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Dakx Goldhammer (Goblin Innkeeper)
'''Player:''' [[User:Geoni|Geoni]]

'''Character Full Name:''' Dakx Goldhammer

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Dakx

'''Association(s):''' Kezan (ex), Bilgewater Cartel (ex), Ratchet

'''Race:''' [[Goblin]]

'''Class:''' [[Warrior|Innkeeper]]

'''Age:''' 56

'''Sex:''' Male

'''Hair:''' Although he is balding significantly, he still has a good crown of white hair on his head, along with facial hair that is thick at the sides and thins out as it nears the chin.

'''Eyes:''' Red.

'''Weight:''' 69 lbs.

'''Height:''' 3’6”


'''Usual Garments/Armor:''' Dakx prefers to wear a lot of black and red. His boots and overalls, leather in material, are black in color. However, underneath the thin straps of the overalls is a thick shirt with a dark red hue.

'''Other:''' He has a thin necklace of iron around his neck, and the pendant that hangs at the bottom of it is a tiny ruby. If one were to inspect the shape of this small gem, they would be able to deduce that it was once the centerpiece of a ring.


Dakx, first and foremost, lives for the well-being of his children. Even if he makes a good amount of coin as an innkeeper, he sends most of it to his children in the Echo Isles and lives a poor standard of living himself. After many years as a father, the only thing he finds wealth in is his children, and so if he were to be greedy in any way, it would be for their benefit. Having been treated so unfairly in his early life, he prefers to be fair in his transactions even if it means he might not be getting as much money out of a transaction if he wasn’t being fair. Another trait that stems from being a father is his will to nurture others. If an injured or ill person stays at his inn, he will go out of his way to make sure that they get better, even if they may not be staying for long.

Aside from this, he likes to use his job as a way to learn about the world that he lives in. Since he’s in Ratchet most of the time (if not taking a vacation to see his children), he lives in one of the centers of Azeroth’s trade, so people of all walks of life come into the inn. He’ll often sit down at the table with them if they’re alone or if he senses that they’re welcoming enough. Having come to understand more about the world, he’s also become good about understanding both sides of an argument. Because of this, if a people break out into a bar fight, he’ll go so far as getting hurt in order to prevent guard intervention. He does, however, like to see people duke it out through words and will push people to do this rather than get into a brawl.


Born as an accident, into a family that couldn’t afford to raise another child, Dakx was sent to an orphanage. He spent most of his early childhood years there, and since he wasn’t as physically fit as the other boys and girls he shared the orphanage with, he was bullied into doing the most undesirable of chores along with having the largest workload of the children. As the years went by, he continued to be the chore mule; however, there was a girl who ended up sharing the same fate as himself. Her name was Zess, and only Zess, because she decided that she would never use her last name again after being abandoned. When the two realized that they were both being bullied into carrying through the bulk of the orphanage’s chores, they would help each other out when they became tired. For years, Zess would be Dakx’s only friend. By the time he was fourteen years old, his friendship blossomed into a deeper affection.

Unfortunately for him, a man came in to observe the orphanage. This man was infamous for adopting children from the orphanage whenever he had enough income to feed another mouth. His purpose for adopting a child was to have another free worker for his mining business. Dakx had heard enough to know that it would be either Zess or himself that would be adopted, and that being adopted by this man would mean that he or Zess would be forced into a level of labor worse than they currently lived, so he put forth the effort to look like he was the hardest worker amongst the children in order to prevent the man from adopting Zess. His endeavor was a success, and the man adopted Dakx. And yet, he wasn’t even given the time to say goodbye to his only friend.

For the next five years, Dakx was thrown into a life of intensive labor in the man’s mines. The only thing that prevented him from falling into an exhaustive depression was the knowledge that there were others that worked with him who shared this undesirable way of life and the bond that he shared with them. Due to the fact that they had little to no wealth to their name, these miners didn’t succumb to the greed and selfishness often seen in their superiors. They looked out for one another, because their friends were all that they had. With the brotherhood that his coworkers gave him, he was able to find the strength to survive until adulthood, when he could be freed from his adoptive chains and find a new job in his adulthood.

In his search for a new job, Dakx was able to locate Zess, who was now working as a barmaid in one of the taverns of Kezan. The only job offering in this tavern was that of a janitor. He found many other open jobs that would have given him a better working life, such as a gem cutter or a factory supervisor, but because of the affection he still felt towards his childhood friend, he became a janitor. The affection that Dakx and Zess held for one another eventually became a deep love, and they soon declared themselves mates. With the money they were able to come up with, they got a little place of their own and had a few children. However, they had no idea how expensive it would be to raise all the children they produced over the years. Dakx was promoted to a barkeep, but even that didn’t bring in enough money. They had to sell clothing, furniture, and anything else of value that they could get their hands on. Zess even melted the gold of her wedding band and sold it for some coin. The family had little to their name, having to share everything: the same bed, toys, a bathroom that barely worked. Despite this, Dakx and Zess felt wealthy because they were able to produce and raise six healthy children.

Their home was located at the base of Mount Kajaro. They admired the beauty of the volcano and the forestry that surrounded it. However, when it was beginning to erupt, it put all of their lives in danger along with the rest of Kezan, it became something to fear rather than admire. Their only means of escape was a single ship that was docked at the harbor, and the tickets were unreasonably expensive. The family was only able to scrabble together enough for three tickets. Being a family of eight, the parents had no choice but to decide which children would get those tickets to safety. It was something that they couldn’t bring themselves to decide on. Their three oldest children, who were old enough to understand the implications of the situation, offered to stay on the island with the parent who decided to stay on the island with them. Dakx and Zess both wanted the other to go on that ship and bring the rest of their children to a safer place, so they argued over it intensely. Dakx was unable to win this argument, and so he decided to go on the ship with the rest of the children. Another problem arose as there were three children who didn’t understand the situation, along with a father to take care of them, and they didn’t have enough funds for the fourth ticket. Thankfully, one of the children was an infant, so she was smuggled in through her father’s bag of clothing. The danger presented by the volcano was imminent and close, so they didn’t even have the time to say goodbye. Zess snuck the only remaining part of her wedding band, a small ruby, into that bag of clothing. It was her way of saying goodbye. She, along with the rest of the children, would die in the destruction of Kezan.

Even if they were able to escape Kezan on the ship, the rest of the family would have to endure a number of dangers. They had to endure the shipwreck that happened when the ship was attacked, the slavery they were pushed into, and escaping this slavery when they got the chance. Rather than working for the cartel that was run by a man who exploited every situation that the Goblins of Kezan were put in, Dakx took his children to a small village on the Echo Isles and lived there for a while. This was a small village where everyone took care of one another by sharing the work and it was easy to survive. Dakx oldest daughter realized that she would be able to take care of her younger siblings so that her father could find work in a bigger city. She was unable to convince him until she explained that if he worked in a larger city, the value of gold would be worth less than it would in the village, so he should get a job there and send money to the village. Dakx agreed to this, and found work as an innkeeper in Ratchet.

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