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Creating characters you will love to play
Kaghuros Wrote:Then would that be a good idea? Creating a good character often means making something that is not like you. If a character is too much like you are, you'll get attached to it and that gives a big risk of Mary Sue and also you'll never want it to die.

as to this, I prefer playing characters close to myself, I feel no 'attatchment' to them, they are make believe and easily replaced, the reason i like playing characters close to myself is that it's easier to figure out what to do.

ChampionMouse Wrote:Just as I'm sure you don't like to be defined by your mental illness, don't let it become your entire character. Focusing on the mental disorder will not give the character you create a chance to become it's own...thing.

and as for that, what I'm planning on playing is a character with DID which is the new term for Multiple Personality Disorder, I don't have it, but I'm told that Asperger's Syndrome (which I do have) is similar in it's effects. You see, my idea is this, a female human Rogue, grew up on the streets, no specific data due to the fact of her illness masking the memories of that time, but as she grew she developed three very distnct personalities (which are easily reproduced by me) the Child persona, where she is still mentally a child, the Protector persona, which is the one who protects the Host, and of course, the Demon persona, which is the destructive and volatile one.

I can easily reproduce these due to my own experiences with the emotions which lend themselves to these personas. this is oki yes? or no? if no, i suppose i must drop the idea yes?
I'm not sure where you heard that, but I'd think they weren't similar at all, perhaps in small ways, but not overall. And as such I wouldn't use it a basis for making a multiple personality character. Very rarely do we allow it, I'm not even sure we've had one since upgrading to wrath.

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