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DEFCON: War Game
[Image: header.jpg?t=1355780763]


Welcome everybody, to my thread... (you dont say). Anyways, I was just wondering if anybody knew about DEFCON, a nuclear war-game RTS. It's lots of fun and it's basically free. (Steam messed up and DEMO acts as if it was the Full version without achievements.) Nevertheless, a whole lots of fun with a little bit of disturbing numbers (ie. 2.3 million people died). Really it's no-gore but a lot of birds eye-view explosions.

All you do in DEFCON is just set up radars to view the missiles that might possibly enter your airspace/radar range then place down silos (strategically like in a group), the silos act as air defense and missile launchers, you just can't do both at the same time. (Switch from AA Mode to Missile Launch Mode).

On the other hand you have naval fleets, 12 ships of each class. Destroyer, Carrier, Submarine. The Submarines could launch MRBMs (Medium Range Ballistic Missiles) that could destroy cities (like 2 million people or however big the city is) that are dispatchable around the world, but they start off in your naval space. (Takes some time to move around).

The Other ships, Destroyer basically just kills airplanes, bombers, fighters. The Carrier though carries fighters that can scout enemy territory (find out where silos are) and take out destroyers that might take out your carriers that may launch bombers into enemy territories that could drop SRBMs (Short Range Ballistic Missiles).

Anyways, the game is very fun, with ICBMs (Intercontinental) and it takes lots of strategy and thinking and stuff. I was wondering if anyone would like to play with me sometime on Steam. I am xenios4lyf on Steam!

[Image: defcon-screen11.jpg]

and yes there is RP Potential with the /me command. :)

gnome guy

I played a DEFCON game on the playstation called "wargames: DEFCON 1." It was mostly a tank based game, in which each side (Humans and AI) had their own selection of tanks. Still, pretty damn sweet.

Honeslty I have a hard time with games like these. I came from the RTS world of TA, warcraft, and starcraft, so I'm into those instant action games. But I am a sucker for anything naval...
Ah it's totally fun, and free without Steam Achievements! You should try it :)

gnome guy


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