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Curtain Call
You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

Goodbye, Sasail.

I hope you find sunnier skies elsewhere.
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Well, I'm not going to say 'I didn't do it' or 'oh, who would do that to you' because there's already a lot of people saying that for some reason, even though in reality it doesn't matter if you 'always thanked a GM' and you really did. I think, in a way, Sasail writes out a message in what he wants. And what he wants, well, that's what we all want.

So when we all get back on, lets start acting more like a community. Lets help out the visitors to get to know our server better, play with new people and start events, lets report bugs (it's more helpful then you think), lets RP with people who don't have someone to RP with, you know the drill, guys. The Server's not perfect, but it's still a great place, and the GM's help to keep it that way. So lets make it so when Sasail comes back that he walks into what this server's supposed to be.

On another note, I'll see you in due time homey!
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Sas is gone? What? He's like the only GM I see around my log-in time...and how we used to slaughter refugees.

First thing I saw when joining this forums is Sas's GM-hood. Only thing I can do for him right now is be a good Grunt and help out Peons make their way. Thanks Sas.
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Oh... This stinks... Sasail, we love you so much... You are like one of the only GMs who participates in my weird barrens conversations! Please don't go! We need as many good RPers as we can get!
TwilightDisciple Wrote:You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

A lot of truth in that statement.

Sasail, I am really sorry that you've been disrespected so badly and treated so poorly. When the three of us, you, Alistus, and myself were selected to be the new trial gms all those months ago I knew you were the best of the three. Needless to say I fucked up my chance at GMhood when the Communist invaded the server but I knew you would do great. When the only thing the three psuedo-GMs could actually do was work on the profiles it was rather intimidating to see how fast and efficiently you cranked those out.

I can faithfully say, at the risk of ridicule and possible banning, that picking you as a GM was the smartest thing the Big Three has done with this server. You were possibly the only sane one in the GM roster(no offense Al).

Your leaving I see as the much needed bullet to kill off the dying beast that has become Coth. I honestly wish you had seen reason much earlier and stepped down at least so you wouldn't have had to deal with all the stress that came with babysitting all these ridiculous brats and their brown nosing and their retardation.

All in all, much love and respect Sasail. Hope to talk to you again.
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Though while I've recently joined this community, I feel like someone who got terribly miserable because of Sasail's departure, who had the chance to know him. Probably because I've met so many people feeling the same way he does.

All I can say is, as being someone who had not witnessed any of the events listed above, that it seems to be our loss, of him leaving, not his.

I hope you'll be happy without the stress you've had here Sasail, and wish you good luck in your life.

Also, I'm sure that no one will behave like that once more, as I'm concerned about this community having really mature and respectful members, and administrators. Wish you hadn't left.
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Take care my Scmexy GM! Talk to you later yeah?
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Have a good one, Sas. Hope you find sunnier skies.
Hatchi: Your story is boring me. Don't worry, I'll add some excitement.
Sas, you've always been my buddy on here. I respect you, and I'm very sorry. I understand exactly why you did this, and I'm sorry.
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△Move along.△


I am not going to make a goodbye post, Sasmaster.

I am just gonna hope that you return, someday.
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Well Sas I didn't know you much and I'm still very new to the community but I can already tell that the server is going to loose a lot with you gone. Just the other day you did something that -most- admins cannot do. You talk to me as a player and gave me your own thoughts on one of my characters. If I did anything to cause you stress or anything I'd like to say sorry because I do know the stress that comes with being an administrator. People think it's all fun and games but it can be very stressful at times. I'd like to say again that I'm sorry for anything that may have added to your stress it has taken a lot of getting used to the server as it is quite different then my other one. I wouuld also like to thank you for your quick replies to the character profiles and your advice on things that need to be changed.

I think I can speak for all of us when we say. Please don't go Sasail... (I don't do four periods anymore :) ) We as a community can sometimes do things that at the time we don't think is wrong and it causes a lot of problems later on. I'd like to say that the community will feel your absence with in a few days. The fact that you finished the character profies and stuff before you left shows a lot about your work as a admin. I'm also not going to say bye because I hope that you will return when the community realizes what we have done. I know there are things I could have done better and I already gave you my sorry but I know that isn't enough.

Until your return.

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Okay, I can't take it anymore. I thought that I could stay quiet in my little corner and avoid saying anything at risk that I might say something bad, but all this stepping down of great GMs... I can't sit around without saying a word anymore.

First of all, please let me address the very lot of you. The last issue we had has caused a lot of tension and it seemed to me that all the bad things that were never said just surfaced out. That's horrible that some of us let ourselves slip and bicker over a game. I picked to stay at CotH because of the community here, not the game itself, I could always go 200 meters from my house to a shop and get myself retail. What made this great for me was the people. And when I say people, I mean everyone, even GMs, because they are people too, which most of us failed to understand. They aren't robots.

I personally feel like a bad person here, seeing as I was in Northerend and didn't say half a word on the forums. Why? That's something those that were there should ask themselves... I know why I didn't say anything. It's because it has been said on Chat many times with GMs online, but the main reason should be that I didn't bother to check if they really knew, perhaps because I was lazy. Yes, lazy! And I believe the lot of us didn't say anything because of being lazy too.
Then some of us say that GMs don't do their job because of laziness. The GMs aren't robots and they do a lot more than we see, and we as players failed to do ONE simple thing - report a bug.

I'm so sorry to see such great GMs just go... I really feel at fault. If it's not too late, could we reconsider about this resignation?
Though you and I never rubbed shoulders as much for me to get to know you, I've always noticed your time battling across the swirling vortex of which is the forums of profiles and introductions.

I've always held a silent but meaningful thanks to all of the game masters every single day I seen them toiling away at the forums, but I've never expressed it because I thought they were already receive "more than enough" of them. I suppose now that if I think about it, the number of thanks and "good jobs" are just opposite of what I've thought it was.

Farewell, Sasail. Thank you.
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I'd also like to thank you for everything you've done around here. I completely understand your reasons, but it still saddens me to see you go. It's unfortunate that the ungrateful, drama-mongering portion of the population is always the most vocal.

This community has been in need of a breath of fresh air, and hopefully the actions of you and others will be a wake-up call.

Best of luck elsewhere, or if you decide to come back under better circumstances.
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