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CotH, you da best.
I still find myself coming back to this site, despite the server being gone. It's an odd reminder that times do change, and that nothing really stays the same. That being said, you people are the best, and even if I'm not quite as active in the CotHish ongoings of today, just know that I was grateful to have been a part of this community, and I hold you all in high regard-- from the lowliest of peons to the grandest of gms.

Knowing me, which many of you may not, seeing as I am but a humble forum lurker, you know that I only post once in a blue moon (such as profiling characters), so hopefully you get a warm fuzzy feeling from the fact that I spent my time to type this out (and lazily edit) to show my appreciation.

I hope you all have a nice day and / or life.



(Max) Ukarai


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I want it baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.
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