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Colson Hawke [Worgen Trickster]
Player: SoarTheSky

Character Full Name: Colson "Jester" Hawke

Character In-Game Name: Colson

Nickname(s):Jester, Hyena, Mutt, Feral

Association(s): none

Race: Worgen

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities: Taunt (To better lure his enemies into a trap). Eeny Meeny Miny (tosses three constructs that resemble himself. The Constructs Jeer and Insult enemies to distract and confuse them as to where he actually is)
Age: 32 (Does not know his own age.)

Sex: Male

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown/ Silvered

Weight: 185/ 280

Height: 5'8"/ 5' 11"

Usual Garments/Armor: Button up shirts and heavily patched pants.

Other: A single piece from the wheel of The BloodStain

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Colson is that one in the tavern who hears the brawl going on and is more focused on finishing his ale. The Captain has had an unfortunate life, and such pain and suffering tends to make one Cynical and Apathetic. Little old lady mugged? Who cares. Riot in the street, I'll take a detour. War on the horizon. Just give me my beer. The only thing he seems to hold close anymore is his sense of humor, preferring to laugh rather than take things seriously, even when his life is seriously on the line, he can't hold back that last wise crack.

"Oi Headsmen, before you cut my head off, you mind washing that blade. Don't want the last guys blood mixed with mine, call me crazy."

History: Colson Hawke earned the name jester from the man that would become his adopted father, Captain Jason "Blood lines" Hawke. Originally an orphan from Stormwind, Colson's life was a familiar story in the city; Parents dead, home gone, nothing left to lose. What turned it around was actually the biggest blunder of his life. Having not eaten for three full days, He had finally gotten the guts to try stealing food from a ship in the harbor. He got in the ship fine, and got to the cargo fine, but it was the wrong ship and the wrong cargo. Instead of food, he found smuggled jewelry and weapons and dwarven mortars. That was only the start of his troubles. The ship set sail, and it wasn't long before he realized that pirates were using it to smuggle goods out of Stormwind for sale on the high seas. And then, because the gods have a sense of humor, he managed to trip one of the mortars, setting it off with an alarm that said "here I am, come and gut me".

Needless to say he was brought up and before the captain, who asked the child one question "Where'd you come from?". Scared out of his wits, Colson barked the first thing that came to mind "The hold". That single, sarcastic sounding remark is what saved his life, for the captain smiled and laughed at him, the first time he had laughed in forty years. He had Colson thrown in the brig till he could deal with him later, and when he dealt with him it was the best thing to happen to Colson since the death of his parents.

Years passed and Colson grew into a man to make his "father" proud. And as he grew older, his skill with a blade, and his tongue, grew sharper. But no amount of skill could help you when death itself is bearing on the prow. Captain Hawke made a very unpopular decision: To aid the Argent Crusade in the fight against the Lich King. A signature from Tirion Fordring gave the the Captain the leeway necessary to get into Stormwind harbor without being sent under. The agreement: The Bloodstain would ferry supplies from Stormwind right Ice Crown for the Crusade so long as the lich king still threatened the land. "I may be a feral dog of a man, but I'm still a man and a man of reason at that" Hawk had stated to his crew "And I reason that if something isn't done, ain't no one gonna be left to make this life worth living."

Captain Hawke passed near the end of the war against the lich king, that he lasted so long was because as he said "I'm not dying till I can be sure I'll stay dead". He left Colson Hawke in command of his ship and crew, which Colson thought would be met with opposition from the crew, but found that, in the time that he had fought with them, they had come to respect him. This made the pain that much greater when Deathwing broke the world, the ship was sailing near the Isle of Gilneas when a storm blew up and capsized the ship. Colson only survived because his crew died helping each other get to shore. He just happened to be the only one that made it. Driven mad by grief and fates cruel humor, he stumbled into the south eastern woods hoping to find help. What he found instead was the Worgen.

Colson fled them at first sight, making his way into a farmhouse and barricading himself inside. He managed to hold them off for a time, but it wasn't long before they got him. He only remembers flashes of it, claws tearing through wood, teeth clamping on his shoulders, terrible howling and pain. And then he was gone, no longer man, but even more feral than his "father" had been. Like a dream he passed through the woods, unknowing of his present state, and uncaring of his past. His first sane thought after the change was of his crew, on the day he was awoken by the night elven druids. He found himself surrounded by others who had been like him, and who were once more finding their way. But where they might be able to follow their paths again, his had long since sunken in the sea.

Now Colson sits in the tavern of booty bay, having taken the first chance to return to his crew's favored port. He drinks and remembers, and hopes to find a new future, a new path.
Please space out the history. Also, what is meant by 'Trickster' here? It's slang for a couple things so I wish to clarify.

Quote:Age: 32(true age is unknown as he's unclear as to how long he was feral)

Is 32 his true age, and you're just stating he doesn't know it, or is 32 the guessed age? If it's a guessed age, note that we do need to know his true age, even if the character himself does not.
32 is the true age, He just doesn't know it. That could probably be stated better

Also I'm using the term Trickster to mean a unique blend of rogue and Hunter techniques. Maneuvering through a battle is his forte, as he would often do upon his ship like grabbing a rope and swinging across the bow to kick an enemy overboard, then landing on top of another and taking it down. Basically he uses a pair of swords, bombs, and his old rifle, but also has a way of making things up as he goes, creating gadgets from whatever's on hand to take down his target.

The concept for his class I based off of the animated film Sinbad.
I like the idea of a wits fighter, but this seems more in line with a rogue than a hunter! Hunters focus on ranged attacks, beast companionship, precise aim, and traps. Someone who relies on decoys and taunting with feints seems more rogueish imo.
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
But rogues aren't as good at juking as hunters. When a hunter want's to screw with you, he has over nine thousand tools to do it with.

THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS. From what anime or cartoon is that thing in your signature and your photo from?
Quote:Maneuvering through a battle is his forte, as he would often do upon his ship like grabbing a rope and swinging across the bow to kick an enemy overboard, then landing on top of another and taking it down. Basically he uses a pair of swords, bombs, and his old rifle, but also has a way of making things up as he goes, creating gadgets from whatever's on hand to take down his target.

This essentially sounds like a Rogue with the engineering profession. Hunters don't specialize in maneuverability, and Rogues can used ranged weapons.
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
Does his in game class effect roleplaying with him?

Also I can't help but feel insulted, having played hunter's since TBC came out and I gotta say I don't know what hunter's you been watching but I've never had any trouble maneuvering.

Still, if you feel he'd make a better rogue then I guess He'll be a rogue.

Still gonna call him a trickster though.
We try to keep our roleplaying classes in line with their in-game OOC counterparts for consistencies sake.

There's no reason to be insulted, I never said Hunters are poor at moving around, just that it is a specialty of -rogues-. Hunters as a class focus on ranged attacks and booby traps and animals.

But I digress.
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
I would expand his personality in order to give us all a better feel of the character.

Quote:Eeny Meeny Miny(Releasing up to three decoys to confuse his enemies)

I missed pointing this skill out before! Could you explain this in more detail? What are the decoys?
It's kinda like the engineering target dummy but instead of a silly card board pop up it's more of an inflatable figure or maybe a mirror image clone. The main thing is that they don't do anything other than confuse you as to which ones him, and they only last a second or two so as to mess up a riflemen's aim or to screw with you while he comes up from behind.

They also make great halloween decorations

Also by expand his personality you mean type more about it or explain it clearer.

I expanded it a bit, tell me if you like.
Discussion amongst the Forum Helper team has decided that his OOC class is fine as hunter, as well. Sorry for that, chap!
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
This might be bad to say but I've actually decided you were right and I'm gonna make him a rogue instead. Cuz he doesn't have a pet and I don't plan to get one for him.
Approved Pending Gruntship.
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What anime is your sig from flammos?

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