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CotH REAL rules and facts
1. People don't spend much time in OOCC.
2. Grey Militia isn't pure success.
3. Immy draws better than you.
4. Cara is the most interesting gnome in the world. Period.
5. Sorum made a CotHversary thread.
7. There is no sixth point.
8. Everything which doesn't kill you is a flesh wound.
9. You do not feel pain or fear icly.
10. You can travel wherever you want icly, whenver you want.
11. If Faelara isn't pregnant, it's just a matter of time.
12. Caravan is not the most loving GM.
13. Blood elf is the only true race to play.
14. Noble houses.
15. Whisper Rowgen at every opertunity, it makes him feel fuzzy.
16. Females dwarves does not exist.
17. Holynexus loves his dwarves.
18. Sol isn't THE undead of the server.
19. Honorable demons are acceptable.
20. Events are 30 people standing around waiting for some people
to make their silly reply which would in reality do hardly no damage
until the GM starts to run out of time and makes the EPIC TWIST.
21. Cataclym is a lie.
22. Kretol is delicious
23. Psychyn has a male character.
24. Rigley won't build anything for one week.
25. Kretol loves his OS Updates.
26. Character ressurection was not abused.
27. Deathwing will never get here.
28. Random fiend!
29. You're the third wheel.
30. Booty Bay RP is best RP.
31. Kapre will find true love.
32. Was retconed
33. Your ticket will be answered Soon™
34. Gramar s overatet
35. Black Harvest wants everyone, even you.
36. /e > /Me
37. paladins, how do they work?
38. Ormica has barely any post.
39. Orcs are the most played race.
40. "Nub" is not overused at all.
41. Cristovao can bubble it.
42. The Argents are active.
43. The community is easy to get into.
44. RPG books are a cannon.
45. CotH cast is hated by the community.
47: 46 is a lie.
48: No pants.
49. Remember to feed Rowgen with his daily whispers.
50. 48 is Doran.
51. Sundae has a character for it.
52: You can't die.
53: Dalaran.
54: Steam > Skype > TeamSpeak
55: Retcons are not abused.
56: Doors, doors everywhere!
57: Silvermoon is a hotspot.
58: Metagaming is fine too.
59: Trolling is not bannable.
60: Fandra.
61: Reigen is a cat.
62: I support this profile application.
63: This wasn't made for fun.
64: Norael is a lady.
65: Elitist Veterans are welcome.
66: Sorum can RP.
67: ERP = Elven RolePlay
68: Hey. Hey Player, I'm a gamemaster, look at my shiny text.
69. Unecessesary : are now valid.
70: Female Gingers
71: GMs destroyed 33.
72: Hawk needs his .fly back.
73: Didn't Uther die?
74: Popularity is a blessing.
75: Assassins are 13.
76: Hacking is okay too.
77: N'zoth, the third Old God, apparently responsible for the emerald nightmare.
78. Interesting facts are nice.
79. Remember Rowgen.
80. It was stolen.
81. Orange
82. Blood Knights aren't lustful.
83. Rub it in broken glass.
85. The Roof Game
86. Black tight leather armor makes you an assassin.
87. Saying your character is less powerful than any other is bannable.
88: Halo > Starcraft.
89: SotDRP is fun.
90: Psycho's female character is better than your female character.
91. QQ is fine too.
92: Ninja swords.
93: Flammos is 13.
94. NPCs can win.
95. Rensin leads Grey Militia wrong.
96: Wuvvuns' drawings aren't very adorable.
97: Components are used often.
98: Lendri is the bringer of RP to Black Harvest. For now.
99: Classes.
100: Everyone loves arena RP.
102: Lesbian Night Elves, all of them, no exceptions.
103: EU morning is ERP morning, every day.
104: Noble families do a lot of things.
105: We actually got Cata.
106: Custom lore ideas will be implemented.
107: Dragonsworns are being picked now, hold on.
108: Mini-cmcs are being used a lot.
109: Military RP is real.
110: Zashar will hiss at you.
111: How many kids will Faelara pop out next?
112: Evil RP is a thing.
%. Who needs numbers when you can have symbols?
114: Taverns, don't RP in tavern unless it's Gavin's.
115: Taurens, Dwarves, Goblins and Gnomes are very popular.
116: People are on mumble all the time, we need more slots.
117: Years of service badge is updated often, like mine.
118: Guilds live for a long while.
119: 90% of the events don't start at EU midnight.
120: Don't take off your clothes, minimanager.
121: Ask Mathias about his Varian collection.
123: 456789
124: ERP is the peak of RP.
125: GMs are summoning something at GMI, follow the pebble road.
126: Everyone has custom patch.
127: We will get a mount vendor.
128: Ask Maulbane about his Taurens.
129: Onyxia's cave was better than GMI.
130: Xenaith won't torture and maim your character.
131: Server population is rising.
132: Celen has no box anymore.
133: Are you offended?
134: Don't be.
135: Meet and Greet is needed now.
136: Why are the trial GMs still trial?
137: Blood DKs can get it up.
138: Kidnapped is on it's way, I didn't tell you this.
139: Sachi is 13.
140: Sorum ERPs a lot on Xenaith.
141: Remember rule 1.
142: Are you sure about that?
143: Roux got stabbed through the.. well.. body.
144: Don't hurt me.. too bad.
145: You will regret your winter veil gift during summer when you realize you want something more amazing.
146: People from GMI are easy to get to RP.
147: Ask Mathias about his goblins.
148: Professions matter.
149: Sundae will recruit you in his guild.
150: Butt cam, forever.
151: Black leather armor makes you an assassin.

I am sry guis.
[Image: pj3isZU.gif]

[Image: 43883.png]
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Quote:23. Psychyn has a male character.

Two. And proud of it. "But one is shelved, the other never RPed!" Shuddap.

Edit; Three.. two retired. One WiP. Dafuq is happening with me.
[-] The following 2 users Like Psychyn's post:
  • Rowgen, ImagenAshyun
Quote:2. Grey Militia isn't pure success.

95. Rensin leads Grey Militia wrong.



[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△


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  • Scout, Rowgen, ImagenAshyun
I honestly am not sure if I should laugh, cry, or laugh some more.
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(12-05-2012, 06:49 AM)Sorum Wrote: 31. Kapre will find true love.

You mean he hasn't? ;-;
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
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96 is a lie
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  • Rowgen
Quote:61: Reigen is a cat.

[Image: soon-very-kitten.jpg]
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Not sure if Gusta.
[Image: 20.jpg]
Want to send some Feedback? Go ahead!

[Image: 520a44a794fdb.jpg]

(12-05-2012, 06:49 AM)Sorum Wrote:
15. Whisper Rowgen at every opertunity, it makes him feel fuzzy.
49. Remember to feed Rowgen with his daily whispers.
79. Remember Rowgen.

[Image: sassy-sloth.jpg]
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
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Quote:101: This was made to offend everyone in this universe.
102: Everything above is true.

... Well in that case, I am offended.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
[-] The following 1 user Likes Xigo's post:
  • ImagenAshyun
I says -everyone-. Not -everything-. Gee Xigo..
[Image: pj3isZU.gif]

[Image: 43883.png]
Quote:I says -everyone-, Not -everything-
Quote:102: Everything above is true.

... I do not see the word 'everyone'.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
(12-05-2012, 06:49 AM)Sorum Wrote:
101: This was made to offend everyone in this universe.

You're a flower.
[Image: pj3isZU.gif]

[Image: 43883.png]
(12-05-2012, 06:49 AM)Sorum Wrote: 81. Orange

[Image: Orange-fruit-2.jpg]
[Image: anim_500.gif]
Quote:3. Immy draws better than you.

[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
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  • ThePharaoh

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