the sound of someone yelling for the captain of the guard. A frown immediately took over Alyx's face while she turned around to see what the commotion was all about.

There was a pink haired girl about Alyx's age who was waving her arms about as she ran into Lodehome 8, right past the currently open fortified gates of the town. She was dressed in an ordinary shirt and jeans while she yelled hysterically to see the captain of the guard, immediately,
"Everyone! None of us have much time. I gotta see the leader of your militia or whatever, as soon as possible! Come out already! GET OUT-"

The pink haired girl was cut short when a middle aged man clad in technological gear and a 2-foot long barreled rifle slung over his back came running to the scene. It was Captain Dunbell, the leader of Lodehome 8's militia. He had rushed over to where the yelling was to see what the ruckus was all about. Since Alyx could hear fine and well the entire conversation from where she was, she leaned against the wall and listened in on the commotion as it unfolded in front of her.
"I HEAR YOU!!!" Captain Dunbell screamed back to the girl, mildly irritated at how persistently the girl had been yelling for attention, "I hear you... alright? What in the name of Alora is going on to have you so worked up? If there's genesin then spit it out already!"

As people began to gather around the strangely haired girl and the Captain, Alyx happened to notice a small glint of light that came from something in the girl's hand. It wasn't a gun, but it was still a metal device of some sort. Based on the series of red buttons that looked like 'play' and 'pause' that Alyx could make out, she figured it was some sort of recording device. Alyx's pondering of the device nearly caused her to miss what the girl was saying to Dunbell, "Okay, you're the leader or whatever here Mr. Boss?" The pink haired girl said, now more calmly, though she still gave off a hurried tone in her voice. When Captain Dunbell nodded to her, she then continued on, "Okay! We don't have much time, maybe twenty minutes at most. everyone in here needs to leave, flee into the forest surrounding Lodehome 8!"

Dunbell immediately assumed that there was a genesin threat on the way, as he quickly pulled a radio from his waist and spoke into it, "Captain Dunbell speaking to all perimiter patrols. Have you noticed any increase or decrease in genesin activity today? Over."

It took only moments for Dunbell to receive status updates from all patrols as his men reported as they were trained to. None of them indicated any change in genesin activity. Just before the Captain was about to inquire what the girl had seen to prompt her to tell everyone in Lodehome 8 to evacuate, she began to explain herself, "It's not genesin! It's something much, much worse. A mobile fortress will arrive here in moments and it will wipe everyone out! We don't have time to explain, but I have proof!!"

Right on cue, the pink haired girl held the device in her hand above her head and pressed the 'play' button, prompting the device to let out a relatively loud slew of static. This interference dissipated enough for Alyx to make out a voice after a second, however. It wasn't recognizable, but it was approximately a middle-aged man's voice,
-ause the proper algorithms are not calculated yet, but *Khssh* plenty of time to get your work done during *Ksssh* -bilized and the fourth squadron is suited for combat within *Kssssh*"
Static prevailed for a moment until a new voice, a female one, now spoke in response - she sounded distressed, for some reason,
"-ms the *Ksssh* a chance that they can reactivate their-" This woman was cut short by the male one, "Then consider this a field test to further *Ksssh* too long, we will start out with one of the weaker *Ksssh* called Lodehome 8, we start there. Program these coordinates into the-"

The recording fell silent as it ended... and was only the beginning to the beginning of a new life for Alyx. ((To be continued! Didn't want to go over 2000 words due to time constraint <.< but I wanted to create something especially for this introduction, so that it's the most recent show of my skill that I have))
  • Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:
Nope! I hope I can meet a lot of nice people if I am approved! If not, then at least I tried.
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  • Rini, Valicor
Hey there, PixellyCocoa, and welcome to Conquest of the Horde!

Make sure to check our rules and policies if you haven't already, or again if you already have! If you need help with creating your first character, check out the Creating a Character section on our wiki and our articles and guides subforum. They're all super useful for getting a feel of our server's roleplay style and chock full of useful information.

Once you get in-game, make sure to /join chat (for general chat and talk) and /join barrens (for banter and fun). If you have any questions, send a message to one of our GMs or Forum Helpers.

Stellar introduction. Your knowledge of blood elven portrayal and culture is admirable!

Again, welcome!
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