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Coin Items
So last night I was thinking if it would be a good idea if there would be item representations of golden, silver and copper coins. So that you would be able to buy and sell copper coins, silver coins and golden coins for their own values.

The reason why this would be handy is because it would be a good representation of your character's in character's wealth. Moreso for the player who plays the character so that the wealth is easily managable and you would also be able to see when your character is almost broke and needs to get a few coins extra. This is just a helping hand to manage payrolls and wealth in general.

Just my two coppers.
Little by little, one travels far.
We could always do something like this in GHI- Give yourself a "bag" of 12 or so spaces, with stackable gold and silver coins. If there is an IC trade or sale, just trade those coins out...Then the person who has THOSE coins can spend them, etc etc.

It would be like a little economy :D

The problem with that idea is that not everyone is able to use or wants to use the addon that is required to create and handle these coins. Also, the fixed amount would mean that if players were to create new characters, the gold would spread even thinner. Not to mention that characters don't always have another players as a source of their financial needs.
Little by little, one travels far.
And how exactly would such items be given out? How would get what, how much etc?
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

This is so much more than an idea to be applied overnight. I do love it though. :mrgreen:

GHI becomes a must on CotH in this case, which is a damn good thing.. except for the fact that it sometimes does not trade items between characters (it just says transfer not finished with red letters and never finishes it).
Then there's always the posibility to fake these items. Even if created by only one person, the file can be modified to say "created by x".
Then there's who has how much and why? Considering the character's history.. is he from a wealthy family? Poor? Does he have a job? How much would this job be paid? How much would it be paid considering other jobs/missions?

Basically we'd have to have a universal system, if we want to apply it to all characters. Else I take Paws on a stroll through Elwynn and brag that I received 10 gold coins for the capture of a known evasive defias smuggler that wreacked havoc in the economy of Darkshire in the past few weeks and another person goes like, "Big deal. I got 100 for picking 10 peaceblooms." :mrgreen:

Though it does slound like a great thing. Don't take my post as a no. Take it as a very realistic view on the work behind this idea. Consider if anyone else is so interested as you are.
I mean for starters.. not everyone has GHI. And not because they don't know about it, they just say it's a poor addon.
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~ Head over to our own subforum on CotH Worlds and enjoy. ^^
It's pretty damn complicated for people to use as more than just in some cases (That is, doing it widely takes a ton of effort and would need newbies to get GHI and contact a guy with gold-making powers to even participate in an IC economy otherwise ruled by simple/easy "Play pretend" mechanics.), which is why we didn't implement it when it was mentioned earlier.
Well, my idea originally contained three specific items.

Gold, silver and copper coins that are sold by a vendor at the bank or something, they hold no value because you can buy them and sell them for their assigned values. The only thing that is useful about a collection of coins in your bags is that you can easily keep track of your character's monetary possessions (Even in the bank).

A set amount of coins would not be a possiblity because characters die and others rise, it'd be way to hard to manage all this and also have an imput of npc's aswell.
Little by little, one travels far.

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