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Court Date: April Sixth, 03:00 PM EDT
Come one come all, after much shifting, sliding, and soliciting the trial has finally been set for this Sunday! Come to the Dwarven District, in the North East corner. You'll find a great Dwarven Hall just North of the trams. This will be the court room, and just outside will be the hanging gallows! Sunday, 3:00 PM EDT, that's 12:00 noon for the west coasters! For information on the trial and execution, please see the links below. Siv's being tried for murder and arson, that's the short of it.

The event that started it all - http://www.conquestofthehorde.com/forum/...=18&t=1606
The preparations for an escape - http://www.conquestofthehorde.com/forum/...=19&t=1661

(Edited for spelling by Qaza. Shh!)
You can't wax that.
This trial is going to be awesome.
[Image: glarfieldiator_gif_2_by_el_cid_84-d5ebmb1.gif]
It will! But i'll be around an hour late :( So should I still go?
Please still stop by. The trial itself might probably take more than an hour. And, if not, you may make it for the execution! There's also the possiblity of delay if any key players are late.
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I see what you did there Qaza

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