Poll: Would you like to see Custom Lore on CoTH?
Mixed feelings (I will post)
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CoTH Presents: Custom Lore (Maybe)
(08-08-2014, 05:55 AM)Lireesa Wrote: ... I suppose the point I'm trying to make is, if the story is going to end up the exact same way, if the same path is going to be played out, if the same enemies are going to be right there doing something wrong and the heroes still have to kill them for whatever reason? I don't see a reason to change it. As Jonoth points out in his post, our limited contact with lore figures as it is pretty much means that any edits you do to those lore characters, no matter who they are, are simply personal and not for the benefit of the server as a whole. It doesn't matter if Garrosh remains as he is or goes mad with Sha influence, because the outcome and the only part my character sees/hears remains exactly the same. To my characters, it makes no difference if Garrosh had Sha influence or someone ate the last Ho Ho - he still did morally reprehensible things and it's up to the character to decide how this impacts them, not the player.

Which is why I continue to have my mixed feelings. "Yes" for character-driven custom lore that still adheres to the essence of Warcraft and improves what Blizzard has so far abandoned, "No" to player-driven edits to lore characters/stories for reasons that have no impact at all on the vast majority of characters who play.

If the poll had been "Yes, with canon character modification" "Yes, with no canon modifications" "No" and "Mixed Feelings," I would have answered the second Yes, and I'm honestly curious on how many of the current "Yes" votes would have split between the two. But I'm a curious person.

So, keep in mind that Rigley is proposing one possible way that this could go. Yes, it's entirely possible that we go the route of "fixing" rather than huge changes. At that point, the potential benefits are on a more meta level: players can witness these events, and they can be a part of them. Garrosh's fall to madness may have an impact on characters who witness it, and the way his descent is played out may have an impact on those that follow his vision. Yes, no, possibly. It's hard to tell because it depends on how it's told.

On the other hand, there is the other route of making this with different conclusions. What if Garrosh didn't turn into a villain after all? What if things were different and he took a different path, continuing his characterization in Cataclysm instead of the descent to madness that started in Mists of Pandaria? Then the story doesn't affect Garrosh...the story affects the Horde as a whole, and changes a great deal of the politics that affect our characters.

One of the things that was expressed during the Meet and Greet was that some folks want to be surprised. They want things to not be set in stone, because then the surprise is gone. Does this faction outnumber those that would rather only have touch-ups to canon lore, or prefer no canon changes at all? I'm thinking another poll might be needed to be sure. There's more than one way we can march forward with this, and now that it's clear that the vast majority want to see custom lore in some fashion, I think we need to look at -how- we want to go about this.
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Just a small idea; Maybe this thread should be a frequent reminder in-game. So far we've got sixty votes; Looking at the server statistics, there's been 73 unique IPs logged in. I may be wrong here, but doesn't that mean 73 unique players? (If so, 104 in the last 48 hours, 163 in the last week.)

Want to see more votes' (If that ain't the way it works with IPs = Players then disregard.)
I don't think more votes will be needed for -this- poll. I believe a lot of people are for Custom Lore already, but there's a lot within Custom Lore. As stated before, I don't support messing with lore characters or canon events, BUT I am for Custom Lore outside of that.
I propose we make a list of the things we can do with Custom Lore and make a huge poll with them, to see the specifics of what the community wants out of Custom Lore.
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It wasn't so much aimed at support; I don't want to convince them to vote on what I voted on, it was more so aimed at the lack of votes despite having quite a bit people logging into the game still. Keep the thread open for another week or so, advertise it in-game; Some more ideas and comments may show up.

If not then hey; They've had a chance at least. Its only been three days as of now, I got a feeling people haven't even noticed it apart from the regulars.
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Personally I do like Custom Lore, it is cool. But nothing too big. More filling in the cracks of things that have little to no lore or the changing of certain things and how they work.

While I am completely against the Forsaken destroying everyone in the Continent of Lordaeron, I do not agree with changing that lore and turning Andorhal into a neutral location. What happens happens.

I think this has to fit with just about everything else, the major stuff happens, just as bad and with the severity it was created in. Y'know? I don't want to see Garrosh turning into some sort of good guy, he isn't. I don't want Varian to not teach Tyrande patience (because she is not a patient being. I.E Warcraft 3)

(Though I do want Danath back.)
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I honestly view this as a way that we can add our own unique twist on the current Lore. Blizzard has left a lot of vague areas in some of the deeper parts of the Lore, especially in the area of Trolls. An example being that every troll knows the Warcry 'Taz'Dingo' but Blizzard has failed to supply any back ground lore behind it, save for suggesting that he was a great hunter.

I am sure there are many other areas where Blizzard has left us in the dark but me being the Troll-Lover, I know mostly of the very neglected Troll Lore.

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