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DMCA Notice
Thou filthy swine, back to whence you came. You shall not escape justice this time!
I'm just going to throw this out here, but I really wouldn't worry about having to change to a different platform.

At the very worst migrate to another host and maybe take away the images they don't like. (lol) To be honest a copywrite notice that artwork belongs to blizzard is probably sufficient as we are offering a completely free service and not profiting off of their IP. To file a claim against us on silly grounds like that would mean that any WoW fansite pretty much anywhere would be in violation.

We don't provide any files on the website that could pose a problem with the small exception of maaaaybe the WoW client which we can always put someplace else and provide a link to or just tell people to you know, google it. >.>

As for the server itself, if your provider actually does do anything about it, find a new one, or transfer technical ownership to someone outside the US and pay for it by paypal or whatever.

The point being, the site itself is likely going to be completely fine, and as long as Kretol and co. are committed to keeping the server open then it is absolutely possible to do so.

So don't start making all those how my character's story ended threads just yet and acting like Armageddon is around the corner. :P
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I am not 100% sure but I read between the lines and all, and I realized that all they really want is to shut down the site. Let's put it simple, Easysol contacted Cloudflare in order to take down a -WEBSITE- which was Conquestofthehorde.com and I suppose account.conquestofthehorde. They didn't say ANYTHING about the actual game server, not even a word. I don't think you guys understood what the notice said, or maybe I am insane and I am the only one thinking differently. Wouldn't Kretol himself get a mail directly from blizzard "Take down the GAMESERVER!"? All I can read here is that this easysolution wants to take down a site which has blizzard trademarks and stuff on it. I don't see them saying ANYTHING about the actual server. Which makes me think that we could keep hosting the server, just change forum and don't put blizzard trademarks stuff on it.

(01-22-2015, 12:03 PM)Kretol Wrote: Original Work: We need your cooperation in removing an emulated server site which is using unauthorized use of art assets for the game "World of Warcraft", where you are providing hosting services.

This is the line which made me think they only want to take down the website (or at least that's what they are saying in the notice)

Simply put: Why would they contact only the website host if they wanted everything down? They only seem bothered by the art and crap like that which is on the site, they make no reference to the actual server. Hell, cloudflare can't do crap about the game server anyway because it's not hosted there.

My two cents.

P.S: Vrahn is also right.
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They are aware of the server, though, despite not yet asking for it to be removed for some weird reason.

Quote:Reporter's Title: DMCA Takedown Notice/ Copyright Claim - Emulated server to illegally play the game World of Warcraft through the website conquestofthehorde.com (IP: -
(01-23-2015, 01:15 AM)Maulbane Wrote: They are aware of the server, though, despite not yet asking for it to be removed for some weird reason.

Quote:Reporter's Title: DMCA Takedown Notice/ Copyright Claim - Emulated server to illegally play the game World of Warcraft through the website conquestofthehorde.com (IP: -

Mhm, their real attempt is to shut down the site in order to kill the exposure (so we don't get people to join and stuff). This is a good way to kill most real server (because they need people for raiding and stuff, and means having exposure on top100 sites and stuff brings them players. I imagine they think this would shut down the server, but truth be told.. that's not really the case.)
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Well, most likely the person writing that claim doesn't actually know anything about how all of this works, so they probably just assume the site is the be all and end all.

Like I said before, it's easily handled so no one panic. :P
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Sorry but! Private servers are only illegal once they generate profit. Site's, on the other hand, can be copyright.

But still Servers can never be shut down for being a private server! I've owned 2 private servers back in the vanilla days and I also had a warning similar to this one. Only thing I had to do is change the Website name and layout making it less Warcraft, thereby removing all the things that can be copyright, but that really sucks! losing it touch and making it boring. But it is a way to save it. Like I said before, Servers are allowed if no profit is made! Donations should be very private or none.
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I haven't heard of Kretol receiving a donation since I joined almost six years ago, which is in itself fortunate and a hideous tragedy considering all the work he's done here.
Oh boy... I haven't been active on this server on a while now, but I've always loved CoTH and I tried to keep tabs on it, lest my interest be rekindled. I sincerely hope that we can get over this issue, because this is one of the best communities I've had the privilege of being part of, even though I didn't spend the longest of times here over the years - probably mostly due to my whimsy nature that makes it hard to stick to one thing and a certain lack of confidence. Regardless, I hope the community carries on, so I can hopefully rejoin with you guys at one point or another.
(01-23-2015, 12:04 AM)Wujen Wrote: Thou filthy swine, back to whence you came. You shall not escape justice this time!

That's nice. :)

I would like to think you aren't instigating on purpose, though I may as well lay down a warning. Whether the server and the site remains or not doesn't matter, I'm still going to start reprimanding for trollish posts if they keep up.
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Shit sucks, simply put. Emotions and stuff, but don't get me twisted cause I'm feeling the same stuff! I understand why we're all going into full panic mode, it brings up emotions again, but I just think it's a bit silly at the same time. We're all saying our goodbyes, working out alternatives to CotH, pointing fingers and placing the blame. All is (somewhat) just with how we're feeling, I was doing it for a bit myself, but I've simmered down a bit and thought things over. The pooch isn't screwed yet, and I hope it doesn't get itself screwed because that'd really suck and throw me into fits of tears again. It's alright to grieve, and I don't think we're blowing this out of proportion, but I do think we're over reacting for what's going on right now. We don't know what the ultimate verdict is, and the fat lady (being Kretol in this case) hasn't sung her last notes yet. Kretol is currently in Pax, and I think the LAST thing he needs is us running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Give the guy a chance without us breathing down his neck or screaming in his ear, he knows what's going on, he knows the possibility of doom, but he isn't even home.

Stuff sucks, but... Let's take our 100 mph (or 160 Km/h) down, we're moving WAY too fast. Everything hasn't been decided yet, we should wait for Kretol to get home and explicitly address the situation instead of trying to add 1+1 and getting window.

I tried my best with this post, I suck at these sorts of post, if you need any clarification then let me know! As well am I happy to add anyone on skype who wants to talk or rant! Or perhaps you just want to call me a nerd and say I'm wrong.

Skype is b00..m and the screen name should show up as Kenneth (Paylonas)
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I just entered in CotH only a week ago and still was learning to play. I just posted my character's tail 2 days ago and now we're closing. By the way, I just want only to thank all those who offered me RP experience inside the game. I'll never forget this server and what I've done here. Perhaps if one day any of you open an new server like this, based in WoW RP, just warn me via Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/natanael.fernades.9

I'll be waiting further notices !!!
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I have faith that the community of CotH will persist in some form or another, even if everything else turns to ash around it.

I'm not sure what else there is to say. We'll see what becomes of the server.
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(01-22-2015, 11:58 PM)Maulbane Wrote:
(01-22-2015, 10:41 PM)Harmonic Wrote:
(01-22-2015, 10:33 PM)Cerb57 Wrote: Sad I was only here for year, but man. In the one year I've been here I've made some great friends, great laughs, and at times been frustrated as all hell. But I'm glad I came here, glad I registered and glad I made that dork of Warlock Dastin Witmar.

Met my -best- friends here.

Cerb is living proof of that.

Little known fact? Cerb and I went to see Captain America: Winter Soldier together. If it wasn't for CoTH I'd have never met him.

"Looks at @Dilly"

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