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Complete and Utter Disappointment
If you read any forum posts today, let it be this one, because what I'm about to say is very important.

I am very, very disappointed with what I had seen at the Drudaen Tavern today. I am very, very furious with everyone involved.

Roleplaying is about acting. It is about playing a role (duh) within a certain scene, game, whatever. But most importantly, it is about immersion, creating a series of events that makes sense and would be fun to read.

People seem to forget, however, that they aren't the only actors in this game. They also seem to forget that the "extras" in this game are there to further the believability of the setting, and are not there to be ignored.

Let me be blunt: under no circumstances should you ever go around completely ignoring the presence of NPC guards, bouncers, what have you. If you are about to draw your sword in the middle of a tavern, think for a moment. Would the bouncer take exception to that? Of course he would! You don't go into bars IRL and wave a loaded gun around, do you? Think people, think! If you draw a weapon in a public place, you're going to get tossed out.

If Bella were here to see what people were doing in her tavern, she'd be just as furious as I am right now. Seriously people, why are people threatening and fighting in the tavern, let alone people DYING and HAVING SEX? This is inexcusable. This is not how mature roleplayers should be acting. People complain that they don't want to be monitored like kids, and yet they continually prove that they NEED to be monitored in this way.

I have dealt with a lot of stupidity since this summer began, but this honestly takes the cake. These past two days have been utter hell. I'm sick of it, and so very disappointed.
Have you hugged an orc today?
- I am not tech support. Please do not contact me regarding technical issues. -
It has been quite the headache..this Summer. Of course..I don't have much to compare to, the few days I was here when it wasn't..I think..it was..either way. I do agree, it needs to be adjusted, everyones roleplaying style, to make sure NPCs are not forgotten..I myself, am included. Not pointing fingers, just saying.

Edit: Nor, I realize, do I have to deal with half of the stuff Grak and the GMs do, as I'm not the one who deals with the idiots.
Uryith - Kindhearted, yet short tempered priest.
Kam - Deadly, yet playful rogue.
Reayverla - Confused, but friendly hunter.
I'm Sure I played a part in this coming out, I apologize, I lost my temper
In case people can't figure it out themselves...

Things that won't be tolerated in ANY tavern:
-Not paying your tab
-Drawing weapons
-Using said weapons
-Harassment of any employees
-Damage or possible damage to property (especially if it's not paid for), including fire/fire spells
-Anything beyond small public displays of affection (keep in mind there are NO PRIVATE ROOMS in the Drudaen Tavern)

Things BEYOND WHAT IS LISTED ABOVE the Bella Drudaen would not tolerate in her bar:
-Undead (especially surly ones or those who are obviously undead)
-Anyone up on the stage where the dancers are
-Feet on the table

(These are what I remember from various people being evicted from the tavern. And yes, IC'ly, the tavern is still run by Bella and the bouncers WILL react based on her wishes.)
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
Maturity is becoming a huge thing on the server and is really starting to 'grind my gears'. People are thinking that if the guards can't react, they don't exist. Think about realism people!

Like Grak said, if you draw a weapon in a public place your going to get tossed out. Do you think the guards are just there for decoration? Definitely not. They are there to keep the peace. Same with the bouncers. If your drawing your weapons and -killing- people then you should go to jail and probably get hung. If your having sex, well that's just obvious. How many people do you see walk into a bar and have sex? None.

My point is that this world is -not- seeing enough danger. It is -not- keeping people on their toes. It is -not- scaring anyone that the world IS going downhill. Demons are coming from the Nether. The Scourge are rising from the crypts. The Qiraji are plotting devastation. THIS IS HAPPENING!

Ever been to Darkshire? Demons!
Ever been to Eversong Woods? Scourge forces are in the scar and in the destroyed part of Silvermoon.
Ever been to Durotar? Qiraji soldiers have taken over an area.

All in all, people need to be in danger to stop the sex and the happiness and the useless fighting of each other. The game is WARcraft. I understand that there is a bit of a freeze but it's no ones fault. Now either pretend like the world's going downhill or continue as you are and when the freeze stops... I'm hoping there will be no second chances. Kill each other, have fun, but when the monsters come, you'll be one man down.
I will also say that whoever was constantly whining that the guards did nothing last night (who likely won't read this post) reconsider what you are asking.

You are asking that a HUMAN BEING be sitting in the tavern at ALL TIMES, waiting for trouble to occur so they can puppeteer the guards. Do you honestly think that any one person--or, indeed, any group of people--would actually WANT to do that? No. It wouldn't be enjoyable at all. It would be like a punishment.

It is NOT a GMs responsibility to make NPCs react. It is something they do on occasion, either as a treat to roleplayers who are really doing an excellent job of lending atmosphere... or sorting things out when people WON'T ACCEPT THAT THEY EXIST.

If I see anyone crying and whining that the guards aren't reacting by way of a GM, and therefore IC'ly are not doing anything... well, according to rules #1 and 3, I'll give you a heavily abridged piece of my mind.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
I am a little unsure (it might have changed) but when Bella was still active I visited the tavern with Alistus, we had a small discussion back then and I eventually she said that Bella would tolerate the undead, but to a less degree than other races. But that was a long time ago and she could have changed opinion since.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Yes. Along the lines of what Qaza said, I'm getting pretty sick of people only asking me to puppet, (Which AGAIN, I cannot do) when it's for their advantage. People seem preoccupied right now with all of this half-assed RP, that is quite selfish, silly, lacks substance, and, quite frankly, bends the hell out of the lore that we -and- Warcraft have already established.

No more High Elves
No more Half Anything
No more title claiming

And for the love of God, do not give me your damn story about why these should be acceptable. I'm getting really sick of telling people that act like children "no" constantly.

People that label me as a jerk because of this, or say that we mods are "just mean", you folks are the ones that should -really- be ashamed of yourselves.

-Shame on you-.

This is supposed to be a FUN place. This is supposed to be a NICE place. And every damn day we moderators log on it's like babysitting. Beleive it or not, we mods RP too. And crap like this kills it.

Yeah, beleive it or not, we RP here too. Do you folks remember that we do this for fun? Oh wait, you don't care. I forgot. A lot of you are being SELFISH.

I don't like to say things like this. It sucks. I hate being angry. Anyone that knows me knows as well that I'm a -nice- guy.

But right now a lot of you don't make me want to be nice.
[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△


Hey, thanks guys! This announcement helps a lot, seriously. I know now how to roleplay better in the Tavern, I wish Bella was back to settle things down, but she's sadly sick (Is she still sic or is she taking a break?). Anyways, I know I am a culprit of some of these offenses, I'll improve. Though, paying the tab? If you'd think about it, that's pretty much the first thing you do before sitting to drink whatever the hell you are drinking. If you -didn't- pay the tab, they'd toss you out.

And wait, sex in the -middle- of the Tavern? Now, I think that's insane. No person in their right mind would do that, -and- the guards would have stopped that crap from happening before it got too involved.

As Cheeze said, a lot of people have forgotten that there are things happening out there that need our attention. Having a nice walk through Eversong without the fear of an Abomination running out and dicing you to peices? Or even Westfall and Elwynn? If you are not near the guards and on or off road, there is an IC possibility of being attacked and robbed by the Defias. Duskwood? You should know better. Same as Redridge, it's Blackrock haven.
Vaermina: So cold, yet she feels alive. On Death Row.
Bell: Arrogant yet kind-hearted. Crusader.
Gral'dar: Joyful and Alive.
Valia: Brilliant but easily confused. Expert Scientist/Engineer
Sala'driana: Too Flirtatious for her own good.
I really never understood why it always proves so hard for people to think realistically about their actions during RP. :roll:
I mean, how hard is it to think, in your mind, "Well golly gee, if I was in a *real* tavern and started running people through with my blade/getting it on with someone on the tables/stealing food and drink left and right, I don't think that *real* tavern would allow that. So I shouldn't do it in this RP tavern!"
But do they think that, since it's a tavern in a fantasy game, they can do whatever they'd like?
I don't get it. :?
Rensin, anyone, who is leading something, or some people, or trying to guide them, faces those difficulties :) It's kinda normal. No reason to become angry or so. The only thing you need to do is either..




with a brief explanation that why you had disapproved it.

That's all. They cannot oppose you then. So they'll either need to change their title, race, story or whatever is required. Or they'll insist on their current choice. If they do the second one, they'll simply won't get approved. And you could lock the topic if they start arguing over it. If they insist on still, on the server, or on an instant messenger, well, we have something called ban, ignore, kick, or w/e is required, as they cannot understand 'no'.

Just a suggestion.

By the way, if you could check my biography of my new character, and tell me if everything's alright with it, or not, It'll be really appreciated:) If anything's wrong with it I'll try to change them.
This is not about approving profiles, this is about how people behave in-game.

Jonathan's stayed away from Bella's place ever since Grey Militia threatened him, but I actually went there the other night and had some casual RPing with Sanguine. That is, when people weren't sticking guns in other people's faces and "totally drunk" orcs hopping up on the table where we were seated, dancing and clucking like a chicken.

I'm never going back there.
Well if they lack common sense, and cannot reason to guide their acts and movements both in-game and in real life, that is really their problem, not ours. And if they bother you in-game, or if they interrupt events because of that, well, I'm sure admins can be cruel towards them *Cute Face*
Quote:Well if they lack common sense, and cannot reason to guide their acts and movements both in-game and in real life, that is really their problem, not ours.

I'm not really sure what you just said here, but if I'm reading it right.. then yeah, it becomes our problem when we as players have to put up with their beep while trying to RP.
Lol ok as you wish.

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