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CotH - The Next Chapter
Just as an update, I have not been idle. The most obvious thing I've been working on has been the forums, getting updated plugins and uninstalling most out-of-date plugins. Currently I'm actually liking the Default theme, and Piroska has offered her time to work on a new theme. I'm also working on getting an IRC server up as well as a MUD running again for the time being.
Please do not hesitate to continue offering opinions as related to the OP, and also feel free to make suggestions regarding the forum layout. Currently, I'm planning on archiving the old server-specific subforums and maybe move game-specific threads to their own subforums and have a separate category for CotH "chapters" or "shards." Once a more comprehensive list of games or services is made I'll see about maybe getting a few extra moderators for each entity, notably folks that are active and interested in that particular game/service.
I Am the Sea

Need an easy way to host/link files and images?  Check this thread!

Try to never just say, "My character isn't interested in that adventure." A lot of people mistake this for good roleplaying, because you are asserting your character's personality. Wrong. Good roleplaying should never bring the game to a screeching halt. One of your jobs as a player is to come up with a reason why your character would be interested in a plot. After all, your personality is entirely in your hands, not the DM's. Come up with a reason why the adventure (or the reward) might appeal to you, no matter how esoteric or roundabout the reasoning. -(Source)
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(01-30-2015, 02:24 PM)Harmonic Wrote:
(01-30-2015, 03:46 AM)Aisha Wrote: So... As much as I enjoyed WoW RP I must admit it has become rather stale for a number of reasons. Random dragons of death and destruction included. Perhaps being forcefuly booted out is a good thing, not that I would totally hang up Warcraft RP either way, but still, it does open a few doors.

I agree with the majority here that transforming into an overall gaming community is the way to go. Sure I'm for making it mostly concentrate on facilitating quality RP in different games, but playing other games with people from here just for fun would be great too. We got Skype, Steam and all that jazz, might as well make more aggressive use of it.

Oh and as for creating worlds: Minecraft.
And there's also Planet Explorers, which I haven't tried, but it looked like Minecraft on steroids.
Planet explorers is fun.  So is Starbound, 7 days to die, Space Engineers, and a bunch of other things.  Heh.  We have quite a lot of options.

I do like the talk of a UO shard too.

7 Days to Die and Planet Explorers are good options, but they're both unoptimized and doesn't run well on as low end PCs as WoW does. Same goes for a lot of other options. No matter how you look at it, the community is probably going to be pretty split.
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Anyone who wanted to make a NWN 2 place, send me PMs so a small team can be formed.

A little modding experience is helpful but not required, I want to try and get a meeting going through skype group chat next weekend.
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Oh my god... you didn't...
Just putting this out there, if there was a CoTH founded guild (Or Private Server) on Star Wars: The Old Republic, dedicated to RP, I would jump in on that instantly. That game has so much possibility for RP, and even some decent RP guilds on retail, so I think that'd be a very good place to go if we ever wanted to continue some RP on another game.
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We've still been adding people to guild wars 2 as well.

And we've been recruiting people from the game as well.
Final Fantasy 14 has some awesome RP elements to it. The only problem I can see people having with it is the price, which is understandable.

Maaaaaaaaan, I would absolutely hop onto a Discovery Freelancer server :D
The Artist Formerly Known as Mickspider!
I used to play on a Freelancer server with some friends.

Only issue I see is... that is a huuuuuuge leap from WoW.

Pretty avatars to Space Ships.  Drastic, drastic change.
It's spaaaace


I know a good sub-mod of Discovery Freelancer for a more relaxed RP envoirement.
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Oh my god... you didn't...

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