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Coudy125's introduction
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
I'd begin with what I think is important and somehow significant about my player alter ego.
I love acting. I do acting in RL, I love it in virtual reality. I write stories usually based on my characters and I just can't get enough of witnessing their psychological development.

When it comes to communication with other players, I am usually very honest, sometimes cynical, but I always try to avoid judging people. That's what's helped me avoid most conflicts so far, so I keep it up.

I love to play somehow broken or complex characters, for they are the most interesting ones to live their lives.
What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:

Well that'd be Czech Republic, so naturally, my primary language is not Chinese. :) It's czech. You should try it, it sounds perfect in poetry.

How did you get into Warcraft?:

I don't even remember and I won't even try to. Excusez-moi...

How did you find us? Did anything in particular draw you to the server?:

By google. I was looking for english RP server.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:

As stated above, I love the kinds of roleplay that show the character's personality and emotions crystal clear.
I enjoyed playing nobles, holy men, bastards, total s*umbags, soldiers, puppeteers of the court, eccentric mages and stuff.. It's a huge huge pile of things i like :)

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:

Race: Human Class: Whatever.. Probably paladin.
Why human.. Humans are, for me, the utmost overlooked characters.. The ones with stories full of emotions, not überepic sagas like elves. Humans can go through a character twist, a moral crisis, midlife crisis.. Such things are just perfect to play.

Paladin. It's because I have a weak spot for inquisition-like characters and religious fanatics.

What are your expectations of this server?:

Just gimme a place to play my roles and realise their plans and I'll be satisfied. I hope my character won't be just an another wow character, but It'll be a living being in a virtual reality with all good and the bad. And other players and me will be there to live it with the character.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?:

Humility. I have experienced other RP servers, where lack of humility was.. Well.. An issue.

Did you know that we have a Mentor Program? It's entirely voluntary and you as a new player can sign up for it right now in your introduction! Are you interested in signing up to be assigned a Mentor? If so, say so here (Please enter at least "Yes" or "No"):

Well.. Let's say I'll pass this introduction and get to the game.. Will you kill me if I ask for a mentor after entering the world, even i I said no here, since I think I am an experienced RPer?

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!:

He was perfectly awake, noticing every detail of stone floor, where many a weapon have fallen to ground, leaving a deep scar in the stone. With each step, he ventured closer to his triumph, but also deeper in his mind.
Young marquis, so sure with his actions but yet confused by his morality. They told him he could make sure that the law is delivered upon those who have betrayed sir Perenolde. They told him he would be a hero.

A man is no hero, if he finds comfort in light shining on him, reflecting off his freshly blood-stained weapon. Well Jacques de Coussant didn't think so. Soon, he could hear a muted conversation between the two guards. Oh, he knew their names and knew their children. So many times he went past them, to bow the one they guarded. To be his loyal servant. His best spy.
Emerging from behind the corner, with a sleek smile on his face, but a deep frown signifying the struggle, that was going on inside him, he faced the ground, not giving them enough time to identify the outlaw.

"State your name, scum." Said one of them, in a weary tone, with the romantic and pleasant pieces of his mind already packed and sent off to his family.
"You're dissmised." Said the marquis coldly, lowering his arm onto his thigh, where a narrow dagger was hidden. He released it in his direction, but the guardsman was one bit faster, dodging it and charging immediately against the man, with the tip of his sword behind his shield. The second guard has drawn his sword, but was of no use. Young marquis has chosen well, fighting on a staircase leading to the regent's chambers.

Marquis, having no chance to draw the sword, quickly reached into his coat's pocket and dropped a handful of nails on the ground. That gave him time to draw his sword. The second guard thrusted at him but the marquis performed a perfect riposte, which was perfectly thwarted by a shield bashing him on his chest, making him want to throw up. Recovering quickly, he dodged the blade of the sword and ran towards the door, upstairs. On the way there, being chased, he grabbed the wounded guardsmen on the run and with a sword on his throat, turned him to the other one, making sure he would see, how his neck is cut open.
Then he pushed the guard forward and followed with a stab. The two guards died in an embrace. "How lovely," he thought to himself, still trying not to see his not-much-of-a-dinner again. "now let's finish this." To be never continued....

Just to clarify, I am not used to write stories in english. I hate it. :D Cuz' I don't speak english long enough to have the vocabulary I'd want to and that's what bothers me. And I am sorry for the story being cut off.. I want to play, not write stories that are not worth reading. :)

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:

Yes. How much roleplay is there on this server? I used to play on HCRP one, which was perfect, so I am just asking.

LAST EDIT: 11-22-2014 11:11 AM based on a GM's request
[-] The following 1 user Likes coudy125's post:
  • Maulbane
Throm'ka, potential recruit!

You have taken a tremendous step with this submission! You will receive an 'official' response in due time, but meanwhile you may wish to ensure you've reviewed the following:
  • Rules (Remember, ignorance is no excuse in the case of rule-breaking! Don't make the Peon Overseers lash you with the whip any more than necessary!)
  • Policies (There are some policies that may be rather uncommon, so if you have not yet checked them then spare a moment to do so!)

Some extra reading that may be of use:
Soon, you should receive a reply to your submission from one of the Peon Overseers informing you of whether you are a suitable candidate for Peonship. Be patient! Just review the above information and a response will come before you know it! As an aside, I think Peon coudy125 has an... er... 'interesting' ring to it, eh?
Just a quick thing - could you change the font color back to default for us? It's hard to read black on black. Also, could you add more to your answer about your favorite race and class - as to why you like humans and paladins?
[Image: anim_500.gif]
I am really sorry about the black :D I panicked a little and I couldn't find a way how to change it back.
Hello Cloudy125, and welcome to COTH!

If you haven’t already, please do make sure to double-check the rules and policies so you’re for sure familiar to the server’s expectations! If you have further questions, I recommend giving this guide a read, as it contains a lot of helpful information for players who are new to the server. Also, if you haven’t already, make sure to register your in-game account in the Account Management page using the same information you registered your forum name under. As for downloading the correct client and other things that you need to do in order to connect, I recommend giving this a read, as I found it very helpful myself when we made the switch to Cataclysm.

As for making your first character, there are a lot of helpful articles and guides for you to read up on in case you don’t fully understand the lore. The wiki also contains helpful tips for making a character and for when you’re writing your first profile, such as scale and height.

When you get your account created, make sure to /join Chat and /join Barrens in-game for if you have any questions not answered in the forums. Additionally, if you have skype and want to connect to the community there, we have an official skype group. For more information, read this thread. Feel free to send me a message if you need any assistance, and I’ll give if a reply as soon as I can! And if not me, any Overseer, GM, or Forum Helper.

If you want to join the mentor program, please send a PM to anyone on the forum team and we will get that situated for you. As for the amount of RP on the server, it varies depending on what time of day you get on and if people are running events or not. It's a pure-RP server, and so long as you make friends with people who are available to RP with when it comes to your schedule you should be fine. And don't worry about having to write stories all the time, it's just for gruntship. You've gone and gotten that out of the way already.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay!

[Image: anim_500.gif]
Please.. I'm Coudy, not Cloudy :D Second - The introduction has been edited once or twice, although I don't know when, since I don't remember.
(12-06-2014, 06:15 AM)coudy125 Wrote: Please.. I'm Coudy, not Cloudy :D Second - The introduction has been edited once or twice, although I don't know when, since I don't remember.

LAST EDIT: 11-22-2014 11:11 AM based on a GM's request
"The introduction has been edited once or twice, although I don't know when, since I don't remember." As said above.
Welcome!! I'm an actor too! Nice to meet a fellow! :)
[Image: Ml7sNnX.gif]
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