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Sure, there's alternatives, but it won't be the same. And I'm someone who doesn't like change.

I'm slapping together a temporary server. Hopefully!
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Whether CotH is gone or not, I just want to say that I've been in loads of different clubs, groups, hobbies and scenes in my real life and internet one but the majority I would only stick around for a couple weeks at most then try something else.

There's something awesome about CotH. I like the community a lot. I mean, I've been here for nearly a year and a half and I know a lot of people have been here longer but a year and a half is a long time for me to stay committed to a hobby. Most RP I'll do doesn't even last more than a couple months but my CotH characters I have a weird attachment to, most of which I blame on you guys. My characters are my vessel to hanging out with you awesome dudes. It sort of saddens me that it was only recently I started caring about their actual progression and now this.

Yeah, so whether CotH stays or goes. I want you guys to know that this is how I feel and you are all awesome without exception.
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I'll be short!

I love you guys. All of you. I say we try KoTor. They have emotes says and party chat Its pretty similar and really awesome with storylines and things like that. We should look into that as well.
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I'm with Pharaoh! Either Star Wars online or Guild Wars 2.
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I've always wanted to try KoTor. :O

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You can literally do everything you could on CoTh /emote, RP. The only shit is that you can't /addrpitem but I'm sure that we could figure it out. And if there's no private model for it then the actual game is pretty sick too.
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I'm not going to make a goodbye post I refuuuuse. I'm going to hang out here and do forum RP until everyone leaves. No

In the meantime I will be hanging out in freedom, which from my old searches for another RP server is the next best, despite a lower playercount.
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I don't want to say goodbye.
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I'm all for Guild Wars 2. I love that game, and the armor options.
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△Move along.△



I regret not doing more, or being more involved, but what's done is done. With the end all but here, I just have one thing left to say:

RPing here, while short, has been nothing short of a privilege, and it has been an honor knowing you all.

Other then that, there isn't much else to say. So, until next we meet...

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Skip to 1:14

This song encapsulates how I feel about this, and how we'll deal with this.
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Sachiko passed this along to me. I feel like I should say something, but what?
Off and on, I've been on CotH probably since the beginning...ish, through many wacky ups and downs and all arounds.
Most communities, when they get DMCA'ed, shut the whole shebang down and leave people spamming their community's Facebook page. I always thought that was an overkill move, especially when you have such a community who is trying to stick together to find a solution. But those were usually PVP or PVE private servers; their communities were, to them, more disposable.

RPers as a whole form kind of a tribe and can go anywhere they please, as long as they have the circle they trust--or are at least able to keep recruiting new members. No matter what medium you end up in, RP is storytelling at it's core. Storytelling is sacred core to humanity. It might be more awkward for the newbies who came here to RP on WoW, but I hope you welcome them in the future and share your talents together.

I hope everyone who was involved with CotH can take things away from it. Even if it is just RP, it's kind of funny what people learn about themselves when involved in a community, especially since RP is a safe way to explore other aspects of ourselves. I keep up with ex-CotHers as sisters and brothers, and they have taken their talents that awakened during their time here to do bigger and better things.

It is funny; aside from some random RPing on other servers, I'm largely tired of WoW RP. But I still have my stories and my characters. Being a flexible person, I decided to adapt them and make a world of my own to explore, play with, and to grow into a bigger project. You all have the power to do that--be it in another game, a WoW-Skype RP, or your own creation.

Happy RPing! You are more than a server.
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All of these good-byes are making me sad.

You won't get a good-bye from me, CotH.


(Besides a few hiatus good-byes, but those are in the past. Ididn'tmeanitcothilurvyoudon'tleaveme)
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Hang in there CotH.
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One does not simply kill CotH.
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